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Happy weekend!! It is Saturday night and the kids are asleep and so is David. David leaves at 4am for San Diego to go visit his dad! Anyways, so I am writing this post now because I was just going through these photos from last night and it brought back a memory!

I know I have a lot of girls in junior high and high school who follow and write me messages.. soo for anyone that age who may feel like I did then here is some hope 🙂

When I was in junior high I had some really really dark times like I have said before! I had some stuff I was dealing with that I won’t talk about but on top of that on my first day of 7th grade (we start junior high in 7th grade) I walked up to my locker and there were (ugh gross —-) tampons with ketchup all over them hanging from my locker! I was sooo embarrassed. Everyone was pointing and laughing and saying “ewwww!” and asking, “whose locker is that?” I remember just pretending it wasn’t my locker and then quietly slipped away and cried in the bathroom. I didn’t know who did it and still don’t. I went and had to ask for a new locker and asked them if they could get all my stuff out for me (I had come to decorate the inside with magnets and cute pen holders the week before – so cool getting a locker like the ones in the movies right?!). After that there was a group of 8th grade girls who were so awful to me. I didn’t know who they were at the time or why they picked on me but they would do things like throw food at me when I walked by or yell that I looked like a drowned rat, etc etc. And once they came to my home (I don’t know how they found out where I lived) and waited for my parents to leave and came running in with a boom box playing super loud music and danced around me and then ran out laughing… sooooo weird I know!! Anyways the point I am getting to, I was just not in a good place and my young self who already didn’t have a lot of confidence felt like everyone hated me. I would cry a lot at home and I had to write in my journal everyday because that was the only “person” I had to talk to. (I never told my parents or siblings or friends that this was happening because I was too embarrassed). I know these sound so stupid and little but at the time it didn’t feel small. During this time I would have recurring dreams and REALLY clear visions of me driving and kids are in the back seat. I would think about it all the time and would be so excited for one day when I got to have kids and drive them around and do fun stuff. Now we are in Hawaii and I am driving with two beautiful faces in the rear view mirror and I know it all sounds cheesy but I feel so grateful to be here in this place and look at my junior high and high school self and thank God for giving me a glimpse of this future because sometimes it was the only thing that got me through, truly. Every now and again when we are driving I remember that and now I get to live my middle school dream and it is all sorts of wonderful!!

I am not saying this for anyone to feel sorry for me (obviously that was like what, 14 years ago?! I don’t feel bad for myself!) But sometimes when I see girls at meet ups who are soo young I just hope that they are happy and if they aren’t then I just want them to know that it will get better. Who you are in junior high and high school is not who you have to be forever, you can be whoever you want. The high school drama that goes on with girls is — oh boy. My friends and I totally got caught up in all of the cattiness and also had our fair share of not being the nicest. But good news is you grow up and move on and middle and high school are such TINY chapters in your life! Think of what you want your future to look like and go after it. Good things are ahead, I promise!!!

Oh and say hi to people! I wish I could go back and say “Amber stop being so self conscious and shy and say HI! what is the worst that can happen?! They don’t say it back?” Try out for whatever sport you want or student council or whatever! (I wish I had tried out for the high jump because every coach tried to talk me into it but I didn’t! I thought “what if I am not able to do it?!”) And if one person says something bad about you, even though it sometimes feels like everyone else must think it too, its just not true. And obviously have fun 😉 (I also have a TON of really really fun memories too! And a fun fact is that me and two of my best friends from elementary/middle school/high school all had babies the same age around the time of Rosie! So they can all be little buds in Arizona like we were growing up!)


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I was in middle school and it wasn’t the best times either.

  2. What a lovely post. I just found your site recently and this one brought tears to my eyes! I too was treated horribly in elementary and middle school – young girls can be so harsh! It does seem like it’s your entire world at the time but YES, there is light at the end of the tunnel and soooo much more to look forward to in life! I’m now married to the love of my life and we have two adorable little ones and a lovely little home – I never thought of any of that stuff back when I was young, but I’m so glad I never gave up hope. It’s definitely something to keep in mind with my own little ones as they enter into those tender years. Isn’t it amazing how God will send us something to keep the light going inside….so nice of you to share that with others. It’s tough growing up, but there are so many rewards ahead if you forge on with a good heart…..makes me think of all the other wonderful things waiting ahead for us all in our next chapters! Peace to you and yours, and thanks again for sharing. xo

  3. I just stumbled across this post as I was admiring all of your cute pictures and it was literally EXACTLY what I needed!! I just graduated High School and I feel like I am in that awkward phase of life where I have a lot of big choices to make and kind of feel helpless. Just hearing that life gets better and High School is just a small part of it really helped me:)) I also LOVED what you said about saying hi to people. I don’t know why but I am always so afraid to just say hi to people, it seems so simple and silly but I think I don’t realize home that simple word can really effect people. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this made my day.

    1. YAY! This makes me so happy! I am so glad you can relate and that it was somewhat helpful. Everyone goes through confusing and awkward stages and it makes it a little easier talking about it 🙂 Love you!

  4. Wonderful words of encouragement! It’s almost reassuring to know that I or others were not alone in the hard times of school! There are harsh words and experiences and it does take a while to realize your self worth. So thank you for sharing that ‘even you’ (who is so beautiful – and probably was back then too) had some rough times. I truly hope we can all raise our children to be strong no matter what situation they find themselves in. Thanks again for being so honest!

  5. Dear Amber,
    even though I did not experience anything similar, I have always been afraid this might happen to my son (20 months old) one day. Even though he is still small, open minded and charming, I would be devestated if he got picked on like that. But if it did happen, I hope he would talk to me about it.
    By the way, your positive mind, happy photos and texts led me through my pregnancy Depression, even though you are living thousands of miles away. It really did help me.
    All the best! Madline (oui__lavie)

  6. Ok, crazy, Ritz Carlton DC lady responding 🙂 … This is why I adore you and why I allow my girls (12, 10 and 8) to follow you too. It’s the dark times that make us better and stronger, I’ve learned to be thankful for the difficult times bc you grow so much from them, I try and remind my girls of that on the daily! Thanks again for meeting my family the other day, it made our day!

  7. Thanks for posting this Amber! I too had a lot of dark days throughout middle school and high school. Depression definitely hit me. There were a lot of kids that just treated each other really horribly. Looking back I don’t know why I didn’t completely open up to my parents about all that was going on with me. Now as a soon-to-be mom i hope and pray my daughter lets me in on all the little things going on in life. Like others have mentioned High School does end, and this too shall pass. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, some days it felt like high school would never end but it does. Keep dreaming. There is soooo much more life after middle school & high school!! Married to my best friend and expecting our first baby together soon.. God is good 🙂

  8. Junior high school and high school were hard. Especially in Mesa where everyone knew everyone’s business! The older I get, the more I realize everyone that age had insecurities and were dealing with dark things at home 🙁 very cool to see your successes, Amber! But even cooler to watch you be a mom. And I agree, it’s one of the best and most healing gifts from God.

  9. This is such an important post. Bullying is terrible and it’s happening or has happened to everyone – myself included. Women are often jealous of one another and insecure. I love love that you want to say hi to people more – I think about that a lot too! It really makes a difference because people do respond 🙂

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  10. ah amber that was so sweet of you to share!!!! they were probably just extremely jealous of ur drop dead gorgeous looks!!! I wonder what they would think if they saw u now!! xoxox

  11. love that you shared this and try to help some girls through a rough time! i also made a lot of weird and sad experiences back in school and always wondered why people like to be mean to others. anyhow now i am a happy girl with a loving husband expecting a little baby in september, have great friends and a wonderful family (which i had back then too obviously 😉 ) – but i just wanted to say: you are right – bad times go by and you should always try to focus on thinking positive!!! <3

    lots of love,


  12. So great of you to share those memories. Even just being in college, it is insane how middle school and even high school seem like completely different lifetimes. We are constantly growing and changing and that is such a COOL thing! I remember being 14 and thinking I would never change. Heck, even just eight months ago I was convinced I would never change and I would stay who I was then, forever! I love this post and it is so sweet that you get to live your middle school dream of driving your cute kids around.


  13. Thank you so much for this post, it is just what I needed in my life. I am a freshman in high school and I know that high school is just a small part of my life but it has been so hard. Thank you for reminding me that there is a whole wonderful future out there for me. I love you and your blog. Thanks for everything!
    xoxo Kirsten

  14. Wow thanks for sharing your vulnerabilities, Amber. That’s really brave of you! Looking back, anyone who had bullied me in middle school has not amounted to anything now, from what I know of, so I wish I could’ve told myself that when I was younger, but sometimes you have to just learn on your own.

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

  15. Omg Rosie is so beautiful! Do you ever just catch a glimpse of your kids and know exactly what they will look like and even sometimes get a glimpse of what they will be like ! ( or is it just me with my 11 month old boy) sometimes I can even look at other kids and think wow she is going to be gorgeous when she is older ! Oh and good post middle school and high school was the worst but the points you made were true ! My only hope is that my kids will be genuinely kind.

  16. This post comes as a perfect time where 13 Reasons Why on Netflix is gaining national attention. I’m currently watching it and I think your message in this post is so important. High school may seem like the whole world right now, but it’s just a blimp of your life. No one gives two sh*ts who you were (popular, nerd) or how many boyfriends or girlfriends you didn’t have once you go to college or move on in whatever way that looks like after high school. This is something my friends and I used to discuss regularly while we were in the middle of it and it’s so true! I was fortunate to have a pretty great high school experience and wonderful friends, but there’s always so much drama at that age no matter what and it’s a good reminder to have as you’re navigating those crazy teenage years. I’m in my 30’s now, so I can attest to this – however, I never grew up with social media – that’s a entirely different beast that can hurt so much more than it can benefit.

  17. When I was in high school, I was bullied to the point where I had to switch schools. During this time, I always thought back to my ‘life plan’ I wrote when I was 12. I’d go to university, meet the boy of my dreams before I was 21, then get married and have babies by the time I was 25. Now, at almost 25, I have the boy of my dreams who I met when I was 19 and a home we are building together. Kids can wait for a little while, I want to soak him up just a little longer <3


  18. Beautiful post, Amber! I love you! If only I would have been there when you were in such a bad situation and be your best friend – bit I 10 years older! Haha! Anyway! You are such a wonderful woman inside and outside! I love you! Kisses from Hungary! Erika 😘

  19. Beautiful post amber, we think about so many things after we have kids and me for sure I worry about my kids having those dark moments because girl I was there too in the pre teens and it sucked. Having a daughter I find myself worrying a lot about her experiencing the bullying I did and hope she’s strong and kind. Thanks for sharing xo

  20. Thanks for this Amber! I am currently in high school and when I read this I just felt really peaceful. Thanks for reminding me that there is a whole future of hope and happiness in front of me.

  21. Hi Amber. Love following you. I’m13 and can relate to a lot of what you say about the way kids act. When you said, you had no friends you must have meant you had lots of friends because you said that you had 2 best friends that had babies the same time you had Rosie. Just wondering what you meant. Thank you Karis

  22. Amber, you and David have the two cutest nuggets I have ever seen. I’m so happy things worked out so magically for you. Xx

  23. Love this so much. I went through I similar experience in middle school and dealt with more mean girls in high school. In college now and still dealing with the dark stuff but working my way through. Thank you for writing it’s nice to not feel alone.

  24. Amber, this totally hit a soft spot in my heart! I never had the ideal ‘high school experience.’ I was tall and lanky, had glasses, and braces, and really frizzy naturally curly hair. I hated high school for the same reasons. Girls would just be catty with me and didn’t like me, and boys just looked right past me because i wasn’t their definition of beautiful. I have since run into classmates from high school and they don’t even recognize me because i finally grew into my looks! I could not wait to get into the real world so i could become who i wanted to be. And in June i get to marry the love of my life! High school is such a small window in the grand scheme of things. I am grateful for the lessons i learned there, because i definitely think i am a better, more sensitive and kind person because of it. Thank you for sharing! You are truly an inspiration to me.

  25. i love you so much Amber, thank you for inspiring me each day. I’m currently 18 going through a heartbreak, and thinking of all the good things that are coming my way make me feel so much better! Thank you for being you❤️

  26. Awesome! I loved reading this and the funny thing is that in junior high I thought you had it all together and wondered why I didn’t seem to have it together too. I totally remember the ketchup tampons… why are people so gross haha! Thanks for sharing this and being a great example! Your family is adorable 🙂

  27. Beautiful post, Amber. I love hearing about how people have become who they are today. You are an inspiration to so many, including myself! So thank you! I love that you are always so honest and real and that is what truly drew me into your blog.

  28. Wow. This resonated with me. I’m the same, but I look at my little girl now and I’m so glad I stayed hopeful. It seems like the most important thing in the world, high school… until it isn’t anymore. I’m happy you’re happy now’

  29. You guys should come to Canada!! Love you guys so much, you’re kids are the cutest and literal goals for my future❤

  30. This is so awesome that you wrote this!! I think so many youth that view your website (& other bloggers) think you must have it all together and have the perfect life (which you pretty much do haha), but they don’t see the hard times people go through. I too had a rough patch in jr high so this brought back floods of memories and made me so grateful that I went through those trials because they made me who I am today, a better person. ❤️😘

  31. Amber, you are just so sweet. Thank you for sharing this! This is very meaningful to me ❤️

  32. Amber, this made me cry. I had the worst junior high experience as well. I’m so happy for you and how you’re life has turned out. You have a beautiful family and more importantly a very beautiful heart. Thank you for stopping to encourage the youth of today.

  33. Amber this is so vulnerable of you to share. Those girls sound horrible but it’s amazing to see how your life has evolved. Xo

  34. Yes I NEEDED THIS! I am panicking because prom is coming and I don’t have a hairstylist or makeup artist yet!

  35. Thank you for sharing! Middle school is such a hard time, I went from being social and happy to being SO SHY. I remember girls that I thought were so happy in middle school later saying how hard it was for them too, so I think its just that first transitional time in our lives (plus hormones!) that is really hard to deal with.

  36. Love this, thank you! High school was 10 years ago next year for me and definitely wasn’t the best experience. I’m sorry you had to deal with bullying like that, too! So good to see how great your life is turning out. <3

  37. I love this. Thank you for sharing. It can be so hard, and I remember middle school being so rough. And look at your life now. Beautiful and inspiring to millions! I had a rough time in middle school, mostly I was taller then everyone, not attractive whatsoever and pretty geeky. Boys weren’t nice:( instead of a journal I would draw, and very similar to your dreams I would draw my fantasy future which was the same thing…babies in the back seat . And that’s exactly what I’m looking at:) thank you for sharing and being so open with us, i just think you are so wonderful!

  38. Your honesty is refreshing! Bless you and your cute family.

  39. Thanks for sharing this! I think all of us girls have had at least one time in our lives when we were bullied by another girl for seemingly no reason, which is so unfortunate. I’m so happy that there seems to be a culture these days (at least between a subset of adult women) that celebrates women supporting each other. Middle and high school can be so hard and I hope that so many girls read this post and know to keep believing that things will get better!

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  40. Man kids can be so harsh! Now I have to add that growing up in Europe I didn’t have those kind of experiences, teachers, parents and the mentality here is to foster cooperation and solidarity, so I think it helps with the meanness. But still, stuff happens. And you are right, visions of your future are important. Great post!

  41. Dear Amber,
    I’m a 15 year old girl from Australia, and I cant thank you enough for this amazing blog post! Hearing about your high school experience and then seeing these photos of you now and knowing how far you’ve come is just so inspirational so thank you!
    xxxxx Isobel

  42. This is such a lovely and honest post! If i’m ever having a super hard time, I always think of the future ahead and that it won’t always be like this!

    The photos of you and your children are absolutely beautiful x

    Abi | abistreetx

  43. People can be so evil! If you haven’t watched “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix yet, I think you’d love it! It’s sad, but so good. Regardless, it’s always amazing to see where life takes us as adults. <3


    1. This is so true, the message of the show is so important, no matter how horrible some of the scenes felt to watch!

    2. I was going to say the same thing!!!!! I loved “13 reasons why” annd I think that Amber’d love it too!

  44. Ah I went through something very similar. Lots of bullying and teasing me for the way I looked. Honestly, those girls probably follow you on instagram and read your blog before you can even hit publish on a post. I have the girls who basically ruined my childhood message me recently and asked how it is that I have “such an amazing life”… Chin up and keep inspiring us all 🙂 x


  45. Love this Amber! The part about your vision gave me goosebumps so I just had to comment. High school can be the worst, girls can be the worst; but you’re right, we are not those people forever. Your gorgeous little family are just perfect 💛

  46. Awwe this was so sweet ! So kind of you to try to help others through your hard times. Kid’s, especially girls, are so petty and strange sometimes… they were probably jealous or something ! It’s so great that you got through it and look what you have achieved ! Such great inspiration, young girls could definitely benefit from reading this <3 Thank you so much for sharing ! Lovely photos by the way <3


  47. This is my favorite post you’ve done! Can you please do more like this? Raw, vulnerable, and beautiful advice! Thank you!

  48. Seriously though, those are tough times. People in high school are ruthless, glad you shared this to let others know they aren’t the only ones dealing with situations like this.
    Xoxo- Tori

  49. Life after Jr High and High school really is sooooo much better! I made sure to never get caught up in the drama. I was nice to others and others were nice to me. But still, I never felt good enough, I was shy and hard on myself. I never felt like I fit in and I was just so scared to go to school and I don’t really know why. In high school I started getting horrible stomach pain and it lasted until I went home. I have over come so much of that now. Just hang in there everyone. Pretty soon if feels like it never happened. You’ll remember the bad stuff but with each year you forget and hurt less. Now I am graduated from college a few years back and have three sweet kiddos and a husband! Good luck everyone! Sweet post Amber, you are a great person.

  50. I bet those girls are jealous of your life now! Thanks for writing this post. Girls in Jr High and HS really need this reminder. Its such a weird, short time but it can make such a huge impact. xo

  51. One of my favorite posts. I wish I had read something like this when I was younger. Even though I am older now(older than you even), I still think back to when I had a tough time for years in school. It is true that unfortunately you never forget how it felt to have someone be so mean and not feel like you have anyone to talk to about it, let alone the strength to stand up for yourself. I hope this post shows younger girls exactly what you said, those years are so small compared to the years to come and you have more strength inside you than you know!

  52. Thank you for sharing your experience Amber. I counsel adolescents and it can be such a painful and uncomfortable age. So many young girls (and boys too, I am sure!) look up to you and I love that you took a moment to provide some guidance and hope. The hurtful behavior that kids engage in (so often due to being unhappy with themselves) can have a lasting impact and leave some serious emotional scars. In the moment, for many, it feels like things might not get better. I am so glad to see you showing how far you have been able to come, and rise above the hurtful things that people had done to you. I was so sorry to read that you had to silently endure all of that but am so glad that you did not allow it to harden you or dim your light. You have succeeded both personally and professionally and it is so well deserved.

    <3 katie

  53. I love how you say “Think of what you want your future to look like and go after it!” That is so true. Love hearing about your life, the ups and the downs! courtneylivin.com

  54. Hi Amber, a beautiful well written post. Thank you for sharing :):):). you’re the Best!!!!!

  55. This is one of the best posts yet! I’m in my last year of school and have found school very tough as I’m so shy! But this post has truly helped and love when you open up to us, so thank you for sharing! xx

  56. I have never commented before but felt absolutely compelled after reading this. I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in private practice. A number of my clients are female, aged 10-18. These girls have such a special place in my heart because I, too, was horribly mistreated in middle school, and you never forget those experiences or the residual feelings that come from living through them. I tell all of these girls that if I had been able to look into a crystal ball and see my future, with a wonderful husband and sweet little boys, an amazing set of girlfriends that know ME, a fulfilling career, a cozy home, and sense of self, I might have seen a light in all of the darkness. I try to stress to all of them that life isn’t peaking for them when they are in the throes of the cattiness and drama. It does get better and life is so much richer after all of the pain. Anyway, I just had to respond and let you know that if I had read this at 12 or 13, it would have meant a lot.

  57. Dear Amber,
    I am probably older than you and also have a family of my own and I just need to tell you that this is by far the best post I’ve ever read. It is so nice of you to tell your younger followers that life gets so much better after high school!!! Like you, I also had a really though experience, I felt lonely, with no friends and absolutely ugly but the best thing I did during those dark days in high school was to dream, dream about my future! When everything was so dark and painful I dreamt of a beautiful future and guess what, it all came true!! If any of those girls happens to read my comment too please don’t stop dreaming because you will get out of high school and all those hard times will just make you stronger and your goals clearer!! I ended up travelling the world, having an amazing job in the fashion industry, lived on different countries and guess what, that really hot boy that I had a huge crush in high school is now my hubby and my best friend. Sometimes I can not believe my luck because I was just so shy to even say hi to him and now he is married with me, ME, the weird girl who felt fat and… different.
    Life will get sooo much better and believe me now is the perfect time to dream about your future! The best is yet to come!

  58. So inspiring so hopeful! Loved hearing this message! I’m a senior in high school and so ready graduate and embrace all that life has to offer! I’ve suffered with a ton of girl drama since the 4th grade! Im ready to meet new friends who love me for who I am and shade the same morals as me and who I can share a loving, fun and genuine friendship with! So this message made me very hopeful!! I’m the same way, because I always have looked forward to having my own family one day and pouring into my kids’ lives and it truly is something that keeps me going and hopeful and excited for life! Also, starting my own blog soon has gotten me excited to embrace my talents and enjoy all that life has to offer! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us girls daily, this was much needed and totally relatable! Much love Amber💕

    xoxo, Annie Eliza

  59. This post is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a great weekend! ❤️😘

  60. Just made me cry! I’m a freshman in college and can remember middle and high school were such awkward times. Things are getting better and it’s so important to have big dreams because they DO come true! Love your honesty. XO

  61. Loved this post! I don’t think your bullying experience is “stupid” or “little”. And can I just say that the house thing would have completely freaked me out?! I had to deal with bullies, too. One of my bullies was so vicious that I thought I’d never escape her. I went on a college tour my senior year of high school at the university I ended up going to. She stalked me for a full month, hounding me with questions and telling me she was going to go there, etc. I told her good because I’d probably go to NY for college just to get her off my back. Low and behold, she went to NY and I went to that other university (my secret top choice).

    Long-story-short, weird things happen in middle school and high school. You will run into bizarre situations (that sometimes cut deep) that you will probably never, ever run into again.

    Anyway, I love posts like these. It always feels like it’s a heart-to-heart in real life!

    xo, Sofia

  62. This post is SO wonderful!! I was the epitome of awkward in middle school and after being laughed (literally) out of the gym by a group of popular girls, I ran to the gym office for advice. I’ll never forget the gym teacher who told me to ignore what these girls do and say. She said that maybe now wasn’t my time to shine, but that I’d blow them away later. Now as a mother of two amazing children, I’m proud of who I’ve become and i glance back frequently in the car as well and smile…grateful. Happy. Content. Blessed.


  63. This post really hit home for me. I came across a quote recently that changed my perspective of the more difficult times in life. It reads, “If you feel you don’t fit in, in this world, it is because you are here to help create a new one.” I have been reflecting on that quote- trying to recognize the darker times as more of a guiding light. I have been a follower of yours for a few years, but this post made me relate and appreciate your vulnerability more than ever. You have been such a positive influence on me- one of the few people to motivate me really. I think that the shortcomings we face ultimately make us stronger and better humans- and that we are all here to better the world. Anyway- my whole point is that I think that you are using your influence and guidance for a greater good- helping to create a world concerned with love and light!! THANK YOU for your positivity and loving spirit!!

  64. These photos and this post is without a doubt my favorite you’ve done. I struggled in middle school and high school myself and remember day dreaming of the future. I have an amazing husband and little man and am so happy now. Now I teach sixth graders, and I am consistently reminded by them how hard it is to be a kid and “fit in” and now days with social media bullying is a much bigger issues unfortunately. Thanks for posting this great message to your young audience, they need to know it does get better and to rise above it.

  65. Oh my gosh I love this! I’m a 20 year old college student and experienced similar issues in middle school and early high school! I would pray religiously every night and day that I would make it to graduation day still being exactly who I was in my heart and next thing I knew it was there and I was still me! It was craz but your so right! At some point you just realize that those things are so small in comparison to the rest of your life. Things get better, you find your confidence, and every bodies life goes on as God planned.
    You’ll all find your happy… it’s only a matter of time!

  66. I was bullied throughout middle school and high school, and the one thing that kept me alive was the fact that one day I would be married, with kids, and calling the shots on my own life. I can’t believe we had such similar experiences in school. Thanks for sharing, Amber, your posts always make me feel better about life. The future is so bright!
    Fondly, Emily

  67. Amber, you are such a beautiful person I’m so sorry you had to go through all that. I love you and your family and am so glad you do what you do now because you inspire me everyday and look forward to reading your blog and watching your beautiful children

  68. Amber, thank you for sharing your story. I remember middle and highs school, and going through some awful stuff. My son is now 13 and dealing with a little of it. It is true, those years are such a small portion of our lives and not necessarily defining of who we are or who we will become one day! I tell him that a lot, but I know it is hard to believe when you are that age, everything seems so “big” and important. I too wish I hadn’t cared so much what other people thought of me and that I had more confidence and said hello to people instead of being so shy. The important thing is that you do move on from those years, finding your confidence along the way. You are such an inspiration to so many women, an example of true beauty, grace, kindness, and an awesome mom! You rock! 😉

  69. This is so true, but it is so hard to relay that information to kids at the Jr / Sr. High level. I remember my mom telling me this same message and me thinking she just didn’t get it. Girls can be so mean. It is nice that you are able to reach so many people from this platform and hopefully help them to understand that it really is such a short time in the big picture.

  70. Love this post Amber – so honest and so true for a lot of us. Middle school and high school are probably the toughest part of anyone’s life, and I too went through a really dark time. My son is 8 months old, and I’m terrified of sending him to school. I want him to stay home and be happy forever! But you’re right, it’s just one small chapter and just a gateway to bigger, better things! Life has a way of turning around! xoxo


  71. I was just watching the series 13 Reason Why today and meanwhile came to your blog to see if you had a new post and you did, so as finished reading it I realized it kind of talked about the exact same thing as the series… About bullying in schools and teenagers having a rough time thoughout those school years. I’m 24 and I’m from Portugal, I’ve finished high school in what feels like a lifetime ago, I’m actually almost done studying altogether, and I feel like I didn’t experience such a brutal and stressful educational experience (and I’m grateful for that). But I get so confused as to how it is possible I got through it so smoothly when all I see online and on tvs is kids being mean to each other and other kids having a really hard time psychologically (and physically, too).
    What I wanted to say is that this post “hit me” at the right moment and got me really thinking about how important it is to change the scenario, to help people, to show gratitude, to be kind… And I’m sure you are cheering up at least one person from around the world with this post, maybe someone going through a hard time at school.
    Thank you for sharing these pieces of your life 🙂

  72. I love this. I teach dance to girls ( and boys) this age and it’s so hard to see them go through the bullying and the self esteem issues. Thank you for taking advantage of your current position to reach out to these kids.

  73. This is a beautiful and so full of hope story. Highschool is not easy for everyone (or is it actually easy for anyone?) but things change, and bigger things are going to happen in your life anyway. I’m so glad you shared that with us, because sometimes it’s so easy getting stuck in the bad place we’re in and thinking that this is all life is ever gonna be about. Thank you for this message of hope and light.
    Lucie, xx


  74. Amber, thank you for writing this! Middle school and high school are such tough years and I’m sure most girls are working through some sort of challenge right now – I know I did! But yes, thankfully it all gets better and we move on!
    Do you know if any of those mean people now follow your blog?? Just curious! 🙂


  75. What a wonderful post Amber!
    Your words sound so lovely and its so cute that you’ve dreamed about having a family and kids!
    Even if nothing bad really happend to me, I really need some hope because sometimes I am really unhappy with my school life. But I know it will end and I can do and archive everything I wish for then 🙂
    The pictures of Rosie and you are just the cutest as always!

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  76. What a wonderful post Amber!
    Your words sound so lovely and its so cute that you’ve dreamed about having a family and kids!
    Even if nothing bad really happend to me, I really need some hope because sometimes I am really unhappy with my school life. But I know it will end and I can do and archive everything I wish for then 🙂
    The pictures of Rosie and you are just the cutest as always!

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  77. You’re an inspiration to folks of all ages. Love your blog and your style ♥

  78. Aw I love this post so much, Amber!!! As I am in junior high myself, I feel that I need to work on my confidence. I get SO caught up with what others might think of me, or judge me. I also feel like looking into the future helps me keep going. It makes me excited for the high school years to be over. Might sound cheesy but, I CAN’T WAIT to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. 😌 Thank you for inspiring me so much, Amber. xoxo

  79. You and your family are so beautiful! Thanks for encouraging the younger girls. Middle school and high school can be so rough. It’s important that they see someone like you who has come to the other side, loving life and doing well. You’re a beautiful soul!

    Chris / Better Thought Media Blog and Life Coach

  80. Hi!
    Wow thanks for sharing. What happened to you in Junior High was unbelievably cruel! I cannot even imagine treating another human being like that. My goodness- bless your little junior high self.
    Very true that junior and high school are both short in the grand scheme of things but unfortunately you cant easily forget things that happen then….Amber you’re a true hero for sharing these things to make others in that situation feel better and thats why I follow you girl! Keep being successful- thats your reward!

  81. Love the raw truth of this post & your willingness to be vulnerable so that you can encourage others. Also these black and white photographs might be my favourite to date. So simple but the joy is real.

    Anna Lisa

  82. wow, that is not little! that was straight up harassment! So glad you were able to move through that and become such an awesome girl! It so scary to think so many young people don’t have supports in their lives and have no idea there is more to life than the young middle school years…people need to know they have a hope and a future outside of what the present may seem…

  83. Great post Amber! I’m in my mid 30s now but during those middle school years it was dark. I thank God he too gave me glimpses of my future. I thought they were just dreams at the time, but to my surprise and many years later, I met my husband who not only fulfilled my dreams but exceeded them. It has nothing to do with materialism either. Now we are expecting our 3rd child together in just a few days. I make sure to tell him how much I appreciate him and thank him for exceeding my dreams every chance I get 😊

  84. I know this post will be helpful to so many of your readers. As a mom of 2 toddler girls, , I’m already wondering what I can do make sure my kids are strong and confident enough to stand up to bullies….or comfortable enough to talk about it with me….. ugh 🙁 scared 🙁