7 Things to Consider Before Getting Bangs


There seems to be a fun trend going around with women getting blunt bangs. It’s a very cute look that can be so fun. I took the leap and got bangs a couple years ago now. I really love them BUT there are a few things I wish I had known before I got them. If you answer “yes” to the majority of the below questions, then you are totally ready to rock bangs!

1. Are you prepared to style them?

Having bangs means you have to be intentional with styling them. I’m a very low maintenance hair person… like I barely ever use a hairdryer type of low maintenance. So getting bangs was quite an adjustment for me. I had to have the time to get up in the morning and blow dry my bangs even if I didn’t wash my hair that day. This isn’t a big deal but it’s something to be mindful of if your used to just sprinkling in some dry shampoo and leaving your house in the morning.

2. Will you enjoy them with multiple hair styles?

Bangs are fun if you enjoy them styled differently. For example, for work I like to wear my hair down and straight, for date night I enjoy down and wavy, and for busy Saturday’s I like to throw my hair up into a messy bun. If you’ll enjoy wearing your bangs with multiple hair styles, you’ll really enjoy them and get more mileage out of them. The worst thing is when you get a haircut that can ONLY be styled one way.

3. Are you prepared for the awkward growing out phase?

This is one of the biggest cons for me with bangs. Since getting them two years ago, I have not been able to grow them out because that phase is so awkward and annoying to me. I try to grow them out and then I get impatient and uncomfortable and I cut them again. Last time I came home from the salon, my husband was like, “Noooo you were so close!!” lol. UGH. So it’s just something you’ll want to consider because chances are you won’t want bangs for forever.

4. Are you tired of looking at your forehead?

Okay this isn’t a personal dig on anyone. We all have beautiful foreheads but personally I was tired of looking at mine and just wanted something new. My face shape is more oval and I don’t have amazing bone structure but bangs really helped frame my face better and make my features look more symmetrical. I really enjoy this part of having bangs.

5. Will blunt bangs go well with your makeup preferences?

Once I got blunt bangs I had to get a new makeup foundation. I was using the liquid foundation by Bare Minerals but it was a little too dewy for my skin once I had bangs which made the hair stick to my forehead. I now use Tarte’s Amazonian Clay and it works perfectly. Another bonus is having bangs allowed me to fill in my eyebrows a little more which made them more dramatic but cute.

6. Do you have the tools?

As soon as you get bangs you’ll have to be prepared to style them which means you’ll at least need a hairdryer, and a round drying brush. I also like to use dry shampoo to fluff them up in the morning and I have a mini comb I use if they get crazy during the day. It’s just a few items but you’ll need to get them if you don’t already have them.

7. Can you make it to the salon for frequent trims?

Even though your hair is growing just a teeny bit, you’ll have to get trims every few weeks if you want to keep it at the length you like. If you’re comfortable with multiple lengths and you can blow dry it to be curvier with a wide round brush, you’ll have about a month but if you dry them straight down and you want them always at the top of your eyebrow, you’ll need to get them trimmed professionally every couple weeks. It’s not a big deal but it can be inconvenient to keep up with the salon in your busy schedule.

If you answered “yes” to over half of these questions, then you’re totally ready for bangs!! And overall, I’d say I love my bangs, but I’ll let you know if I’m ever able to make it through growing them out.

Article and images by Kylie Thompson. To view more content by Kylie you can visit her instagram here

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