DRESS ONE ($35.00) / DRESS TWO ($298.00) / SNEAKERS / BAG / BROOCH / SUNGLASSES (sold out; similar here and here)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! What are your guys plans for the weekend?! I am excited to put my phone in a drawer and enjoy quality time with friends and family. For my friend Brianne’s birthday, she planned a boat ride and it is going to be so fun! You know when you are on a mom & kid play date for the first time with someone new and you’re testing the waters to make sure they are cool? And that you don’t have to be an uptight mess around? Well she is the coolest and totally took us under her wing here in Hawaii. She made our transition here so easy. I actually met her because she commented on one of our photos on social media and I clicked on her profile and saw she had a boy A’s age so we connected! Fun that you can meet online friends and then become real life friends.

Today I have a save vs. splurge post!! The first dress is from Target and is only $35!!! To be completely honest the photos don’t do it justice because I loved it even more in person. It fits really good and looks like it would be much more expensive. Of the two both David and I like this one better! The second dress is Kate Spade and is $298. I was trying them on at home and realized they looked so similar so thought I would feature them both styled the same.

Okay have a good weekend!!!! Hope it is amazing. xoxox

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  1. I might splurge on a Kate Spade bag, because I love the quality. But I definitely wouldn’t splurge on a Kate Spade shirt, when I can find something really similar somewhere else!

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

  2. Both look so great on you! I think I prefer the first one too! Thanks for posting them side by side! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love this save vs splurge post!! I love your outfits but I am a college student on a tight budget lol 🙂

  4. Good NYC documentaries: “Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream” and “A Class Divide” on HBO. Both are about the extremely poor and the extremely wealthy in NYC, the differences between the Upper West/East Side and the South Bronx, and on the issues of gentrification (rich outsiders moving in to poor areas). It’d be a good watch, especially to rethink about your time in NYC and the things you may not have thought about! NYC is actually the most segregated school system in the country.

  5. Too cute! You always look gorgeous! I almost bought similar sunglasses to those at TJ Maxx a couple days ago by Nanette Lepore, they were rad but not super comfy.

  6. Love this! You can style anything and make it look amazing. Have a great weekend ❤️

  7. I totally love the first dress more too! But you (of course) look absolutely adorable in both!

  8. Wow, I actually had to scroll back up and go through the photos because I didn’t realize they were two different ones! The target one is definitely my favorite also!

    Ashton | Instagram

  9. Lovely look! These dresses look so similar! Love the cut as well. Similar but cute! I also purchased one in Zara with embroidery detail 🙂
    Meet My Lovely World

  10. I didn’t even realize those were two different dresses! Haha! I had to go back and do a double take. Love it! How fun for new friends! You seem like you’d be an easy person to be friends with 🙂


  11. Oh how interesting! haha. I love these types of things. I think I like the first dress better too! Have a fabulous weekend Amber. My family and I are closing on a house today so we are super excited for this weekend!


  12. Oh wow how neat. I love this look, and I think I also prefer the target dress better! Although they are so similar!
    The other day you posted an IG story of you with a pink swimsuit and wavy hair. I was hoping you might do a tutorial on how you did your hair! Although I bet salt water helped. And that swimsuit was so cute I was hoping to know where it’s from!

  13. I bought the Target dress the day it came out and absolutely love it! Can’t wait to wear it!! Thanks for the inspo!

  14. At first I was so confused by this post- I thought the two dresses were the same one! Lol

  15. Hey Amber,

    I couldn’t even see a difference between the dresses and thought it was one until I’ve read your Post! Haha 😀
    They really look so similar that it doesn’t makes a difference when you buy the cheep version. That’s what I love about fashion! You can wear cheap stuff with high quality jewellery, like you did and still look super stylish and chic!
    The dress (or both 😀 ) are super pretty and I really want to have one now! I just bought a very similar style but with jeans, but the blue and white stripes are so adorable 😀

    Love from Germany and have a lovely weekend!
    Xx Paulie <3


  16. Wow, they are both so similar! I had to go back and look again to see the difference!
    I agree, I like the first one better too. And there are few things I like more than getting a good bargain! 🙂


  17. Love how you did a look alike post! You can’t even really tell a difference and I LOVE the target one, if I didn’t know the other one was Kate Spade, I wouldn’t of been as drawn to it;) but they are both seriously so cute!! This post gave me so many inspirations for my blog and loved the idea doing look alike posts!! Thanks for sharing! Love, Annie Eliza<3

  18. Uhh I like dress number 1, the details on the sleeves, is cute and very in right now. Hope you guys have a great weekend xx 🙂

  19. you are too cute!! seeing that VB for targ dress on you, i love it even more than i did on the site!!! and i so relate to the meeting of new mom friends!!!! how fun that you guys connected!! xoxoxo http://www.lifeofcharmings.com

  20. I love the brooch and the pops of red! These cute and simple details really enhance the outfit! XX

  21. I actually love the Target dress so much more! Would love to see more of these posts in the future 🙂

    www. zachandkayla.com