Barefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot Blonde at Lela Rose show^^A snap from the Lela Rose show! She is a favorite of mine.Barefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot Blonde wearing ZimmermannBarefoot Blonde wearing Zimmermann

BLOUSE: Zimmermann (borrowed from showroom) // JEANS: J Brand // SHOES: Shopbop (also love these for summer) // BAG: Celine via Fashionphile // LIPSTICK: Bite Beauty ‘Marshmallow Pink’

Oh man you have no idea how much I wish I owned this blouse! It is one of my favorite pieces I have ever worn. Unfortunately it was just borrowed from a showroom for Fashion Week. Zimmermann is one of my favorite designers ever. I am constantly looking for their pieces to go on sale (I snagged this sale Zimmermann dress I wore in this post, here) and did you know they have a kid’s line? I just found out while creating this post and their pieces are so adorable.

This was also the first time I have worn my hair in a pony in a long time!! I want to do a tutorial on it because I tried something new, its so easy but makes such a difference.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. This is the most beautiful blouse I have ever seen!!! Love it:)! You are gorgeous!

  2. Love the pink lace, the bag and the shoes!! You’re rocking them all!! xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh, yes! You need to own this blouse! That is stunning on you. So delicate and feminine. Plus, this color is gorgeous on your coloring.

    Sweet Horizon

  4. Hi, what filter do you use for your photos? How do you archive this matte-effect? 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica!! I use a program called Lightroom to edit my pictures, but I have custom-set filters that I use. Sorry that isn’t much help!! I also love using VSCO! xo

  5. I absolutely LOVE this blouse, it’s so beautiful and complements you so well! I must admit that I also love Zimmermann, it’s such a unique label with beautiful fabrics! These photos are all absolutely stunning! xxx

    1. That is so nice of you, thank you so much!! And I agree! I always love their pieces 🙂

  6. You should be on a cover of a magazine or in movies!!!! Seriously you look amazing!!!! ???????? that pink blouse and everything Zimmerman!! Totally in ???? with the whole look!!!! ???? the pony too!!!! Stunning as always!!!! Totally obsessed with all your posts!!!!!! ????????

  7. Hey Amber I have been following your blog for a LONG time and and I just love it so much. I look forward to seeing a blog post all the time, I am constantly checking it lol:) but me and my sister were thinking about starting a blog and I didn’t know if you had any tips on how to start it, and how to get subscribers and stuff like that. Thank you so much, btw you are the prettiest and most perfect person ever and I want to dress like you some day haha because your fashion is just impeccable :)<3

    1. Thank you so much Ivy!! You are so sweet! And yay! How exciting! I love hearing that 🙂 You can Facebook message me and I will get my tips to you!! xo

  8. Too cute! You’re seriously like a life size barbie! Love your hair in a ponytail!

  9. If you ever sell any of your clothes/bags/shoes, I would be a happy secondhand buyer! I love that peach Zimmermann dress!!

  10. Wow love the top! But over $1800 CAD for a blouse is a wee bit ridiculous for the average person if you ask me! That’s more than a monthly mortgage payment on my house haha. Love the ponytail though! Would love to see a tutorial 🙂

  11. This top is adorable on you and the perky ponytail was definitely a good decision! Zimmermann is one of my absolute favorite designers – so jealous you got to go to their showcase!!


  12. That’s a beautiful blouse! Love all that lace!! Your hair is gorgeous here too 🙂

  13. Love love love the blouse!! I can’t wait until you put up that tutorial because I can never get my ponies to have that much volume like yours does and I’m constantly looking for tips to give it a more full look. (The outfit looks amazing by the way!)

  14. I love the filters used in this photos! 🙂 It look so…romantic and elegant with a hint of vintage 🙂 And the surrounding is really stylish 🙂

  15. Absolutely stunning!!! Perfection! You look beautiful as always! The color, lace, everything about this top is perfect! I wish it comes in lower price range, it is really very expensive. Great pictures!!!

  16. So pretty! So excited for the ponytail tutorial! I love your hair tutorials ! 🙂

  17. Omg that is a a super cute blouse! I wish I had it too. And the color is just perfect!!
    That is a very cute hairdo. I tried it I my self but my pony was very low because my hair is so heavy hahaha It is just too muchhhh


  18. This is seriously one of the prettiest blouses I’ve seen in my life! I’d browsed through Zimmermann website and found that they have so many beautiful pieces! To bad they’re on the pricier side, otherwise I’d totally get everything 😀
    Love your hair in a ponytail, really nice! <3


  19. Can’t wait to see another hair tutorial! And beautiful post. I think we all have pieces we are constantly eyeing, and this blouse is definitely added to my list! Great post xx

  20. So cute! I Love Zimmerman! They have the best style, especially their swim suits!! Hope Mexico is a blast with your family Amber! 🙂

  21. Love this look! Cant wait for the tutorial on this hairstyle, I’ve been missing your tutorials lately!!

  22. I love this whole look SO MUCH! I seriously want it all! So bummed that second pair of shoes you recommended is already sold out in my size 🙁 I’m obsessed with this look though, you are so gorgeous!

  23. I love love love it too! When you posted this beauty on Insta, I was basically drooling. haha. Can’t wait to see the tutorial! 🙂 I always struggle with making pony tails look cute because my hair is so thick. Have a great day!


  24. That lace is gorgeous. Love the pictures and your hair. Can’t wait to see the tutorial

  25. Love love love that top amber its so stunning! I hope next year I can come to fashion week!


  26. This is a beautiful blouse & a fabulous color! I love your ponytail because it’s something different. It looks really pretty! The bag & shoes are a nice touch to the outfit also! Those houses or apartments in these pictures are beautiful too, wow!! Is this a well-known street in NYC or something? I’ve never been to NYC, but would love to visit because of the whole vibe of the city and all the different neighborhoods! Love your posts! 🙂

  27. Oh my gosh I am so in love with this look!!! You look so glamorous and beautiful!! I would love to see a tutorial on the ponytail as well. Maybe I can eventually become better at hair!!! Love you! xoxo

  28. The blouse looks amazing! I love the details and the color!

    xxx, Lena |

  29. Hi Amber, you look beautiful with that top, well you do with anything you wear! 🙂 I would love to see more tutorials, I have try a few of your braids,though i need to let my hair grow a bit more and practise more. It is still so difficult for me to braid my hair from behind!
    Hope you are enjoying your holidays with your family. Congratulations for your nice work!
    Lots of kisses to all of you! :* :*


  30. Amber, you are so so pretty! I love your blog so much! Literally everyday I check and see if you put up a new blog post and when you do I get so excited! You really inspired me to start braiding my hair and now I’m obsessed with it. Haha! Your pictures are fantastic and your family is so adorable! I hope I get to meet you someday! Have a Great week! P.S. I just tried The Sweet Tooth Fairy for the first time and oh my gosh it was AMAZING!

  31. Hi Amber! You are so beautiful in that top, well you are with anything you are wearing 🙂 i am looking forward to see more tutorials! I love them,i have tried some of them though it is still difficult for me to braid my hair from behind, i need to practice more 😉 hope you do a few more when you have time. I love them all and when my hair grows more i will definitely try more. Congrats for job. Enjoy your holidays with your lovely family!

  32. i love your blog and especially this look – i was sad myself when I’ve read you have to give it back. I wanted to ask, how you take your pictures and edit them? Love Laura

  33. Love that pink blouse and those shoes are perfect! I’ve never seen the lace up ones with a wedge and I like them even better than the flats 🙂

  34. I totally agree, such a beautiful blouse! Amber, I’m just wondering (I’m sure you get asked this question a lot so sorry!) what camera and lens do you use for your fashion posts?

  35. you look absolutely adorbs in that blouse! and loooove the ponytail! it’s suits you very well! would love to see a tutorial on that 🙂
    also, i’m thinking about starting a blog myself. do you have any quick tips for a beginner? 🙂 maybe you could do a blogpost on that!

    keep up the good work! you’re a big ispiration to me 🙂
    lots of love and kisses to you, Atticus, Rosie, David and Chauncey XOXO