Fourth of July Flashback

With Fourth of July coming up soon I thought I would share some old Fourth of July looks and just some patriotic looks from the past! What is everyone’s plans for the Fourth?! Every year we go up to Utah to be with David’s family so we are excited to go do that! Recently I totally splurged and bought this giant inflatable for the kids this summer since we don’t have a pool yet. So we are going to bring that with us for the cousins to all play on! It has so far been the best purchase ever. The kids played on it for a solid 3 hours straight and I KID YOU NOT were CRACKING up the entire time!!! They kept having one go half way up the slide and the other go down knocking the other person down … they thought it was absolutely hysterical and I was dying watching them.

Acai Popsicle Recipe

Other than playing with cousins we don’t have much planned which I kind of love. I will probably be off social media most the time and just hang with the fam. We almost always go to Stadium of Fire – this giant celebration with musical guests that BYU does every year.. but this year the musical guest is One Republic and I just don’t know any of their songs so I wasn’t all that excited about it. We are just wrapping up another shoot at the office today, we just shot the BFB Up which will launch soon and then we are going to all be fulfilling lots and lots of BFB Two Piece preorders. The whole office will be in there fulfilling today helping out since there were so many. Our restock will go live this week as well so stay tuned! Other than that I am hoping to go home a little early and be with the kids before David and I go to a CPR class we are taking this evening. We both realized we needed to be updated on current practices because we both haven’t been certified in a while and obviously with kids we want to be up to date. So not too romantic 😉 but we might go to a movie after and see that movie Adrift!

And back to Fourth of July for a second.. I always get some sort of patriotic something to wear the day of so this year I ordered this rugby polo (which is on sale!) and I am going to wear it over a red swimsuit and with shorts and sandals!

Hope you have a great day!!

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  1. Hi Amber. When will you be sharing the brands of swimsuits you wore on your beach vacation?

  2. I love this post! I love the fourth of july, my birthday is on the 2nd so its always a fun celebration! Im gonna be 30 this year too eeek! So exciting! I love the 1984 rugby shirt from jcrew that you linked! Its so perfect and cozy for the holiday!!

  3. Every one is just perfection! Love these outfits! I need that baby blue skirt and sweater combo! Stunning! 😘

  4. So cute!!! I love all of your looks!! We live on a lake and we do a giant boat parade all around the lake, so many boats decorate and join in! We love it, and we love being on the water! At night the lake also does a big firwork show so all of us boats anchor up and sit in the middle of the lake to watch. Its a blast!