SWIMSUIT: Kiini / SUNGLASSES: Nordstrom (color: palladium) / SWEATER: H&M / SHORTS: One Teaspoon

These are some pictures from this weekend! We did a boat ride and then on the way home grabbed pizza and had a little pizza party with the kids. It was a cloudy weekend which made it freeeezing when we got out of the water! I teeth were chattering like crazy. But I love swimming in clear, blue water!! It is sooo fun!

12 completely random things from this last week:

  1. I was on my last pair of contacts and lost my right one when we were swimming underwater. So now I can only see out of one eye until I get a new pack of contacts in a few days! Its very annoying haha!
  2. David and I decided that foam hand soap is the only way to go. David came in and was super amped on this opinion and I was like, ya know what.. you’re right.
  3. I think Tom Hanks and his wife are soooo cute!!! (I am watching his episode on Stephen Colbert right now)
  4. I have been busy planning a trip we are going to take later this year and I am sooooo excited.
  5. Finally got wireless headphones. Now I don’t have to stick my 7+ phone in my bra when I work out. If you have done this before then you know how excited I must be ha.
  6. Can someone please tell me how they get stains out of their clothes? I feel like I do all the steps I used to but for some reason stains do NOT come out of our clothes. And I am so sad because a few of the kids pieces that I love now have stains 🙁
  7. I cut 4 inches off my (real) hair this morning. Just randomly spur of the moment. With kitchen scissors.
  8. Going to D.C. this week with my mom and sisters so if anyone has last minute recommendations I would love to hear them!
  9. Currently looking for the fluffiest and softest bath towels. I have always wanted some!
  10. Need vs. want is the motto for my month of May. Which I know is silly to say after just saying I want big, fluffy towels.
  11. Rosie graduated from swim lessons!!! YAY! Atticus has one more week but I am SOOO insanely proud of them.
  12. I have been testing so many different self tanners so I can review each one for you and let me just say that from the ones I have tried so far, I have found a favorite and since so many of you have asked – it is St. Tropez Express Tan!! I even like it more than the towelettes! I still have a few more to try.



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  1. the feels by the kissing photo! it’s my favorite of you two!

  2. My fav stain remover is called zout and you get it at Safeway

  3. I play softball and my mom and i discovered iron out or murpheys oil works miracles on stains. Took every spec of clay out of my white softball pants lol good luck!

  4. Soak clothes in a tub with oxyclean (powder one). Then wash. Amazing for stains.

  5. I know this response is a little late, but Dawn Dish Soap (just like the blue, original scent) is the BEST STAIN REMOVER!!! Seriously – I use it on my white pants when I spill coffee on them(which seems to happen every.time. I wear them), I’ve used it on silk tops I’ve gotten oily salad dressing on, on chocolate stains on polyester…I could go on, but I feel like you get the point. I pour some on, add a little extra detergent to the load, wash in warm or hot and boom! No more stains. It’s amazing and it won’t mess up your clothes. (btw, long time fan and this is my first comment! love your blog!)

  6. Beautiful underwater photos! We are on our honeymoon in Boracay and I have to ask HOW did you take photos underwater? What camera did you use? Ta!

  7. Williams Sonoma bath towels are absolutely amazing, big and fluffy. You won’t regret it!!!!

  8. The sun is the BEST stain remover! I have 2 1/2 year b/g twins and whenever I can’t get something out in the wash, I’ll lay it in the sun for a few hours and it is like magic! It disappears the stain haha!

    1. No way?! That’s amazing and SO easy! I am going to try it 🙂 Thanks!!

  9. St. Tropez Express is definately the way to go! I use it and their Gradual Tan Everyday Tinted Body Lotion.

    1. Oh and have you tried Honest stain remover? I don’t have kiddos, but it works really well on my pet messes.

  10. Hi Amber, can I ask you what contact lens brand you are using? 🙂

  11. Amber, in Spain there is a product called KH7 Stain Remover, literally I don´t know how it does it but I haven´t found a stain that it can´t get rid of. It is a life saver since my son straight up refuses to wear a bib so all of his shirts are covered in whatever he is eating. I looked online and it looks like maybe you can also get it in the States somewhere, I just don´t know where! Also, have you tried Bondi Sands? I am a St. Tropez Express Tan fan myself but I just recently tried this brand that I had seen on lots of Australian bloggers and although I didn’t like the application as well as with the other the tan looks great once you rinse off. Just an idea in case you hadn’t heard of it!

  12. Hey Amber! Would you mind me asking where your shirt is from?! It’s absolutely adorable! -Xo

  13. Hey Amber,

    What wireless headphones did you get? I’m really in need a of a pair but I’m not sure which ones to get!


  14. Answer to your stain question: I use a Thieves spray I make with hydrogen peroxide and lemon oil. Works wonders!!

  15. Great photos! I agreee foam soap is the only way to go. It lasts soooo much longer, it’s insane how much longer! I chuckled at eh one contact thing, only because I have only worn one contact for like 8 or more years now because my right eye refuses to keep contacts in. I’m so used to only being able to see w one eye that on the rare occasions that I wear my glasses, it bothers me, I think I see “too good”, haha.


  16. Your comment about foam soap made me laugh because I discovered a passion for it after using it to clean a very poopy baby diaper bum in the bathroom of the airplane. It all came off soooooo much easier and smoother and was left even cleaner than usual! I now carry a small foam soap in my diaper bag and use it every poopy diaper. Also, as a mom of five I have had my fair share of stain removal woes, but hands down my favorite stain remover (and I’ve used them allll) is the brand Zout (red bottle). It’s the best. I also think dry detergent cleans better than liquid detergent. Hope that helps!

  17. You are adorable! Wireless headphones are the BEST!! If you are looking for a good stain remover, I finally found one that works for me on all colors by oxyclean it’s a stain remover spray and it works so well, just spray & let it sit & then wash. Also, if you are looking for soft fluffy towels that last years, we buy the white ones from Macy’s Hotel Collection (I think they are also having a sale right now so you can get them for a better deal) but they are amazing!!

  18. There’s this bar of soap in the laundry section called Fels-Naptha, it’s only $1 but it works super well!!!

  19. I use Shout to pre treat stains and it works great for me.. Also I’ve read that it’s not a good idea to keep cellphones on you especially not near the breasts due to cancer risk. It’s a low chance but still better to be safe.. Love your blog ❣

  20. For any stains I SWEAR by oxy clean. I just get the powder and soak the stain in hot water with the oxy clean for as long as it takes, but there are also sprays that you can get (not sure how well they work).


  21. I have two babies, 8 months and 2 1/2 years, and the majority of their clothes with pretty much be trash at this point due to food stains if not for this. My mom has always been the queen of stains my whole life and this is the only thing that has really worked for me for food/grease stains.

    WHILE DRY squirt a little dawn dish soap and rub it in a little
    You can let it sit if it’s an older stain but it’s best to get them as soon as possible of course
    RINSE with COLD water.. this is important because hot water will set a stain
    Wash like you normally would and you should be good to go!

    Now for older stains and things that didn’t quite make it out with the dish soap.. I like the oxyclean gel and I rub that stuff all over and you can let it sit out for up to a week! I normally just do a night but sometimes I’ll put it in the sun for white clothing.

    Hope this helps! You and your family are dolls I love your dresses and matching kicks!

  22. The Washington Temple, of course and the National Cathedral. Georgetown can get a little basic; try Old Town Alexandria, Embassy Row or Dumbarton Oaks. Fancy Food = Restaurant Eve or Pineapples and Pearls Enjoy!

  23. Two Amys on Macomb street is the BEST Neapolitan pizza!! The best!! A total must go to in D.C. if you love pizza!! I go every time I’m in D.C. it’s that good!!

  24. My husband and I just went to DC! I would highly recommend renting the city bikes while you’re there. It’s such a fun way to see the city, so much faster than walking and only $8 for unlimited half hour trips for 24 hours. We rode around all the monuments at dusk one night and it was magical. We loved Old Ebbitt Grill and Founding Farmers for dinner too. Soooo delicious!

  25. Fluffy towels = Nordstroms Brand. They have a deal if you buy more and the big fully white ones are HEAVEN!!!!!

  26. Love your blog! We live in Hawaii too and the ONLY thing that gets those red dirt stains out of kids clothes is blue dawn dishsoap. None of the other scents or anything work. Just the plain original blue one. I just scrub them with a little blue dawn then throw them in the wash without rinsing it and the stains come right out! I wish someone would have told me sooner, because before I learned the secret we threw out a lot of keiki clothes 🙂

    1. Blue dawn dish soup comes in the pump so you can have FOAM DISHSOAP too. I love it. Only way to go!!!!

  27. I don’t know how you are ever going to leave Hawaii! It looks too good to be true! I started looking at your older posts when I went back to read about your blogging posts…and I read A’s birth story. It made me cry! Scarily similar to what happened with my first baby (who is Rosie’s age). So random haha. I hope you have an awesome time in DC <3

  28. My Sister in law swears by Fels Naptha for stains!!! I mix Shout and Oxy for bad ones on our baby clothes. Also, do not put anything in the dryer until you are SURE that stain is gone.

  29. For the stains I would try using hair spray, my mom used it all the time and said that the cheaper the hairspray the better. Hopefully that helps 🙂

  30. I’m from D.C. 🙂 Any meet ups with fans happening? Anyway…
    Georgetown Cupcake! If go, try a cheesecake cupcake flavor. Those are my favorites. Yum! Buredo…it’s a sushi burrito place! The Lincoln Memorial is my favorite of all the monument stuff. And the art museum. Have fun!

  31. So excited you are coming to DC!! Have brunch at Le Diplomat in Logan Circle. Shopping in Georgetown is also a must. Walk along the national mall from the Capitol to the Washington Monument…amazing sightseeing and perfect for pictures.. If you have time also check out Eastern Market in Capitol Hill and Union Market in Noma 🙂

  32. Aww. I love this post. Your style is always so fun and cute and your body is INSANE! We just bought a ton of new fluffy towels at Costco! They were so cheap. I think $10 for the towels, $6 for and hand towels or something like that. They are huge and fluffy and so nice. Not sure if your Costco in Hawaii has them, but maybe?! I’m going to have to try the St. Tropez self tanner. I hope your day is amazing!

  33. These photos are so cool, sounds like an amazing weekend 🙂 And you just made me want pizza haha! St. Tropez is my favorite too, I haven’t been able to find one I like more so it’ll be interesting to see your final post!

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  34. I tell everyone that Shout stain remover is my best friend! Lol! It works even if my son stained his clothes hours ago. I spray it on, let it soak in for a few minutes & then rub it in the clothing until you see the stain coming out. You can respray & rub again if u still see a faded stain. Then, u can just leave it until u have to do laundry 🙂

  35. you guys are MAGICAL. and! i just let some detergent sit on the stain for a little. if that doesn’t work, a dot of dish soap! and for foaming hand soap, if you keep the foaming dispensers or order some on amazon, you can refill with a tiny bit of dr bronners liquid castille soap and water and it lasts FOREVER!!! and is much healthier than most soap like softsoap and all that. oh my, so many thoughts on soap here! haha!!! i hope you get your contacts asap!!! xoxoxo brittany | lifeofcharmings.com

  36. I use Bizz to get stains out of my kids clothes and it seriously works miracles! It comes in a box for $6 from Wal-Mart. It’s a powder. You soak the clothes in hot water for couple hours.

  37. Have you friend the self tanner from Rodan and Fields? I’d be curious to hear your opinion!

  38. A big fat YES to the wireless headphones 🙌🏻 Also, Pottery Barn hydrocotton towels and Xen Tan self tanner. Two thumbs up.

  39. I use Dreft detergent on my daughter’s clothes and it works wonders! I dampen the stain and rub in a little detergent. Typically the stains come right out or fade after a second wash!


  40. Hey Amber, I love your H&M sweater! Which color do you have? It’s kind of hard to tell online! 🙂

    <3 Morgan

  41. These pictures are making me miss Hawaii!! Looks like so much fun! Love your blog so much <3

  42. I swear by Fels-Naptha for stains! It works wonders! I can find it at my local supermarket ( I live in the Midwest) but it’s seriously like $1 and it’s just a bar soap. I have two little ones and it helps with the newborn blowouts to the strawberry stains. Let us know what you think!

  43. Great Falls Park in McLean, VA is pretty spectacular. Georgetown at night is also a favorite of mine.

  44. Yay!! You’re coming to DC!! I highly recommend going to Georgetown waterfront park. The best place in DC.

  45. Use Shout to spot treat individually then soak in Oxiclean!

  46. I love reading your random 12 things, it makes me smile 😁👍🏻

  47. Founding Farmers is a great place to eat! But it can be REALLY busy, especially at lunch time, so reservations are probably a good idea.

    1. Founding Farmer’s brunch is even more AMAZING and there are a couple of locations.

  48. Vera wang towels are the way to go.. I’ve had mine for 3 years now and they are still just as fluffy and soft as they were when I got them… Think you can find them at Kohls or Bed bad & beyond.. Have fun in DC! Courtneylivin.com

  49. You should definately go to georgetown!! And you should go see the cherry blossoms….. if they are still alive. Love your photos!

  50. I can’t believe you haven’t had Lasik surgery! That’s a need over a want, right?! 😂

    1. oh my gosh it TOTALLY is haha! I want it sooo bad but I heard that your eyes get worse with each pregnancy and it could be a myth but mine really have! So I kinda want to wait til I am all done!

      1. Yes, you should totally wait until you’re done having kids!

  51. Hi amber!
    You must go to Good Stuff Eatery in D.C.!! They are seriously the best. The lines at lunch are crazy so we always went around 2pm. The most amazing shakes, burgers and DIPPING sauces for the fries!


  52. Hotel Balfour brand towels are the softest and fluffiest towels I have ever owned! After having them I don’t know how I ever used any other towel. They seriously feel so luxurious! I have found them at TJ Maxx HomeGoods but I just looked and they have them online and at Macy’s too! Love when you do your 12 random things, you’re the cutest!

  53. One of my favorite breakfast places in DC is: Le Pain Quotidien. Also Georgetown cupcakes of course!

  54. Hey love!!! We live in DC. So many fun things. If you are here on Saturday, Eastern market is a Must!!! It’s an outdoor market with everything under the sun. Tons of fun little food shops! Also, you can get private tours as well. Let me know if you want me to schedule some with my father in law. (Congressman from Utah) Capitol, library of Congress etc. H Street is a major up and coming gem!! Tons of awesome food stops. Hope your trip is amazing!

  55. Those underwater photos are absolutely stunning, and I love the random thoughts section haha can’t wait to see you review on self tanners! I need to find a good one for the summer
    xo Jessica Linn

  56. Shop Strands for the softest fluffiest beach towels, we bought one and then bought another because my kids all fight over them.

    We love 2 Amy’s pizza in DC! Have fun!

  57. Georgetown is a must, it is absolutely beautiful, also doing a bus tour of the city at night is fantastic. Have a great trip 🙂 xx

  58. Dawn dish soap gets every stain out! I got mascara off of a formal dress and my boyfriend dragged a robe across a parking deck and it got all the grease and oil out from it! I never travel without it 🙂

    In DC, go to blue duck tavern for brunch and go to Ted’ Bulletin for a home made pop tart!

  59. I live in DC and it’s an amazing city! Founding Farmer’s is the coolest restaurant in Foggy Bottom. Old Ebbit Grill and the Hamilton are classic D.C. spots for dinner. If you go to the roof of the W Hotel, you can see all of the Mall and the top of the White House, where the snipers stand all day.. it’s my favorite thing to go up around sunset. Also, riding bikes on the Mall at night is my favorite thing to do! There’s a little bike/walking path that goes to the Jefferson Memorial. Baked and Wired has the best cupcakes in the world (try their Smurfette and carrot cake) and if you’re looking for a good manicure, go to Vicky’s in Georgetown.. it’s decorated like a grandma’s house and they do amazing gel manicures and give you a massage with it. Next door is Jaco Taco, which has acai bowls and good smoothies/juices! If you’re taking a Capitol tour, head to Senator Flake’s office (I’m from AZ and interned there for a long time) and they can take you to the underground subway in the Capitol. He’s also LDS! Ice Cream Jubilee on 14th street is amazing and Adams Morgan is a great place to take cool pictures and get amazing food. Have fun!

    1. Also, there’s a cafe called Open City at the National Cathedral (which is a must-visit just for the sheer beauty) and you have a perfect view of the church! Their avocado toast is the best I’ve ever had.

  60. I have found that whenever I have a grease stain ( I know this is specific but it works ) it’s a good idea to cover the stain with salt. The salt pretty much soaks up most, ( if not all) of the grease and all you have to do it brush it away. Also, for double-knit fabrics I like to add about a half teaspoon of salt to a small amount of ammonia and dab it directly on to the spot. This works better the fresher the stain is. Hope this helps!


  61. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with dawn dish detergent! It really helps with grease stains/hard stains. Good luck!

  62. Love the photos!! I have been looking at so many of your older posts from 2013 and 2014 before your son was born, I assume around the time you guys moved to NYC or even just before. You have some great posts from back then that I’ve never seen. Love all the looks in beauty & fashion that you’ve done back then. It’s neat to look back and see all of the different looks too! 🙂

  63. OXICLEAN! The only thing that works for all our stains. I always put my items in a sink with a little water (enough to make every article wet) and then sprinkle a little right on top on the stain and let it soak for an hour or so. Works wonders!
    As for what to do in DC – I went years ago, but of course the Newseum is a must. And then head to the Hay Adams for High Tea! The hotel so close to the White House!


  64. Softest fluffiest towels —> Turkish towels. I am from Turkey and they are AMAZING. Never had softer or fluffier towels, and they come in such large sizes!

  65. I use Buncha Farmers Natural Stain Stick and it’s gotten out all of the stains on my kids clothes. I sometimes also just put liquid laundry detergent directly on the stain before I put it in the machine. Good luck, I knowing the feeling when your favourite items are stained!

  66. I used to live in D.C 🙂

    For food you have to have dinner at Rose’s luxury (make sure to get there a little earlier before they open – they do not take reservations and people always form a line right outside of it to get in – def worth the wait 🙂 Le Diplomate on fourteenth st nw is also one of my favs) You also must check out Buttercream Bakeshop (they have the most delicious dessert and its beyond adorable inside). Otherwise Georgetown is a fun neighborhood to walk around in – there are a ton of shops and the homes are so beautiful you can get lost in around the streets for hours. Also a fan favorite is the Renwick Gallery 🙂 Have fun 🙂

    1. Also for cupcakes, definitely go to Baked and Wired in georgetown 🙂

    2. The Renwick has the coolest installation on the 2nd floor!

  67. I’m from just outside DC! Renting bikes and riding around the monuments after dark is the absolute best. There are barely any people and the monuments look so cool at night. Eastern Market is also a really fun spot on a Saturday morning. Would love to run into you somewhere 🙂

  68. Carbona Stain Devils Kit is AMAZING! It has a different type of remover for each type of stain imaginable! My mother in law whipped them out at my wedding (got hugged by a little girl with a bloody knee- right smack dab in the middle of my wedding dress…. so awkward!) and this literally took it off immediately… it felt like magic. I’ve been obsessed ever since 🙂 Hope it works for you if you try it!!! LOVE this post by the way! xoxo

  69. Try The Laundress Stain Remover – it’s AMAZING. Available on Amazon.

  70. The underwater photos came out amazing!! Congrats so much to the kids for graduating from swim classes! I remember that David lived in Croatia for a while and speaks Croatian so I wanted to let you guys know that I’m currently running a special Mother’s Day gift that you guys both might enjoy! (Hint: I’m the best online language teacher in the biz hehe).


  71. A couple of really cute places to eat and visit is Baked & Wired coffee shop and Good Stuff Eatery (the toasted marshmallow shake and burgers are amazing)!

  72. Hi Amber! This weekend’s supposed to be “only” 65 F here in Richmond VA (two hours from D.C.) so I hope you don’t freeze (considering you’re all used to Hawaian weather!). I use Shout to remove all our stains and it works every time. You just have to let is sit and dry on it completely before washing on the highest temperature the fabric will take. We just booked a trip to Miami Beach for later this month. We’re going to the seaquarium where they have the dolphin show I can’t wait! Our two-year old daughter is going to have a blaaaast! Already got her a “Goodnight Florida” book ,per your “travelling with kids” suggestions post. 😉 Thanks for all your helpful tips! xoxo

  73. Thanks for the self tanner recommendation! I just ordered it so hopefully it works out well for me! I used to be a huge tanner, not tanning beds but definitely did my fair share of poolside/beach tanning and I’ve really been inspired by your effort to avoid the sun more! Quick question, are you able to apply the tanner yourself or do you usually have David help you and do you apply all over or just certain areas like arm and legs? I’ve been meaning to try to self-tanner but worried that i’ll miss a bunch of spots lol.
    Thanks, Alena xo

  74. hi amber!
    Rodan and fields sunless tan is an insanely good product, and its a foam! It uses You should totally try it out! reply if you’d like a consultant reference as is it only available form direct sellers! I am a DC local and recommend the Chophouse. It’s near Chinatown and the Verizon center.

  75. try grandma’s stain remover – you can order it on amazon and it’s seriously amazing.

  76. When in DC go to the botanical gardens. They are beautiful and always something I love going to. There is a pizza place called we the pizza that is the best pizza of my life. Definitely go the airfare memorial it is a little out of the way but a beautiful view of the city. Go look to DC at night also it is like a whole different city. The monuments are lit up and everything looks like it belongs in a movie.

  77. Hey Amber! I use alba botanica sunless tanner and I love it! It is free of all the bad stuff, vegan, and fairly inexpensive. I honestly like it more than the Kate Somerville towelettes. Try it!!

  78. Losing a contact when it’s your last pair is so nerve-wracking!! I’m basically blind without mine, so it always gets me a little anxious haha! Also, for stains, my husband is the master of getting them out! He puts bleach directly on the stain, let’s it soak in luke warm water for 10 min, gently rubs the stain under running water and then throws it into the regular laundry. It’s work for all the tough stains!

    xo, Sofia

  79. Hi Amber!

    You have to try Fels-Naptha bars for kiddo stains (really any stains!) it’s what my Grammy always used. She gave me a bar when my baby turned one and it’s been a life saver on her clothes! Btw you are just amazing! I started reading your blog when I was pregnant with my daughter who’s one month younger than Rosie. It’s been something I looked forward to on the good days and the tough ones thank you for being so open and positive!

    Love & blessings,

  80. I love all your posts! We’re going to Maui soon with our boys and your pics make me so excited! And the post you did a while back about traveling with toddlers was heaven sent 🙏 thank you!
    Also, have you seen these towels?
    I’m really excited about them ☺️

    1. failed to mention these are *japanese* towels. fun since you guys just went there!

  81. Restoration hardware has the best towels! They are so luxurious and soft and are a great investment! They last longer than normal towels… So need vs. want??? LOL you need them! You’ll replace your towels less often 😉

  82. Hello. I love your blog. I’ve been following you for some time now. So this is my first post to you 😄I have a little girl who comes home with stains all the time. I personally use Oxi Clean stain remover spray with a toothbrush. I also add a little water as I’m scrubbing out the stain. It works for me. I will say I try and get them out as soon as I can but I have also used on previous stains that I’ve missed. Hope this helps.

  83. Amber…why did you cut your beautiful long hair with kitchen scissors? Your hair is so gorgeous and loos so healthy!
    Your boat ride + pizza party sounds very fun! I really crave pizza right now and need to make my own as soon as possible 🙂 I love making pizza myself
    I also really love your bikini and the style of it but they are soo expensive 🙁 I don’t want to spend so much money for a bikini…

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  84. Oh my gosh – The Good Stuff Eatery. I don’t know if you like marshmallows… if you don’t, this place is still amazing. Get the Toasted Marshmallow Shake. Make sure to get real food too because you might want to cushion the blow to your stomach. The food is amazing too.


  85. STAIN REMOVER!!! I helped my sister in law get berries out of a shirt she adored. (which Im sure you have a few of those from all of the delicious Acai bowls) The stains were super old, and now I do it to all of my husbands clothes since he always spills on himself some reason. get a cup of hot water and put a bowl under the stain, allow the hot water to soak through and do it over and over again till the water pulls the color down to the bottom cup. Hopefully it makes sense. If not here are pictures from a random pinterest find, I didn’t use the other stuff just hot water. Sometimes I use a toothbrush depending on the fabric. Anyways hope this helps. Its kind of fun to see the stains go away and know I don’t have to throw the clothes out. hahaha <3

  86. For DC, National Museum of African American History and Culture! My mom and aunts went and told me about it and I am dying to plan a trip to DC just for that! They said it was incredible, so powerful – they spent the entire day. https://nmaahc.si.edu/

    So awesome about your kiddos’ swimming!!! What an awesome skill to learn so early.

  87. In DC go to the Spy Museum, the Newseum and eat lunch at Old Ebbits Grill! It’s the best!

    Or if you like Italian, the best Italian food i’ve ever eaten (in America) is Filomena’s in Georgetown.

  88. What a fun day! As far as stain removers go, I swear by Dawn dish soap! I just squeeze some on the spot and throw it into the hamper. Works (almost) every time 🙂

    xo, Lauren

  89. Hi Amber – love this suit! What would you recommend for sizing? (My body type is very similar to yours – down to being 5’10” 🙂

  90. Ahhh I live close to DC!! If you want to do something fun, go to the Hirschhorn Museum and see the Infinity Mirrors Exhibit! If you go early in the morning, you’ll have to wait in line for a ticket for an hour or two – but it’s SO WORTH IT!!! Plus, it can be fun waking up early and hanging out some while in line 🙂 Also, I definitely recommend checking out the memorials and some of the Smithsonian Museums (they’re free!). Have fun!!!

  91. Two answers for you: pottery barn has amazing towels that are super fluffy, buuut Walmart has a line of towels that are $5 each that I bought maybe 3 years ago and are still as fluffy as the day I bought them. I hate Walmart and it pains me to suggest them to you but I am crazy about these towels and blown away that for that cheap of a price they are still good!

    Second thing: dreft baby spray is my jam. I used it when my son was a baby and all of his baby clothes stayed stain free, I use it for my own as well and for him still even now that he is an 8 year old! He comes home with grass stained knees and plays soccer 5 times a week besides just being an active messy kid and we don’t have any stain issues over here 🙂

  92. Hi Amber! Love your post! I used to live in DC and here are some things you should do with your mom and sisters:

    Check out Baked and Wired (coffee and bakery) they have THE best cupcakes you will ever have! And lots of other treats! Located in Georgetown.

    Check out the memorials at night! It’s so pretty and a fun experience.

    Go to Good Stuff Eatery! Yummy burgers, shakes and fries. “We the Pizza” is a pizza place right next door that has the same owner and has great pizza.

    Hope you have a blast!


  93. Love all the pics as always! Speaking of self tanners, did you use any, or have any that you recommend while you were pregnant? I am 6 months and I am so pale it’s concerning haha xoxo

  94. This is so cute! Love the pictures 😍
    For the clothes, usually for me the salt work. I put salt on which area are stain and leave it for 3-5 mins then it will remove.
    Hope this help!

  95. Dawn dish soap is my go to for getting stains out of clothes…I kid you not I spilled an entire glass of cranberry juice on a white sun dress and just added a little Dawn to it and hand washed it out. It’s also worked on set in food stains on my daughters clothes. I hope it works for you!

  96. Gorgeous pics! I actually used baby wipes to get stains out of my kids clothes and mine, it’s amazing how well it works!

  97. I had the exact same thought about big fluffy towels last night when I was folding laundry lol! Ugh the need vs want debacle is always so tough to stick to, good luck girl, its one I am constantly trying to be mindful of. Looks like a fun weekend, hope your week goes well 🙂


  98. These pics are amazing! Can’t wait for the self tanner review!

  99. Great photos and blog like always!
    To get stains out of kids clothes, I always have a pink bucket that I put OXYClean laundry detergent in and hot water. At the end of the day, I let the kids clothes soak in that and then leave it until I do laundry! Works every time 🙂

  100. What a fun day! These underwater pictures are amazing…What camera did you use to take them? The clarity is amazing! I’m always too scared to try those waterproof cases on my expensive camera equipment! 😬


  101. I’m all about fluffy towels! I hate when they’re scratchy and don’t get you dry. I’ve used dish soap to get stains out of my clothes – works like a charm!

    Carrie | http://carrieelisekho.com/

  102. Amber, I love seeing all your adventures with your honey and tiny babes in Hawaii! It gets me so excited for our upcoming trip to Paris, eek! And yesssss to wirelesss headphones for working out … I need to get one that train, like yesterday lol And for stains, I use baby Oxiclean … it’s literally a miracle worker on my son’s clothes! I just spray it and let them sit overnight, pop them in the laundry the next day and POOF! good as new 🙂 I use it on mine and my hubby’s clothes too!


  103. Amber have you ever tried the Nordstrom brand towels?!? They are my absolute favorite and I have washed them 100s of times and they still feel like they did when I bought them!

  104. The Fels-Naptha laundry bar is a miracle!! It gets EVERYTHING out! I’ve used it for almost 3 years and it has yet to fail me.

    There’s been a couple times (car grease, strawberry, mango and ketchup stains) that require a couple treatments but it was still able to remove them.

    Good luck!

  105. Have SO much fun in DC! I lived there for a few years and you’ve got to check out the Newseum, all the monuments (duh!) and eat at Founding Farmers, Old Ebbitt and Open City for brunch!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  106. Also, you can go to the top of the Washington monument if you get tickets ahead of time! It’s definitely something to look into, you get a great view of DC!

  107. Old Ebbitt Grill in DC is amazing but it’s recommended you get reservations ahead of time!

  108. Have you tried flat pack daily contacts? My optometrist recommended them and gave me samples at my last appointment and they are freaking awesome. I use the Miro 1day Menicon Flat Pack. Wear them for the day, then throw them out. Can’t even feel them when they are in. No cleaning, no storage. 90 lenses come in a tiny 3″x1.5″x1.5″ container. Amazing for travel. Easy to take a ton on a trip and never worry about running out, loosing one, or packing enough contact solution or wasting precious luggage space. I order a 2 year supply and it makes them super cheap per lens.
    For DC Lukes Lobster has good lobster rolls for a quick lunch, Jaleo had good tapas, Oyamel has interesting Mexican, Good Stuff Eatery has ahhhhmazing burgers. There’s a bunch of places and you’ll always find something near you worth trying out as far as food it concerned.
    I LOVE restoration hardware for the fluffiest, softest towels ever. Never use fabric softener or dryer sheets on your towels. It coats the fabric yarns in a wax that makes them less absorbent and will give them that stale smell that never washes out. Just unscented laundry detergent when you wash your towels and they will stay fluffy, soft, and absorbent.
    For stains on your clothes, it depends on what the stains base is to get it out. It’s always good to splash water on any stain right away. My kid slimes me regularly and I’ve learned to wear my pretty things anyway and just embrace the mess. And I always look like the sink exploded on me when I leave public restroom cause I rinse the stains. Whatever. Tide to go pens work great to and fit in your bag. If I’m home, dish soap directly on a grease stain works good. For protein stains (examples: blood, vomit, egg) I use Puracy multi cleaner concentrate diluted like the instructions say and spray it on the stain. Mainly cause Puracy ships via Amazon subscribe & save and it’s one less thing to pick up at the grocery store…and I’m weird about certain chemicals. If it’s a white/whitish things and it’s basically ruined anyway, take a bleach pen to it.

  109. The pictures are amazing. I love them!!! But how did you take them? My underwater pictures never turn out that good 🙁
    Have a nice 1st May Love ya


  110. I love this pictures ! The one of you and David kissing under the water, so cute ! Can you right a blog on tips on how to plan a trip/vacation ? I’m sure you have great tips. please pretty please 😉

  111. This was such a cute read!
    My husband and I are newlyweds but your photos and posts make me so excited to start a family one day 🙂
    Also for stains, when I was living in the US (we live in France now!) the Shout stain remover always worked for me! Just spray a bunch and leave it on for several minutes, then throw it in the wash. It works best if you spray as soon as the stain gets on the clothes. Hope that will do the trick!

  112. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle BloG on

    Haha why would you wear your contacts to swim? They’re bound to come off! Either wat, lovely photos!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  113. For the stains i use savon de Marseille and very hot water. It works for everything except maybe very oily stains and it does not have harsh chemicals so it’s a win win situation