Barefoot Blonde Atticus and the hose in Hamilton IslandBarefoot Blonde Amber and the kids playing with the hoseBarefoot Blonde Amber swinging Atticus in Hamilton IslandBarefoot Blonde Atticus and Rosie playing in the hoseBarefoot Blonde Amber and Atticus on the pierBarefoot Blonde Amber swinging AtticusBarefoot Blonde Rosie in the back yard in Hamilton IslandBarefoot Blonde Atticus in Hamilton IslandBarefoot Blonde Amber and the kids playing in Hamilton IslandBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie in Hamilton Island

SWIMSUIT TOP: Beth Richards / BOTTOMS: Beth Richards / SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster / ATTICUS’ SWIMSUIT: Minnow Swim / ROSIE’S SWIMSUIT: Little Creative Factory

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was fabulous! We are in sunny Australia at the moment! All year David had been saying he wanted to go to The Great Barrier Reef before it gets too bleached and whatnot (my geology man!) So I went and booked a trip for us. I knew the only time it would work for us to go was right after we got to Hawaii.. so it felt daunting to get back on a plane after just feeling settled in Hawaii. I am glad we all braved the flight though because it is truly amazing here. I had been telling Atticus about the golf cart we got to ride around (he loves golf carts/buggys!), the boat we would ride on, the koalas, fishes, and more. He was thrilled about the golf cart as I knew he would be and has been loving watching all of the cockatoos in our backyard at the villa. The villa also has a hose which works great because the kids love to play in the hose and we all soak in the view. 

Since the flight was pretty long (10 hours fly time) my friend in Hawaii, Brianne, had the idea of wrapping gifts for the kids in aluminum foil. Her mom used to do this on flights since the foil takes longer to unwrap. This was such a hit with the kids!! We got 10 little toys and wrapped them all up individually and pulled one out for each kid every hour. Some were little things like mini light up bouncy balls, a dinosaur egg he had to chip away at to get the dinosaur, little plastic animals, matching games, coloring books, etc. This will definitely be a staple for us on flights so I thought I would share.

We got certified to go scuba diving not too long ago and we will be diving the Great Barrier Reef in a couple days and I am so scared/excited! Eeeek! The babysitter we used in New York really hit it off with the kids and they loved her so much so we moved her out to Hawaii with us and she also came with us here to Australia so we could dive. We go to Sydney next and we have tons of fun stuff planned, I cannot wait. 

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  1. Can you share where you stayed in Hamilton Island? I’m planning a trip this summer with my 2-year old and would love kid-friendly recommendations as well. Thanks!

  2. Amber, You are amazing mother!! How are You doing it?? You every time happy, with smile and good joy!!! What are You doing ehen You have bed times? When baby do something wrong, when don’t listen You? Or You don’t have the same problem? Tell me please Your secret! ??????❤❤❤❤❤❤✨✨✨✨✨✨?

  3. Where is your coverup the long cream one from? Can you post the link for it?

  4. Hi Amber,
    My cousin Taylor and I have been following your blog for ages now! We absolutely love it! We feel like we’re your friends haha.. We were so excited when we found out that your a member too! And now we are so excited that your in Australia! We hope you are living it! Your pictures are always so beautiful.. And all that hard work in the gym is paying off… Bod goals!! We were just wondering if you were coming to Gold Coast at all? Merry Christmas!

    Love you xx
    Aleigha and Taylor

  5. Hi Amber!!! I love this post <3 I was wondering if you and David's wedding pictures will ever be available for us since you never really posted that on the blog. Totally understand if it was private and you want to keep it that way, but just was wondering. Love you guys! <3

  6. That looks like so much fun! My 2 year old loves playing with hoses too. I have been a reader for a while now and I was very disappointed with all the negative comments you got on instagram. Not sure what is wrong with people. You look amazing. I know from experience that chasing a active 2 year old and taking care of a baby is quite a bit weight loss help anyway. You have inspired quite a few outfits and hair for me so keep it up! I am hoping my hubby gets my hints and gets me some barefoot blonde extensions for my birthday next month too. Love your blog!
    From one long blonde hair, braid loving mama of two to another. 😉

  7. You are beautiful inside and out! ❤️
    My husband and I just booked a trip to Sydney this June and I cannot wait to get ideas from you on what to do!

    I hope you have the best time on your trip! Merry Christmas to you and your adorable family! ?

  8. You and the kids look amazing! It’s like you belong wherever is sunny and there’s a beach.
    Have fun in Australia?

  9. You have such a dream life – I aspire to be able to travel as much as you do one day! Beautiful photos xx

  10. You started your Aussie trip from the right spot 🙂 Hamilton Island is amazing. Come to West as well 😀 I live in Perth, you can braid my long hair ;-D Atticus and Rose would love Rottnest Island where little Quokkas live (only place on earth & the happiest animals).
    Hope you all have heaps of fun and enjoy your trip.
    Love Mari-Liis (@mammu_liisu)

  11. Amber, I’m from Australia and went scuba diving in the reef a few years ago and it was amazing! You’ll absolutely love it! What dates are you coming to Sydney? Are you doing any meet-and-greets? xxx

  12. OMG I love your adventures! How fun and exciting and those babies are so darned cute!! Hope you have a blast, and if you can, stop in New Zealand and go see the Shire where they filmed Lord of the Rings!! Send pictures of course. ha!!

  13. Where do I submit a resume to be your next babysitter?! 😉
    Love your adventures!!

  14. Love everything about you Amber!! I’m a huge Aussie fan!! Please tell me you’ll do an Aussie meet up!?! How long will you be in Aus for? We Aussies know how to have some fun ? If you’re in Sydney, you should take your little tackers to Taronga Zoo, they’ll love it! I also highly recommend Melbourne for some shopping and coffee… but I may be bias, cause that’s my city ? Much love to you and your lil fam xxx

  15. I can’t believe you’re in Australia!!! How long will you be in Aus for? Will you do a meet up anywhere?? I’m you’re biggest Aussie fan. I actually live in Surfers Paardise, but my husband and 2 boys are currently road tripping down to Melbourne. I highly recommend Melbourne if you get a chance to visit. Rosie and Atticus will love Taronga Zoo in Sydney, too!! Much love to you & your beautiful family ?

  16. Thanks for sharing your flying tips! Flying to New Zealand in a few weeks with my 17 month old so I’m looking forward to using your tips!

  17. Amber,

    Would you possibly comment on the diet that you were on? I am built like you (tall & thin) and I want to find a diet that helps build muscle, but that is also healthy for me! You look so great – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! XO

  18. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! I am super jealous Australia is on my bucket list, one day, but for now I love getting to live vicariously through your trip! And I can definitely see your hard work in the gym paid off, you look amazing!! xoxox

  19. Your life is so incredible and you are such an inspiration! On your most recent Instagram post you addressed the negative comments about your body by saying you were on a diet and worked with a personal trainer to lose the last of the baby weight…would you be willing to share that diet and exercise routine?? I became a first time mom three months ago and I still have 10 pounds to go to get back to pre-baby weight. Nothing is working and I’m getting so discouraged! You make me want to keep going!

  20. You have to do a meet up in Sydney! I am so excited that you are actually here in Australia!
    xxxxx Isobel

  21. Looks amazing!!! Great idea about the foil wrapped gifts! Can’t wait to see pics from scuba diving ???!

  22. Girl, you look great! We are the same age and I have also had 2 babies! My abs look nothing like yours! ? You should do a fitness video/post with some exercises that you do to keep in shape!

  23. Hamilton Island looks amazing from your posts so far! What a great place for a holiday. Stunning photos as always Amber, & I love the bikini, you look fantastic.


  24. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I’ll admit I’ve snorkeled and scuba dived at the Barrier Reef a number of times, and it’s quite upsetting that the reef doesn’t look as magical in recent years 🙁
    The best I’ve seen it was on a trip near Port Douglas.

  25. So fun! Would love to hear more about how you balance family life while also using a babysitter/nanny. I sometimes feel guilty for using help but as a working mom I don’t see another option. Love how involved you still are with your kids!

  26. That’s so exciting that you’ll be diving the Great Barrier Reef – have fun! 🙂 Australia sounds amazing, it’s definitely on my travel list for the future! xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

  27. This looks gorgeous!! You have such a beautiful family. Will you be doing any meet-ups in Sydney ?? I hope you enjoy your stay here in wonderful Australia!! xx

  28. What a great life Amber! Travelling from one cool place to another! I love so much travelling but now that the kids are at school we are not so flexible anymore…I am impressed by your super toned and skinny body, how did you achieve that my darling? Did you train like mad at the gym or is that your natural build? Anyway, could do with looking so toned around the midriff but after 3 little ones it’s not what it used to look like…ahaha! Hope you have a blast in Oz, how perfect it is to be enjoying the summer in the South Hemisphere. Big hugs to you 4, Julie xx

  29. Ohmygod you’re coming to Sydney?! Please do a meet up, I’d love to meet you and the family! I never thought I’d have the opportunity and then you guys came to Queensland and I let myself get my hopes up just a little bit! My friend Grace and I love your blog, so I know she would love to meet you as well!
    xxxxxx Isobel

  30. Love these pics and your suit! Back to a hawaii question though….my husband and I are bringing our 1 year old twins to the north shore in February and I’m wondering what area you recommend we stay? Getting a VRBO house and want it to be directly on the beach! I’ve heard being near the bike path is great for kids/strollers/bikes…any other suggestions?

  31. Love this swimsuit so much!! How is the fit? Is it true to size? Might have to order one for myself!

  32. Hi Amber, I love following your blog and reading about you and your beautiful family and this post is meant to be only with my best intentions in mind. I have been lately noticing in your post how much weight you lost and just hope you are feeling well (bcs that’s all that matters, really, not which diet, or how many pounds, etc. as long as you feel good) and wish you the best health wise and hope you and your family have a great Christmas.

  33. Has you ever researched, why the GBR bleaches out? Very nice story, you will be surpriced!

  34. im so so excited for you guys..have fun because you deserved it :*..great photos

  35. Oh my gosh you and your family look like you’re having the greatest time! I hope you enjoy your stay there!! Love that bikini, very lovely color on you!

    – Meghan, Beyond Basic

  36. Jealous of that warm weather and flowers still on the plants. Hope you have a blast!

  37. I love the pictures! i have been checking daily to see what new adventures your family is on. ALso where can i sign up to be the babysitter??! haha

  38. This looks like such a special place to spend time with your family! We are going to Hawaii for two weeks in January and I cannot wait. We may have to hope over to Australia to see the reef. I’m excited to see pictures of the reef!

  39. Oh, the view looks stunning and you all seem so happy! Have a great time in Australia with your family (and your babysitter – what a lucky girl!) ❤ xo

  40. Beautiful photographs! We used to live in Sydney and I miss it so much, just can’t bear to be so far from family (we are from England) you will have an AMAZING time!! It’s my all time favourite city in the world. One of my all time favourite memories is taking a sea plane to Palm beach, highly recommend if it’s not already on your list!
    Katy xx

  41. Australia is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit! It looks so beautiful. You guys will have a great time living in Hawaii – it’s one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited!

    Carrie |

  42. uh dude, YOUR ABS!! Your hard work truly has paid off, been seeing you’ve regularly been hitting the gym. Such an inspiration you are. Seriously loving Rosie and Atticus playing at this age. They are so cute, especially Rosie in her bathing suits <3 x

  43. Obsessed with that swimsuit!! & you look so good & happy! You should definitely do a post on your workout routine! Have fun in Australia!