A Forest of Flowers

Sheesh that weekend went by fast!!! We spent ours at home mostly watching the kids play on their big inflatable thing for hours on end. Had a girls night with my sisters. Watched Fauda. Nothing else too exciting! I did start reading You Are A Bad Ass finally – I bought it to listen to forever ago and am finally getting around to it, I love it so far!!! It is also a pretty quick listen, I feel like I just started and I am already almost half way done. I think if you have it at 1.5x talking speed it is just under or over 5 hrs of listening time.

I am wrapping up lots of work tomorrow before we leave town Tuesday for Utah! I am so excited to go, I really love Utah. And when we get back they will have started the sheetrock on our house so it will be fun to go look when we are back! Kind of a boring post today but just wanted to get on here and wish you guys a happy Fourth of July! I love to be low key during our time with family and stay off social media more than normal so if I am a little MIA then that is probably why! I will probably upload pics and videos to my stories at the end of the day though still

Images by Jessica Janae.

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  1. Wow, I love that tiered dress so much!Could you tell us where it’s from?

  2. These pictures are AMAZING! The forest is so pretty and dreamy!

  3. I fell in love with your colorful Vivetta dress the second you posted it on your Instagram page. I LOVE it!

  4. I’ve got to know, where are the white dresses from? Because they are fantastic. 😀

  5. Beautiful photos! Would you ever think to vlog a BTS of a shoot like this. It’s honestly fun watching the process of it all. Also, I’ll be a bit selfish and if you’re looking for content ideas, I’d like to ask for either an office tour (I missed the instagram stories) or affordable cute wear from somewhere like Forever 21 or ?? Thanks, have a fun fourth!

  6. Loved all your photos from the bfb trip. Amazing talents all around!