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CROPPED FLARE JEANS: Frame Denim / WHITE TOP: Susana Monaco / SNEAKERS: Adidas /  BAG: Chloe via Fashionphile / SCARF: Zara / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker / LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Pure Zen’ / David – SHIRT: Target / SHORTS: ASOS / SUNGLASSES: Le Specs

You know those ideas you have as a mom and you think, “the kids are going to LOVE this!!”? Well I saw there was a kite festival in Brooklyn and I was so excited to take the kids. We made the journey out to Brooklyn and along the way we lost one of our kites and then as soon as got there we were all instantly sweating (so in other words, we didn’t have the odds in our favor.) It was soooo humid that day. Atticus was so excited to fly the kite, like shaking he was so excited! So we go to try and fly the kite – nope. Not flying. Okay so then we go buy another kite thinking, “its gotta just be this lame kite right?” nah. Second kite, not successful. Although David did give it a valiant effort and DID get it up in the air for a minute (see the photo above?!) so that was a tiny success. And it was pretty funny watching what newbies we are with kite flying. But it was honestly too hot to keep trying and the kids were starting to sweat and get impatient. Luckily a woman let Atticus borrow her ball and we played for a bit. We decided to scratch the kite flying and just have fun. Which is when we ran into this giant, 5 tier cake beautifully decorated with kites. Of course, my two year old wanted to play with the cake! I mean, who doesn’t want a piece of cake? So then when I had to pull him away from the cake it was meltdown mode. (don’t worry, no cakes were touched or harmed in this process.) At that point I was like, okay we just need to go home. But nothing is more stressful to me than the whole family dripping sweat and not happy and being so far from home. Whether we took a cab or a train we were at least 45 minutes from home.

BUT before we left we decided to park it on a bench and cool off and get some lemonade! We got watermelon lemonades for the family and we cooled off and everyone was happy again! Then we made the journey back home and rejoiced in our air conditioned apartment.

Funny thing is, our friend Tessa was with us and she was snapping some pics (most of these candids I didn’t even realize she was taking!) and when I saw the pictures I was like, “oh wow this looks like such a fun day!” lol! And it was, we had more fun than I’m giving us credit for, minus I am the biggest stressball and stress out to the max when I am hot and sweaty – everything is intensified to me!

But also just a note about Tessa– you know those freakishly talented people who are good at everything? She sings, plays instruments, blogs, is a killer photographer, list goes on. She is good at everything!!!

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  1. This outfit is seriously so cute!!!! I love how you pull off that necktie!
    And those adidas are amazing! I have looked for them everywhere here at home in Canada, but can’t seem to find them!
    Anyway I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing Amber!

  2. I would have never guessed by the pictures that it wasn’t a fun day. Sometimes, in the moment, things don’t seem so fun. I remember our last vacation saying to my husband “This was the worst vacation ever”, because everything seemed to go wrong, but now when I look back at the pictures, there were some really happy moments. Love your outfit. Those pants are so cute!

  3. Always love your posts! Do you like to dress Rosie in the color rust a lot on purpose or just happens to be the color of the clothes you pick out for the day? She is so adorable! And Atticus too of course! <3 xo

  4. You are the picture of style and elegance! Like a young Grace Kelly! Absolutely stunning.

    Laturnus Girls Xx

  5. Lol!!! I am exactly the same way! When I am hot it’s like, “Get outta the way, I’m finding AC n o w!!” Aww I’m glad the day ended well, but I completely feel ya- who’s rest for Fall?!?

  6. Wish there was a picture of Tessa. Put a face to this amazing girl. Maybe next time.

  7. This post was so cute, Amber! I often find myself wondering how you and your family always appear so blissfully happy and composed- it’s kind of refreshing to hear it unravels every once in a while, though I wish you guys had a more successful kite experience! Gorgeous photos, as always. xxo

    Dakota Barber

  8. Ok first of all what!? You just made my day you’re way too nice. And also this day, haha only you guys could make such a sweaty day look so good… <3

  9. Hi Amber, the photos in this post are totally gorgeous and it’s nice to see you 4 in action. Gosh at no point, while looking at the nice photos did I think ‘they look like they’re sweating’ or ‘it looks so hot’. You might be a stressball with this kind of heat (I’m like you on that front, totally hate it and if something with the kiddos does not go well, I feel the seat dripping and feel the pain…) but you look totally amazing. This outfit is so cute and really suits you to the perfection. Relaxed but so chic, a combo that is somehow quite difficult to get so well done you. As usual, I enjoy reading your blog! Big hugs from humid London, Julie

    1. It is on my Twitter!! It is going to be September 24th at 5:30PM 🙂 Location to be announced!

    1. Haha totally!! It wasn’t ours but had a fun time anyway 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

  10. Oh, girl! I’ve totally had those days before – where I try to force an activity on the family and then I realize it’s all going wrong and if I’m sweating I get so dang cranky. And really – aren’t we always sweating with babies in tow? Haha – but in the heat and humidity I get stressed out quick! We had a similar experience apple picking one year. It ended up being super warm, the traffic was horrible, the lines to checkout were crazy long so we didn’t even leave with any apples. We were on the car ride home, back to the city and I was like, “What the heck did I just make our family do?!” LOL

    I usually keep lollipops in my purse and when we are out and I can sense an epic meltdown looming I try to cut it off before it gets too out of control with a lollipop. My daughter is 1 so I can’t give a lollipop to her, but it works like a charm with my 2 year old son! And if I can at least keep 50% of my kids from having a meltdown then I chalk it up to a win!

    These pictures are beautiful and I think totally worth the sweaty, stressful situation because you will be able to cherish these forever! 🙂

  11. Haha what a little fiasco! You are right though, from the pictures it looked like such a fun day!

    It was so chilly this morning on my ride in, I think we may finally be saying goodbye to the crazy 90 degree NYC days! lol


  12. Great pictures! I love candid photos too! Sometimes the days that don’t turn out perfectly turn out to be the best ones, but I totally feel you on getting stressed when the family is cranky, I’m the same way!!

    Bree | baby on the move –

  13. I hate (but also love) freakishly talented people like Tessa…but come on, share the talents with me please! lol. Kite flying is tough business but it really looks like you guys had so much fun!

  14. I love all of these pictures. While scrolling through them all I kept thinking how much I love the candid ones! Pictures of people really living, having fun and not to posey are my fav kind! It’s one of my favorite reasons why it makes blogging so fun for me! You feel close and connected and realize everyone is just a human like you are and must do very human things like get lemonade because it’s so hot out. I can understand the hot and humid thing! I live in Florida and it’s been high 90s for the past few months. The thought of trying to take pictures in the heat is awful and actually doing it is so not enjoyable!

  15. if you didn’t mention that the day didn’t go as planned, no one would have ever known! at least your pictures came out beautiful and you have a great story to share about your failed attempt at kite flying 😉 thank you for being real and always sharing about your life as it is!! as an aspiring blogger, i look up to you so much!

    oh, she’s lovely

  16. I can totally relate Amber! I am a mom of two little boys, and definitely in a hot and humid weather I get intense too haha! All you want to do is make a perfect day for your kids, and sometimes I get lost in the process or get upset over the tiniest things, whereas the kids end up having fun regardless. A learning process for me for sure – to let go off being stressed out so much over everything!

  17. It totally does look like you guys still had a fabulous time <3 I totally get what you mean about stressing though!!

  18. Awww just one of those days! At least you looked cute in the process 😉 haha I love the 70’s look and even Rosie’s colors were the same scheme – she is just THE cutest!

    xo, Sammi

  19. You’re so right – you’d never know by the photos that it wasn’t just a perfect day! Lovely 🙂 xoxo

  20. lmao sounds like your plans went to shit. I would be grumpy too. Especially when I travel, I like my hotel to be at a central location so I can always walk /get back to it to recharge when I need. Hot weather makes this extra necessary.

    Great photos though!

  21. There’s something about your outfits and the exposure of these photos, they look like the could have been taken in the 1950’s!

  22. This one is one of my favorite outfits of yours ever!!
    Sorry, that the day hasn’t teurned out the way you imagined, but now you can always look back and laugh about it 🙂
    xo Katia

  23. From the photos, it does look like an ideal summer day.
    It isn’t so easy to fly kites. A friend and I used to fly two-string stunt kites. We got quite good at stunts and got some fancy kites. Fast forward and I bought a stunt kite for my kid. It wasn’t the same quality, and that makes a difference in getting it really up high in the air.

  24. haha – it’s so funny ’cause the pictures really look like it was a fun day 🙂 at least you could relax at the end of the day and you got some watermelon lemonades – that sounds super yummy!!! 🙂


  25. Love the way you’ve styled this casual combo! You look adorable top to bottom! Sorry that the kite fest didn’t go as well as you’ve wanted it, but you did manage to have some precious and sweet family moments captured on the photos and the will be some of the best memories in a few years from now. 🙂

  26. LOVE the photos! funny thing is you guys do look like you’re having fun! Would love to come down to NYC for the meet up, will definitely try! xx Dani

  27. Where did you get that bag? It is so pretty! Loving the pictures of your amazimg family 🙂

  28. Those days are just part of life as a mom, but as you figured out there is nothing a treat can’t fix. Kites are so hard to fly. We tried with my toddler and we can never get it up 🙁
    At least the pictures are cute
    Carly at