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SWIMSUIT: Nordstrom // SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster

Atticus has had this obsession with my belly lately – anytime I point to it or anything he will reach for it and give it a big hug then usually blow on it and make that fart sound haha. I have snappchatted him doing this a few times so maybe you have seen but its pretty funny. I used to think it was because he thought my belly button was a nipple, ha, but he will even do it with my shirt on so I like to tell myself he just really loves his little sis 😉 but either way its pretty cute how much he loves to snuggle it!

Yesterday we flew to Athens and then from Athens flew to Zakynthos and we had only an hour layover in Athens which maybe seems like a long time but with a baby somehow it is not long at all. So I was ready to hustle to the next gate knowing the next flight wasn’t until 10 hours later and the lady was waiting at the door asking for our boarding passes to go to other gates. I realized we didn’t have any boarding passes and told the lady that somehow we were only given boarding passes for the one flight. She said we would have to go all the way downstairs, check in and get boarding passes and then go through security. In my head I was like nope not happening! I pulled up the email confirmation and she was so sweet and was trying to do everything to get us boarding passes brought to us and after like 20 minutes of her frantically helping us I open my wallet and see the freaking boarding passes!!!!! I had them the whole time and was staring at them. UGH!! I was so embarrassed and luckily she was the sweetest thing and we just looked at eachother and laughed about it and when I told her I was pregnant she nicely said “I get it :)”

Oh but thats not all. Then we go to get our bags and I went to call David to tell him we had them all (he went to get in line at Avis) and then realized I left my phone on the plane!! I was freaking out and asked different counters who I needed to talk to to get it back – nothing worked – they said they found no phone – then about 45 min later we are walking to the car and I am crying thinking about all the photos and videos of Atticus that I hadn’t saved to my hard drive yet and I reach in my backpack and there is the phone. LIKE HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE?? Someone tell me pregnancy brain is a scientific thing and real because holy cow – I have a serious case of it! I have no idea how that happens and even worse – twice in one day.

And soo many of you have asked if I am having twins hahaha but NO I am just massive already and I am completely mind boggled. I asked my doctor if this was normal for almost 15 weeks and she said yes so I am just going with it. No idea how I am showing this much but hey I have no control over it! Sometimes in the morning I wake up and think WHERE DID MY BABY GO!? and its like I have no bump at all .. then I eat and bam. The size totally fluctuates (it did with Atticus too) not sure how all that works inside there but the answer is – no, we are not hiding twins in there 🙂

Photos from Pregnancy Brain and Bump Lovin


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  1. Hello:) Did this swimsuit fit far into your pregnancy? I’m thinking if I go a size or two up I could make it work! Maternity suits are often more like an A-line dress than a fitted swimsuit.
    Thank You,

    1. Hi!! And this was actually the only time I wore it while pregnant so I am not for sure.. but it could have worked for a couple more months. Wish I could be more help!! xoxo

  2. Such a beautiful blog… this is the one and only blog I subscribe to!!
    I’m wandering over old posts as I am desperate to know where you stayed in Zante? The views are amazing!

    Thanks xx

  3. I just found your blog via pinterest and had to say, these pics are seriously the cutest I have ever seen!! and the pregnancy brain, it’s totally real!

  4. These pictures made my heart melt… Serious baby fever now! I absolutely love pictures like these, and your belly is too adorable! I just love your family <3

  5. That last photo might be my all-time favorite. Melts my heart!!!! And yes, I believe pregnancy brain is real. When I was pregnant with our first, I locked myself out of our apartment three times. I had never done it before and have not done it since.

  6. Hahahaha! Oh, that sounds so stressful! And I would totally have a combination of wanting to bawl and wanting to laugh all at the same time! I absolutely LOVE your baby bump in that bright pink, it just shouts baby GIRL!!! YAY, can you even believe it!??

    Xoxo Angela

  7. You are the perfect definition of what all woman would wish to look like when pregnant 😉

  8. This post had me cracking up… I don’t know if it’s scientifically proven, but I definitely had pregnancy brain! 🙂

  9. Hahah! You’re way too cute. This post 100% related to me and I am just giggling over here. From the fluctuating belly size to the pregnancy brain. I saw an old friend the other day who said, “Wow you look so small for 8 months!” I was thinking… “just wait till you see me after I eat lunch.” I love seeing your photos and you are hands down a sexy mama and preggo mama, which I feel like us ladies need to hear more because it’s not so easy looking at your growing hips, boobs, butt and belly in the mirror. I’m at the “where’d my feet go phase” and the “don’t bother shaving your legs you can’t reach them anyways”.

    Hope you’re having a blast on the trip!!

    Lots of love,

    Sarah |QueSarahSera

  10. These photos are so adorable! I love watching you guys ! 🙂

  11. hey Amber! I just started a new segment on my blog called blogger of the week and you are the first one I decided to write about! would love for you to check it out / I used some of your pictures but don’t worry I gave you credit for them!!! love this post btw, I’m so glad you had your phone!!! haha don’t worry, non-pregnant people do that daily 😛

    hope you’re having a lovely vacation

  12. PREGNANCY BRAIN!! It is SO real!! I swear. I am 14 weeks (and I wish I was showing as much as you! It just looks like I got a boob job and got fat! ha) and I have ZERO brain. I swear. A couple weeks ago, my husband was out of town and I was home alone. I went to work, got a call mid-afternoon from him franticly asking if I was ok! I was so confused. Apparently I left the front door unlocked (for 2 days?), and when a mailman dropped off a package and knocked on the door, it swung open, and our dogs ran out! They were wandering in the yard and the neighbor was scared that I had been murdered or kidnapped so he called my husband. Nope, I’m just pregnant. Haha

  13. I couldn’t even imagine if you were having twins, you would just topple right over you’re so tiny! I’m sure I’ve said it before and I’ll see it again but hot pink is definitely your color!


  14. Hi Amber,
    I’m sure others have told you this, BUT… don’t worry about your bump showing earlier for your second pregnancy. It’s just what seems to happen with subsequent pregnancies. Embrace it! Pregnancy is a gift 🙂

  15. You don’t look like your having twins at all! I’m a momma of 5 and the more you have the sooner you show. Plus, the thinner you are the less room that baby has to hide 😉 So cute! Congrats and enjoy!

  16. I’m due November 20th with my first and the same thing happens to me. I wake up and can easily fit into my jeans and don’t look pregnant in the slightest, but by the end of the day I feel like I’m 6 months into this thing! You look great especially knowing this is your second!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences!!!

  17. You are absolutely the cutest, prettiest pregnant lady I have ever seen! How do you keep your figure looking so good? Please tell me there’s a secret, besides genetics.

    Adorable family, Amber!

    Love to hear your thoughts on my blog 🙂 Appreciate your feedback!

  18. I had theee worst pregnancy brain !! All my friends made fun of me the whole time and I swear it’s a real thing.. Sometimes I still have it and my baby is 7 months old so I totally feel your pain ! haha

  19. Kudos to you traveling pregnancy brain and all! But don’t be too hard on yourself, I mean you have a baby, and traveling is always stressful, even for me and I only have to look out for myself!!


  20. yes pregnancy brain is a thing! I totally missed a flight standing 20 yards from the gate as they called my name on the loud speaker. I forgot everything in the first trimester, I feel your pain! Also my bump is constantly fluctuating in size, usually much bigger at night, it’s so strange when I wake up its smaller again ha! PS: I’m 23 weeks, it’s my first baby and it’s so surreal, congrats on #2!!

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! You look wonderful. Second time around is so much different than the first. I popped out and had a full-on belly at 6 weeks with my second pregnancy–it’s like your body remembers what it was like or something and doesn’t waste any time. Plus, I think everything is already stretched out so after you eat, you do look like you have more “baby” 🙂

  22. Haha, this is such a cute post! I love how real and authentic you are with your bloggers! Too funny! You’re a gorgeous mom and pregnant mom! Thanks for giving me advice on starting my own blog and reminding me to stay true to myself through my blog! You’re awesome! Blessings that all is going well! Cait

  23. Your baby bump is gorgeous and it is totally fine if it gets a little extra big. Who care you are pregnant and probably will get to have that amazing life experience a few times, so enjoy it and don’t worry about stupid comments. I love that A is so sweet to the bump. I swear I still have a pregnancy brain and my son is 2… no clue how that works either.
    Dresses & Denim

  24. Hi! I follow you on Instagram and YouTube, you are beautiful and so sweet! You seem to be a very nice person 🙂 Those pictures are amazing, i have a 8 month baby and he’s always happy and smiling like Atticus… Babies are so precious! I love Santorini, i’ve been there 9 years ago!! Can i ask you what kind of job do you do? You trave a lot, it’s a beautiful thing! 🙂 I send you a big hug from Italy! (Thanks to you i discovered slouchheadwear and i bought some beanies for my son and my friends 🙂 )

  25. I can totally relate to no baby bump in the morning but by the end of the day its huge!

  26. It’s your second baby. I hear you always show earlier with baby 2, plus, like me, you’re tiny and show quick. I always joke that upon conception I started showing. Haha!

  27. Pregnancy brain is so real! I was in my last semester of my undergrad when I was pregnant with my little girl, and I swear I had to study about twice as long for all of my tests 🙁 Glad everything worked out!!! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  28. I am 14 weeks pregnant and feel the same- some mornings the bump is gone but as soon as I eat it’s totally popped;) this is also my 2nd and it’s absolutely true that your uterus expands right away because it “remembers” what to do! You are a doll and pregnancy looks just lovely on you:))

  29. Oh my, you made me laugh! Pregnancy brain is a real thing! At least I am convinced of that! And with my 2nd baby I too totally popped, instantly! The doctor told me that it is because my body is like “oh I remember this” – haha! Also she promised me the 2nd labor and delivery will be easier (my first was not so pleasant). Doctor was right 2nd was smoother and easier. Again, body as already been primed! Haha!
    Your stunning and so is your family! We just put your Santorini villa on your financial planning spreadsheet! 4 years and counting!

  30. Pregnancy looks great on you! I hear you always show faster after the first. My son is 8 months old and I can remember feeling like it took FOREVER to look pregnant not just chunky! So look at it as a blessing that you get to enjoy it longer this time! Enjoy the rest of your trip and maybe David should be in charge of the important stuff for a little while! Haha #stillhavepregnancybrain8monthslaster

  31. I feel like I have pregnancy brain even though i’m not pregnant haha so you are ahead of me. What a sweetie!

  32. I’ve lost my phone at the airport too… Pure panic for about 5 minutes and luckily found it in my bag! Seriously worst feeling. But I’m not pregnant, so not sure what I can blame there. Ha! Glad you found it 🙂

  33. Amber- First these are the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen! All your photos from Greece are so amazing! I’m living vicariously through you! Second, yes baby brain is for real!! I had it SO bad too. I thought someone stole my iPad from work. Contacted the police. Used the iPad location and with the police went to this neighborhood… All the while, it was sitting in my office in a bag 🙁 how crazy did I look! Girl, you’re not alone! Love you!

  34. You’re family is so lovely. Do you mind sharing your pregnancy diet and exercise on your blog? Thank you.

  35. Haha, you are the cutest, glad you found your phone! Ohh yes, pregnancy brain is real!;) I’m 26 weeks pregnant and keep loosing and forgetting everything, my hubby always makes fun of me but I would love to see what he would look and feel like with the baby in his belly;))
    Have a great trip

  36. Hello, I enjoy reading your blog! And YES pregnancy brain is a real thing for some. I had a doctor explain it to me because I also had a serious case of pregnancy brain.When we become pregnant we have more fluids in our body, and that includes blood. Well we do have blood flow in our brain, and because of pregnancy (and the larger amount of blood) the flow slows down. Since the blood flow in our brain slows down it causes our brain to slow down too. What takes a big hit when this happens? Our short term memory. So yes, all those times I went to my wash room to check on my load once the washing machine beeped, only to find it empty, because I forgot to actually put the laundry in the machine, excused! So don’t stress your pregnancy brain! Its a scientific event! Our brain processes slows down due to the extra blood in our bodies!

  37. I had to read this to my boyfriend cause it was so funny!! Im always loosing stuff and i wonder how am i going to be with pregnancy brains! Haha We laugh so hard!
    Im a really big fan of yours, read your blog every single day!

    Xo Mel

  38. Aw Atticus is so cute! I’m sure his sister will be just as cute 🙂 Even with the baby bump, Amber, you look fabulous and beautiful. 😉 Does Atticus handle the jet lag well?

    I’ve been meaning to ask you this: How did your blog get so famous? (you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to)

    Enjoy the rest of your trip! 😀


  39. I love those pictures of Attics hugging his sister seriously the cutest thing ever! Those have to be printed and framed for sure! Hope you continue to enjoy your trip 🙂