Acai Popsicles

David here, resident chef. Not that this takes any culinary mastery. We fell in love with acai bowls on a trip to Hawaii about 5 years ago and when we moved there last year, we thought, might as well make it a regular, every day thing, especially with access to some of the best fresh produce you can find! So we did and mastered a good, super simple recipe, if you can even call it that?

To be honest, I always eyeball this. The only thing I’d change in this video is that, since living in Hawaii, is that i’ve found that the acai we buy here in Arizona tends to be less concentrated. We buy the frozen concentrate from costco, or you can also try out the freeze dried powder from Amazon. It’s great if you’re living somewhere without frozen concentrate. (For that i’d follow the instruction on the bag for how much to use.) So I like to double or even triple up on the frozen acai, because when you’re not doing added sweeteners, the sweetness is coming from the banana, but you don’t want it to turn into a banana smoothie/popsicle. So start with one, and if it’s not acai-y enough, add a second, or third.

We usually start with bowls and use the leftovers for popsicles. Kids love both. Hard to say which is less messy for us? Either way, good luck! Helps to have a dog for cleanup.

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  1. I saw your Instagram story with the link to that other type of popsicle container. Do you by chance have the link to them again? I am looking forward to trying out different, nutritious, DIY ways to make popsicles for my kids!


  2. Always love when David writes a post. Thanks for sharing your sweet family.

  3. I love the pictures of Rosie in the little strip 😂 so cute!

  4. Yum!! I can’t wait to try those popsicle molds!! Thanks for sharing another piece of your Hawaiian adventures!!

  5. having a dog to clean up is probably one of the top 3 reasons i love having a dog!!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the healthy recipe. Cute video. I’d like to have the cute popsicle molds, could you please share where to buy those? Thank you. 🙂