Beautiful Barcelona

Last time I was in Barcelona I was with Atticus when he was 3 months old! It was our last stop of a 3 week Europe trip and I was TIRED. I remember trying to find the energy to leave our Airbnb to go explore but we only left a handful of times and mostly snuggled in bed together. I also remember sitting there nursing him as we were laying down and all the sudden seeing a spider crawl across his tummy and I freaked out!!! I hate spiders and instantly feel so dirty and gross like they are crawling all over me after I see one so I found a new bed for us haha. I love telling Atticus all of these little details and showing him pictures 🙂 this time we arrived an were sooooo jetlagged I literally fell on the bed and fell asleep and thankfully I had David because he took the kids to get food and play while I slept for a couple hours and then we switched. After we went to Park Guell and to get some yummy food. The next day we went to get cinnamon rolls at this place I had been googling and looking at pics of for weeks (was literally SO EXCITED) and when we got there they said they don’t put out cinnamon rolls til later in the day! Way to crush a pregnant woman’s soul lol. Anyways we tried to see as much as we could in the less than 24 hours we had to explore before getting on the ship!

Outfit Details : Sweater | Top | Loafers | Jeans

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  1. How is Rosie all of a sudden so big? I also remember your IG post saying that she lost her doll there 🙁 poor thing! I know how my kids get attached to their toys/ favorite animals, etc. so I can somehow relate. Barcelona is definitely on my bucket list of places to travel to!

  2. Reading this makes me excited to travel! I love how you captured your children with the beautiful scenery. What presets/editing style do you use to on your photos?

  3. your magical hair, OH my gosh!!! this is stunning all around!!! and i love that your kiddos get to travel and also see you use your talents and be fun and beautiful and vibrant being who you are. i hope you are feeling great with number 3!!!
    brittany |

    1. I love the whole outfit & that hair is to die for!!!! Where is the headband from please?

  4. Amber, I just want say I love seeing your family photos. I love that they never look super staged or highly stylized, they always feel fun and free spirited. Your photos always evoke happy over perfect! In a social media world full of perfect there is so much pressure, so I appreciate how genuine you come across through your photography! Also your blog posts match the energy/happiness of the pictures!! 🙂

  5. When I went to Barcelona I was only able to spend such a short amount of time there. It gave me the taste though to want to go back again!

  6. What do you do to look refreshed after jet lag and a long flight with no sleep? I do several transcontinental flights a year and I always look SO TIRED afterwards.

  7. Rosie is such a lady! She grew a lot! But you’re all cute! It was weird, I could see your posts real time, because I’m from Europe (Hungary) too, and I’m usually asleep whene you’re all awake 😀 It was good!