^^A reader saw us taking pics and pulled over to say hi which made my day!

Both looks: thredUP

When I was in college I loved to go to thrift shops to find cool clothes and bags it was my favorite thing finding gems amongst a lot of not so great things. One of my first blog posts was about what I bought at the thrift store that day and I remember that day so clearly because me and my roommate thought we totally scored. David and I also thrifted most of our wedding decorations and used spray paint to make them look a little nicer. When we were first married we would go there and get kitchen stuff — I swear thrift stores have the best casserole dishes — and we have multiple dishes that we got for like $2 back in the day and still use! Anyways, I have always thought the hardest part about shopping for secondhand stuff is just digging through everything to find that perfect pair of old cut off Levi’s or awesome dress.

thredUP is the largest online resale shop that makes secondhand shopping convenient and easy as you can sort your favorite brands and sizes!I went on and did searches for Rebecca Taylor, J. Crew, Topshop, Madewell, and some other favorite brands and found super cute stuff. I thought I would feature a couple of the pieces I found today! I got both of these dresses on thredUP as well as a couple cute tee’s and a blouse (got this J. Crew dress worn as a shirt in this post)! I got this Tanvi Kedia dress for only $41.00 (78% off retail) and this dress from Topshop for 22.99 (68% off retail)!

thredUP is offering Barefoot Blond readers a special discount! The first 100 people to use code BLONDE40 will get an extra 40% off their first order! (Applies to new US customers only. Discount up to $50)

Thanks to thredUP for sponsoring this post.

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  1. You probably loved last chance growing up! We find THE BEST stuff there!

  2. So much love for these nice pictures! The really scream “Summer” 🙂

    XoXo from Germany

    Neele vom Fashionblog Justafewthings.de

  3. These photos are so gorgeous! Love your hair all wind blown 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  4. Oh my goodness! These photos are BEAUTIFUL. I’m also definitely going to try thredUP. I love thrifting, especially when I can get some brand name pieces for cheap! Love!!

  5. YESSSSS. Thred Up is amazing. I’ve been using it SO much recently. I’m amazed at the items you can get NWT for 50+% off!! Buying second hand is sustainable and does good for the earth reducing waste 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you buy second hand as well.

    Haley | Happiness & Handstands

  6. ThredUp is one of my favs! I connected with them last summer as an “August ThredUp Girl.” It was so fun picking out my pieces! I ended up choosing a Fossil handbag for only $30! Sooooo good!



  7. Hi Amber! I remember seeing your pictures in Europe a while back. I’m studying here and am visiting Belgium soon. Do you happen to know any cute restaurants or places to go while I’m there? Would love to hear any advice you have! (Or anywhere in Northern Ireland/Scotland/Barcelona/London too)

    1. As someone who lived in Belgium I recommend you to go to the cities of Ghent and Bruges instead of Brussels. You should google some pictures of both cities it is really one of the prettiest places in Europe!

  8. What a cool company! LOVE that right especially with all the focus on recycling and helping our planet! Its so overwhelming to thrift shop sometimes but this makes it easy! wahoo can’t wait to shop!

  9. ah I’ve been wanting to try thredUp and love how you can send your clothes too them to sell as well!
    I thrifted for most of my wedding decorations too! It was fun trying to find cute used things that matched

    ~Jessica Linn


  10. I love your new pices! So summery happy and colorful looking 🙂
    And the pictures are super beautiful as well, so flowery and perfect for taking pictures in summery dresses 🙂
    I especially love the violet T-Shirt Dress because it looks so comfy and perfect for every day! 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  11. Love this post! Thrifting is my FAVORITE, I have multiple “thrift store finds” posts where I feature my fashion scores!! Such a great way to find new accessories, thred up looks really cool, thanks for sharing! That is an awesome discount!

    XX -KK

  12. i love how you put the pic of you and the reader up! so cute amber <3

  13. I love ThredUp! I also love all of your photos, especially the ones you take in front of that rose bush!



  14. I love that dress! I keep seeing people talk about Thred Up so now I am convinced I have to try it out 🙂 The lazy girls way to thrift shop, haha! I’m all about that.

    Courtney // https://courtneylivin.com

  15. Just some honest feedback for ThredUp (not you!) I looked on their site and was disappointed. Their prices are wayyyy more than thrift store prices and not accurate – they had a dress from Express that my friend wore to prom in 2008 that said it was originally $250. Nothing from Express is $250. They are definitely not the largest used clothing platform – Poshmark and even Mercari apps have way more options and allow comments for questions, offers etc. I personally couldn’t find anything on ThredUp I really wanted to buy :/

  16. I have never heard of thredup! Great post! I am going to check it out!

  17. Hey Amber! Are you in the need of a new nanny now that Maddie is going back to school?

  18. Love thredUP they have some great pieces for great prices!!


  19. YES, I used to love thrifting in college too! My favorite shorts are thrifted Levi’s I cut myself 🙂 Love the idea of high quality clothing for less – definitely going to check it out, Amber!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  20. Thank you, thank you B.B.! This post about ThredUp came just in the nick of time. I’m going on safari in Africa this Summer and own almost no earth-toned clothes. I was about to drop a lot of money on new gear, but just got everything I need for under $100 on ThredUp! Thanks a million!

  21. I love thredUP! I think its a great way to help the environment by thrifting. I’ve checked out their website a bunch of times and they have great finds! I’ve never bought anything… but with your awesome discount I’ll have to check them out again!

    – Katie

  22. This post seems sponsored. Don’t you think you should include a disclaimer?

    1. At the bottom of the post it says, “thanks to thredUP for sponsoring this post” 🙂

  23. I LOVE thredUP! They have so many great items and you can easily search your favorite brands. I love that you posted a picture with one of your readers. I always doubt myself if I should ever say hi to someone I am a fan of because I don’t want to bother them, but seeing your photo and caption made me smile. 🙂