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Exactly one year ago I was in the hospital eating ice and watching Ridiculousness in the hospital room waiting for Rosie girl to make her debut! Her delivery was quick and easy and the moment I held her she latched on and started nursing which will always be one of the most special moments of my life! We instantly had a really special bond and I have always felt how much she loves me in return because she is such a loving little girl. I love how much she needs her mom and dad! So many of my favorite memories are ones of us laying in bed snuggling and staring at each other and nursing. Rosie has 8 teeth, her 7th and 8th teeth just popped through! She loves to “hide” from Atticus when he comes to tickle her. Loves especially loves yogurt, raspberries, and strawberries. Still loves stuffed animals.. her reactions to them are priceless. Loves to give kisses!! She doesn’t know how to pucker yet so her pucker is her bottom lip coming out in a pout. Copies words occasionally (mama, dada, duck, wow, cat) and loves to copy gestures (clapping, waving, patting). Loves when we sing songs and nursery rhymes. Ro has the funniest crawl and drags one leg behind her. Started walking but picks and chooses when she shows off this new talent. Her record is 12 steps! And one more thing that we LOVE about Rosie is that she smiles with her eyes! She has the happiest smile.

I remember being a babysitter and babysitting kids when I was in high school. I always loved seeing the kids when they saw their mom and was so excited for when that day came when I was the person that kid wanted to run to and the one that made everything feel better for them. It is just as good as I had hoped and I especially feel it with Rosie since she is more shy than Atticus was and clings to David and I! Atticus is super social and always has been comfortable with lots of people – he makes everyone feel special. Rosie is more reserved and has a bit more stranger danger which for me, I kinda love because that means I am the one who gets her snuggles all the time 😉

Some of my favorite memories or favorite things about Rosie…

  1. Road tripping through Ireland and the only way she would be happy in the carseat was if I held her hands tight and kept my nose by hers.
  2. Watching her eat beans and get so messy.
  3. Seeing her talk in her little language she has now and get so into it with her wide eyes.
  4. When her and Atticus both are cracking up at the same time. Music to my ears!
  5. Also when they are both excitedly clapping at the same time and watching her try to copy everything he does.
  6. Seeing Rosie pose as Hillary Clinton on Halloween because she was so in character and was eating up the attention hahaha
  7. Anytime she is staring off into space and finally catches you staring at her and LIGHTS up with the hugest smile! RIP MY HEART OUT WHY DON’T YOU ROSIE!
  8. Her and her friend Jack who is the same age as her legitimately open mouth kiss.. and I am not saying they do this by chance but they both knowingly kiss each other, I swear!! They are so cute together.
  9. All the times she fell asleep on me – especially the time in Nantucket when we just rocked on the beach and snuggled. And when we napped on the beach in Mexico.
  10. I love when she claps for herself!

Okay I could go on and on but we really really really really love you Rosie!! We love hanging out with you and love watching you grow up!! xoxoxox

Photos from Happy 1st Birthday Rosie Belle!

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  1. Just read this and it was so sweet! My little girl will be one in March and it’s been fun watching Rosie grow at the same time as Evie!

  2. What a special gift that Rosie will be able to read one day. Beautiful post!

  3. Happy late birthday Rosie Belle! I remember following along a year ago when you were still pregnant with her and then reading the post on giving birth to her, and then going back and reading Atticus’ birth story! They’re just the sweetest little kiddos in the world. And that’s a strange thing to say considering I’ve never even met you guys haha. My husband and I don’t have kids yet but my gosh you make you make me so excited for the day that I do! Xoxo-JS

  4. Ahh, tearing up over here like ? Why must they grow up so fast? I currently have a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old and sometimes I sit there in disbelief at how BIG they are all of a sudden! Seems like just a month ago we were like “hey let’s have a baby!” ?
    I love LOVE following around your life and seeing great things happen to you guys. You guys are so blessed and may many more blessing come your way!

  5. So very sweet! It has been so fun watching her grow up and hearing all these adorable stories.

  6. Those photos of her over the past year literally melted my heart! I loved reading about her little quirks and seeing her on Snap, she’s got such a light in her eyes. I am feeling very very clucky at the moment, hehe! All the best for her second year!

    xx Madeleine

  7. What a precious little girl you have. I cannot believe she is 1 already! I have absolutely loved watching her grow through your blog and insta and snapchat. Thank you for sharing so many precious moments with us!

  8. these photos are so adorable! what a sweet memory to capture such special moments! happy birthday to you baby girl!


  9. Hi precious girl! you look adorable ? , stunning?, cute ☺️, stylish ?, funny ? and lovely ? girl I love you so much❤️ ❤️ ❤️ and wish you the most happy & incredible moment at your life❤️
    Amber she is fortunate to have you as her mama ❤️❤️ ?
    Happy Birthday Rosie Belle ❤️ ?? ?? ??
    Happy Birthday to You?
    Happy Birthday to You?
    Happy Birthday Dear one? ? ❤️ ?
    Happy Birthday to You.???
    From good friends and true,
    From old friends and new,
    May good luck go with you, ?
    And happiness too.
    (P.S I know maybe this post is the longest one but I write it with love ❤️❤️ for rose)

  10. OMG this is so cute can’t believe she is already One Direction year old?? she is One Direction of the cutest baby’s ever love her ??

  11. Such adorable photos!!! I love the series of photographs your husband did of her standing on his hands. I cannot wait to have all of those special moments with a child. We have been trying hard for months now, and I know it will all pay off the second I see my baby looking back at me. 🙂

  12. Happy belated birthday to Rosie Belle, is amazing going thought those pictures and see how much she has grown up in her first, I remember watching your post from the hospital and I was so excited for baby #2 because Atticus is such a cute boy and I knew her sister would be the same. Congratulations Amber and David for your beautiful family.

  13. I am asking myself the question, “If Rosie Belle were a sweet, what would she be?” Hmmmmmmmmmm. At this point I am seeing cotton candy. Light and fluffy and not the kind of sweetness you want to gobble down all at once but to nibble on bit by bit, enjoying the texture and not only the sweet sugary candy taste, but how it makes you feel as delightful as it is and always will be. As she is and always will be.

  14. Happy Birthday to this sweet angel from Annecy! Such a pretty baby, congrats to the parents! Xx

  15. Awwww I can read and read dear… happy birthday dear Rosie ??????????

  16. Oh, she is the sweetest wee thing. Seeing her and Atticus grow up has made me so excited for my own little dude who is arriving in February! Happy birthday Rosie! You precious, precious girl.

  17. Happy birthday Rosie Belle! Amber, she is the cutest! honestly the best thing I have read all week! gorgeous little girl she is growing to be! You and David are the best parents!
    xoxo- Abby

  18. So sweet . <3 Made me cry, all the love. Happy Birthday to Rosie Belle . 🙂

  19. Happy Happy Birthday beautiful little Rosie! It has been so fun to see her grow up and you guys are the cutest little family!


  20. This post made my heart oh-so happy! You are the best mama Amber and I love your family updates! I hope you all enjoy Rosie’s birthday and the family time! Much love xoxo

    Lauren Lindmark
    Daily Dose of Charm

  21. Ok, I am sooo not used to comment on a blog. Actually your blog is the first and only i follow. Usually I am a silent viewer and visiter (I realise how creepy this sounds) but i decided if I ever have to write a comment it has to be on a post dedicated to little Rosie. I love both your children. But Rosie is special because i have been following you since your pregnancy , her birth and now her first year!! This is all gonna sound cheesy and all but i really do love her ? David and You are amazing parents , so no wonder the joy and hapiness of Rosie and Atticus is mirrored in these precious eyes. Haha i got emotional. Best of wishes from Belgium !!

  22. So sweet! Rosie is a lucky girl to have such a loving momma 🙂

  23. She looks so grown up now! This is such a beautiful post Amber. My husband and I just had our first baby 2 months ago and he’s really snuggly as well, which I also secretly love! It’s an amazing feeling to be their protector! Happy birthday Rosie!

  24. Yay ! Happy birthday Rosie!

    Amber, thanks for sharing and letting us watch her grow up! <3

  25. I found your Instagram account when I was about 20 weeks pregnant last year and have been in love with your family ever since! My little boy will be one on December 16, so it was fun to watch Rosie grow knowing she was only a month older than him. But anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROSIE! ?

  26. 1. Happy Birthday Rosie Belle??You’re beautiful in any way☺️
    2. The text you wrote, Amber, is really sweet! You and David are making such a great job at parenting?
    3. I never wanted to admit it but now is the right time: At the age of seventeen, I’m already too excited to be a mom?…haha…like you were in highschool??
    4. Love the five of you… adorable family?”??”??‍♀️???? & ?
    5. Sorry for any mistakes but I actually don’t speak english…

    1. Just reread my message and wanted to add two things:
      3.-> *to be a mom IN THE FUTURE ??
      P.s. Would be aaaaamaaaaazzzziiiinggg if you would travel to Switzerland…after Australia…and lots of fun in Australia☺️
      2.P.s. Haha… Really liked your snapstory the orher day, Amber, when you wrote down like 12facts about you (like you grandma being the funniest person you now)!☺️

      1. Sorry for my third comment but I hate making obvious mistakes?(#weirdo)
        *your grandma


  27. I found your Instagram when you were pregnant with her in Greece. I couldn’t believe what a stunning Mom you were then. You seem to just get prettier! And your children are both so adorable!! you always seem so peaceful and happy! whats your secret? for real though. You inspire me to be a better mom:) Happy birthday to your beautiful mini me!

  28. This is soooo sweet! Happy Birthday little Rosie! 🙂 I saw your snapchats talking about her birthday party — I can’t wait to see the photos!

  29. I said aww so many times reading this Amber hahah but it’s sweetest!! Happy happy birthday to Rosie girl! xo

  30. So Sweet! Happy 1st Birthday Rosie! Fun to be ONE 😉 I can’t wait to see all the pictures from her birthday!

  31. Happy birthday Rosie! She is so beautiful and blessed to have happy parents like you! Thank you for sharing your family with the world, it is so fun to watch Rosie and Atticus grow up.

  32. Happy Birthday, Rosie Belle! I hope she has a wonderful day! And what a perfect time for a NYC themed birthday party, making the most of your last few days here!
    PS-those pretzel balloons I saw on your Snapchat are beyond cute! Can’t wait to see the rest of the fun party decor!


  33. Happy Birthday Rosie! She is a bright beautiful light! I hope you have a great time celebrating her! 🙂

  34. Awwww. Happy birthday to your beautiful little nugget! (: she is just so precious I can’t even take it!!! Hope you guys have a super fun day!

  35. Happy birrthday Rosie girl! I cannot believe she turned one year. I love the collage you made with all of her photos. She truly smiles with her eyes. Best wishes for her this day and the family. Have a great birthday party!!!
    Carolina MJ |

  36. Happy Birthday darling girl , truly a little angel from above. Yes, she totally smiles with her eyes. So wonderful to see her grow up! You are one lucky mama. xox

  37. Happy birthday, Rosie! She looks so much like you, Amber. Really lovely photos of her life so far too.

  38. Happy birthday Ro Ro!! You are the cutest with your bangs and two pigtails!! ❤️❤️❤️?

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROSIE!!! Love the pictures, love the post! Can’t wait to see how ya’ll celebrate this cutie patootie!

  40. Happy FIRST Birthday Rosie!! I have loved seeing all the photos of your beautiful family and I honestly keep my fingers crossed you’ll have more additions, you all make the most gorgeous babies!! I hope she has a terrific day full of cake and smiles!!!

  41. HOW HAS IT BEEN A YEAR ALREADY!!?? Wow. Happy birthday Rosie girl and good job mama and dad! ❤️❤️

  42. Awww Amber such a beautiful and touching post!! Omg it literally seems like yesterday! I remember you going to the hospital and hoping she would be born on my birthday! How time flies! Treasure every moment with your beautiful little one!!! But still a November girl!!! ❤️?❤️ Her!!! ? So many great memories that she will have for a lifetime!!!!! Happy Happy 1st Birthday Rosie girl!!!! ??
    ??? ya!!!! xoxoxoxo

  43. Amber I love this. My favorite post of yours to date. The pictures of your daughter are AH-mazing. She is going to cherish those super cool photographs for the rest of her life. Thanks for sharing – you have such a beautiful family – Happy Birthday Lil Rosie Lady! xoxo Ladyhattan, NYC, USA

  44. Happy happy birthday to the most beautiful baby girl in the world!!! Amber, you and David melt my heart. Y’all are FANTASTIC parents and Rosie and Atticus are so lucky to have you as their their mom and dad. She is just the most precious thing! I hope y’all have an amazing day celebrating Ro xoxox