Barefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus after the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameHappened to time this shot right as the batter took one off the ol noggin!^Barefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees GameBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at the Yankees Game

Amber asked me to take over her blog today, and perhaps it has to do with the fact that these images were just too much fun not to share. Atticus and I got to have a little father/son afternoon at the last Yankees game of the season. It was his second baseball game, and 3rd professional sporting event. If you’ve been following me on instagram for a while, you may remember when he and I went to a Colts game last December. We spent the weekend in Indianapolis and had one of those weekends that you never forget.  He loves it. Not sure if it’s the game, the crowds, the noise, or the relaxed sweets rules, but he sure does have a fun time. I filmed a short little vlog. I hope going to games is a tradition we always keep.

Amber also asked that as part of this take over, I fill in on her 12 things post that she’s been doing lately, to which I willingly obliged:

  1. Looks like Atticus doesn’t have the same sweet tooth that I would have expected him to inherit from Amber. He preferred peanuts to cotton candy.
  2. Atticus also prefers the ice in the soda cup over the actual soda itself. I’ll take it.
  3. Chauncey goes everywhere. That little dog is like the Travelocity gnome. Don’t worry, we wash him at LEAST once a week, but his poor little seams are starting to deteriorate:/
  4. xxxaswqfdsasa sfq48 (Rosie just typed that, and I figure it’s probably a better #4 than I could ever write!)
  5. You may also remember Atticus’ first Yankees game.
  6. I’m looking forward to father/daughter sporting events just as much!
  7. The Colts will always be my team, but I’m looking forward to moving to Arizona because the Cardinals will be OUR team. Even though neither is doing well this year. Question is, whose Jersey should I get?
  8. My first ever sporting event was a Houston Astros game. I was probably 6 years old, in the Astrodome in Houston Texas (where I was born) It wast the first ever indoor stadium ever built. Now you know why they call it Astroturf.
  9. I cried because I didn’t catch a homerun ball.
  10. My first NFL game was also Atticus first game.
  11. When I was a kid, my favorite football player was Al Del Greco, the kicker for the Oilers. When I was 8, I was Ethan Pochman, BYU’s kicker, for Halloween. For some reason I always wanted to be a kicker.
  12. Superbowl Sunday is my 3rd favorite holiday. You read that right, holiday.

*Photos shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark iii w/ EF 24-70mm f2.8. Vlog shot with Canon Powershot G7 X.

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  1. I can’t believe that was a year ago!!!! So many reasons to enjoy this family. I stop everything I do to see what y’all are up to! Yup Hello from Houston, Texas!

  2. Sooooo cute! I can’t wait to see my husband take our (future) kiddos to games someday! And if I were moving to Arizona I would get a Markus Golden jersey…he’s pretty amazing, but I’m also a bit biased being a Mizzou alum!

  3. I had no idea you were from Texas! Just adds to my list of reasons why I love you guys so much 🙂 I love reading along and seeing your precious fam. You’re such a great dad and your babes (including Amber lol) are just the cutest. Love it!

  4. Just watched your first Yankees game vlog and loved it. You guys just look so real and relaxed. I literally lol’d to myself several times haha love the normal life vlogs, you guys should do more!

  5. This is sooo sweet, I almost cried watching for some reason! Your family is the best! <3 xoxo

  6. Thank you for the great listings of salons. I’m new to London and was wondering if anyone can recommend a salon/hairdresser that can work wonders with someone with thin hair that needs a re-shape and some much needed TLC? Thanks again

  7. You seem like such an involved and playful father, that’s so awesome!

  8. looks like such a fun day! i really love when you take over amber’s blog – that way we really get to know you too 🙂

    thank u so much for sharing! you are a great family!!!


  9. cute!! his expression when he tried to eat that cotton candy! haha. and he always brings chauncey doll everywhere. lovely.

  10. Your like a super dad David!!! Takes photos, makes a video and spends time with his son!! I love your blog Amber, it’s my favorite!!

  11. What are some of your and Amber’s favorite places to go to or things to see in NYC? I’m going to the city with a friend in March and I’m trying to think of everything we should do!

  12. First, I watched your vlog before I read this post so now I’m impressed that you both shot photos and took footage of your father-son outing. Skrillz. I love all of you guys so when you occasionally pop up on Amber’s blog, I dig it. If not, I still dig it 😉

  13. 1. Atticus is so sweet.
    2. Great Vlog!
    3. Lovin’ all the regular posts- love your guys work! x

  14. So cute and fun! My vote is for Larry Fitz when you buy your Cardinals jersey. It’s the obvious choice, but it’s warranted. He’s amazing. Nothing better than baseball and babies!!

  15. You need to get a Larry Fitzgerald (#11) jersey when you move out here! He does a lot of charity work for AZ, and he is AWSOME!

  16. Colts jersey!!! My boyfriend has Andrew Luck(of course lol) We’re in the Air Force and live in Montana now, but I’m from Indiana! Thought it was pretty cool that you’re at Colts fan.

  17. If you’re a fan of kickers go with Chandler Catanzaro. He’s the Cardinals kicker and he’s awesome!

  18. This was the sweetest thing ever! I can’t wait until my little boy is old enough to enjoy some baseball games with me. I love watching your vlogs! Absolutely awesome!

  19. Love the idea of David “Taking” over. It was such a fun read. And I’m glad atticus has been enjoying sporting events

  20. He’s such a cutie!! I love how he always has his stuffed Chauncey with him! It reminds me of when I was little and had a stuffed dog that looked just like my springer spaniel! Loved these pics and the vlog!


  21. Cute! I would be SO stressed to bring our kids lovies everywhere! We have a rule that they stay at home no matter what because losing them is like one of my worst nightmares!

  22. Thank you for saying what cameras were used!! Every blog post I wonder what camera was used to take the photo after seeing your video talking about all your camera gear. So thank you for including that info!?

  23. Awwwww!!! I love these!!! I have a son who is 7 months old and my hubby is from New York, so of course, this kid already like all the NY sports team and he doesn’t even know it yet! Haha! We wanna take him to a Yankee game in the future and hopefully get as many cute photos like the ones you have. Glad David and A got some boy time, and I hope Rosie is feeling better from her shots. 🙁

  24. These pictures are so amazing! If this blog thing doesn’t work out I’m pretty sure you could start a photog business and make major $$. Love everything about the post and vlog! Atticus and I feel the same way about ice cream.

    And go for the Larry Fitz jersey, all the way – he’s such a classy guy and a great football player to boot.

  25. I seriously come back to your blog for those 12 things each time! And for the adorable photos of you an your family as well, duh!

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


  26. Haha this was great! Awesome takeover, David. LOVE #4, good call on leaving that one in! Woop, woop! Houston Texas is where I am from too. I hope someone else has a good suggestion for which Jersey to get. I have no clue.
    This was a fun read!! –

  27. Loved your post David! Very impressed by your ability to vlog, take awesome pics and show your son a great time. I bet your proud Amber! 🙂