Newborn Photoshoot

We took these photos when Frankie was a week old and they were our first family photos together! Not going to lie I was a little stressed before this shoot. We shot with a photographer (who is amazing!) but I honestly haven’t done a family session with a photographer in soo long and got so used to shooting whenever felt right since David takes the pics – they just kind of naturally happen and we always have the flexibility of being like eh not working out and trying another day. So I was stressed having a specific time and place for a shoot for once! But Katie did amazing and is so easy to shoot with – she got natural movements of our family while also helping direct us when we needed it. Also it is just so nice to have David is more pics 😉 BUT this is more about Frankie soooo here she is..

Photos by Katie Rain Photography

I am happy to look at these pictures five weeks later and I don’t feel like she looks THAT much bigger, thankfully! Although she is 12 pounds now so she is just over 3 lbs bigger! I am really wanting this newborn stage to last longer because it has been sooo so so so magical. She is sleeping on me while I write this and I just love the sound of her sweet beaths while she sleeps. People always say that the third baby is the easiest.. at least I have so many people tell me that. For me it feels like it is so true so far. She has been sleeping like an angel and started interacting this week and making eye contact and smiling 🙂

I also feel like with your third you feel so much more at peace with your postpartum body. At least that is how I have felt and how a lot of you have told me you felt too. I was so shocked by my postpartum body when I had Atticus (I had noo idea what to expect!) so I think I didn’t really embraced it as much. I obviously still get bummed when my stomach is hanging over my jeans (I mean, if I can even get them on lets be honest).. but I am being more patient with myself than I was before and feel so much more confident with the extra weight. It really is crazy how much a postpartum body changes though – engorged boobs, veiny boobs (whyyyyy?), spraying milk boobs, basically all the changes to the boobs, extra skin this time around, more stretch marks, weird belly button, a 4-6 week long period ugh, just so many things. But then I think how my body made a baby and I have a hard time even wrapping my brain around that entire process as I stare down at my newborn – I mean it really is a MIRACLE to have a baby!!! Like a total miracle that our bodies can even do that. Sooooooo thankful that this foreign body gave me this baby.

It has been so fun to see the kids interact with her and while I want the newborn stage to last forever and ever .. I am very excited to see more of her personality develop. I feel like each stage feels like “the best stage” with babies. I always found myself saying that, like the whole “wait no I take it back, THIS is my favorite age” haha!

Moral of this post: we love you cute FJ girl!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. OMG I always think that! My baby boy Nadav is 7 months now and (especially recently because THIS IS ACTUALLY THE BEST STAGE hahah) I’ve been saying that every other week! Just now he started sitting up and he plays sooo nicely with his toys and I’m like k this is it! Which is what happened when he started crawling and could follow me around the house(adorable).

  2. Beautiful family and newborn photos of sweet Frankie. It’s so lovely to have them taken at your own home. What wonderful memories.
    May I ask where your white gown is from?

  3. What lovely photos! Congratulations to you and your family.

  4. These photos turned out absolutely incredible! Such a beautiful family and I hope you guys are enjoying every precious moment with your little one.
    Lots of love,
    Thays Laubach

  5. I love the LOVE you guys have. My fourth and last baby just turned a year and it has been bitter sweet. I also embraced my post baby body more after the third, and honestly after the fourth I haven’t done anything to hurry along the weight loss, stretch marks, sagging skin and blown out muscle. I’m giving it time and grace. Our bodies are amazing! Truly! They give so much and our hearts get so much in return. I want to kiss my babies cheeks now!

  6. I’m 22 and have been following you and a constant reader since before Atticus was born – so I really feel like I have grown up with your family and changes! With that said, this post really struck a chord for me with when I have my own, which probably won’t be too, too far off, I’ll hopefully feel so much more at peace and prepared with myself from learning from your experiences! So thank you!x

  7. Wow! Beautiful photos. I know you must feel extra pressure being in front of a camera all the time but please remember that your babies do not care about what size jeans you’re in. You grew them inside of you. Inside of you. You are simply stunning at every stage of your life. I see these newborn/postpartum images and it makes me wish i would have enjoyed and embraced it even more. Congratulations on precious Frankie!

  8. You are carrying your motherly glow even in these postpartum months! She is precious. 💕 Stunning photos as always.

  9. Such nice pictures!!! Especially the last one and the first one of y’all huddled behind laying Frankie 😍💖 beautiful!

  10. Y’all seriously make the cutest kids! They’re all so precious and little Frankie girl is a doll. Can’t wait to see her grow up with her big sissy and brother!

  11. So beautiful! Such awesome memories and love how laid back the pictures are. Feels so warm and loving. You guys are the cutest fam!
    -Nicki O.

  12. That last photo is the money shot! God bless baby Frankie and your family 🙂

  13. The cutest baby shoot ever! I really, really love the photos. 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog