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Sharing some looks for your family that have pieces all under $40!! We got the looks from Amazon Fashion and I wanted to show you some of my favorite pieces.

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I love these dresses! Granted it ended up being a little short with my bump.. BUT they are so affordable and come in short sleeve, tank or long sleeve and also comes in lots of colors!! Also love this cardigan which I am also wearing in green in my second look below! I love long knit dusters to throw over dresses or sweaters in the fall and winter. Totally makes a look! And this one also comes in lots of colors!


Mansy Women's Long Sleeve Tulip Bodycon Dress

Color : Blue

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Long Sleeve Split Cardigan

Color : Brown

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There are lots of cute knit sweaters deals on amazon deals right now!! Loved this maroon one!


Long Sleeve Split Cardigan

Color : Green

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Crew Neck Knit Sweater

Color : Burgundy

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Amazon has really great options for athletic shoes for your man. They are stylish and simple where you can wear them with an outfit or you can wear them running or to the gym. We also got David some Levi’s jeans for a great deal.


Long-Sleeve Check Shirt

Color : White/Grey

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6 & 7

Adidas Originals Men's Swift & Levi's Mens 510 Skinny-Fit Jean

Color : Black/White/Grey

Adidas in the color Black/White/Grey. Levi’s Jeans in the color Nevermind. Shop Levi’s Jeans here.

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I have lots of cute short sleeve collared shirts for Atticus – they are nice to have because they can be dressed down with sneakers and jeans or I can throw on some nicer pants and a tie for church. I loved this skirt and cardigan for Rosie! And these shoes are Natives which are such a good deal on Amazon and they are hands down my FAVORITE shoes for the kids. Love these glitter ones for Rosie because they look cute with everything and she obviously loves them.


Girls' Toddler Uniform Cardigan Sweater

Color : White

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Native Kids Jefferson Bling Child-K Slip-On

Color : Metal Bling

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Hope & Henry Girls' Skirt

Color : Grey

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French Toast Boys' Short Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt

Color : White

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12 & 13

Levi's Boys' Jeans & Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

Levi’s Boys’ 511 Slim Fit Performance Jeans in the color Cliffside. Jefferson Slip-On Sneakers in the color black. Shop the Levi’s Jeans here.

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There are tons of great deals on simple tee’s for the kiddos and yourself or husband! I personally love Levi’s lately as you can tell and thought these Levi’s shirts were so cute! They are all wearing Levi’s jeans as well.


Levi's Men's Classic Wing Logo T-Shirt

Color : Black/Faded Logo

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KEEZMZ Men's Running Shoes

Color : Gray

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Levi's Mens 510 Skinny-fit Jean

Color : Black

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Levi's Girls' Classic Batwing T-Shirt

Color : White Ringer

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18 & 19

Native Kids Jefferson Bling Child-K Slip-On & Levi's Girls' Jeans

Native Kids Jefferson Bling Child-K Slip-On sneakers in the color Rose Gold Bling. Levi’s Girls’ Jeans in the color black.

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Levi's Boys' 511 Slim Fit Jeans

Color : Black

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Levi's Boys' Classic Batwing T-Shirt

Color : Black

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Native Unisex Kid's Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

Color : Jiffy Black

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I have an almost exact dress like this but it was like 10 times the price! This one is so affordable and SO comfy – I also got it in gray! It is a perfect house dress to wear and be comfy and cute at home or with sneakers and a handbag it’s perfect for chill days out and about.


Short Sleeve Maxi Dress

Color : Black

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Be sure to shop early!! Hope you enjoy! #founditonamazon

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  1. I was wondering how tall you are? Love the dresses but wondering if they will hit to short for me. Love you and your cute little family.

  2. Amazon is such a great place to buy affordable, chic pieces of clothing. I have two dresses from there that are one my faves! Currently I am looking for a cute midi length skirt. I have a few in my cart.

  3. Amber,

    Thanks for the great post. I love reading your blog. So, I saw your kiddos with the baby dolls previously, and maybe I just missed where they are from, but they are darling. I have a 2 year old who very much would love a similar baby. If you could let me know where you found it or some of your favs, that would be great! Happy Tuesday!


  4. I have been so impressed with Amazon’s clothes! I have gotten one kinda crappy romper but otherwise if you actually read the reviews (lol) everything is pretty great! Love your style! Literally everytime I see you and your kids it makes me wanna have babies haha but I know we should wait to get our lives more financially prepared! Haha we’ve only been out of school a year. basically still children lol anyways keep up the beautiful posts!