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Last week we went on a boat ride in Santorini so the boys could do some fishing and on the way we stopped at some hot springs! It was more like ‘warm’ springs but it was still fun (minus the orange sulfur totally stained my swimsuit AND my hair, I can’t even look at my ends without getting sad ha). It was a little stressful as a mom having Atticus want to crawl everywhere on the boat so the captain rigged up a leash hah! He put a little hook thing on the end of a rope and attached it to his life vest so he could crawl in big circles and not get close to the edge 🙂 it was pretty funny when he would get to the end and get a look on his face like what the heck is going on, I can’t move. He also loved holding the fishing pole and he would cry when we took it away so we gave him the selfie stick and he thought he was a big boy fishing – he held on to that thing the rest of the day! Oh and on the way down to the boat, we somehow missed the shuttle that takes you down this MASSIVE hill of switch backs and probably 600 stairs. We kept walking and walking down these stairs and I swear it was like we walked the Great Wall of China. There were donkeys going up and down and multiple times I was caught screaming in the corner thinking donkeys were going to run me over or kick me in the face – there were hundreds! It was like a stampede haha me and my sisters were freaking out.

My mom always told me how important sunscreen was and I never listened!!! And now I am kicking myself because I wish I had been lathered in sunscreen my whole life! It gives me such anxiety seeing people just lay out in the sun for hours without sunscreen and its sickening that I used to be one of them (whyyyyyy!) Anyways, now that I have my head on straight I like to always wear hats, sunscreen, and instead of tanning in the sun I use at home tanning products. I have always used lotions or sprays but found Kate Somerville tanning towlettes at Nordstrom recently and YOU GUYS!!!!! I will never use anything else again! Its basically like a baby wipe and you just rub it on your body – wash your hands – and within 24 hours you have a perfect tan. I feel like its so much easier to get even coverage with the wipe as opposed to lotion where you have uneven amounts and sometimes it starts to build up as you rub it in (do you know what I am talking about??) So I definitely recommend these + they are soo easy to travel with! I just toss a couple in my bag and don’t have to worry about them exploding and getting lotion all over. I am ranting but really you have got to get these.

Our favorite sunscreen in the SPF 70 Sun Bum spray – Atticus loves the spray and thinks its funny when he gets sprayed so that makes it easy. Then for his face we use the lotion! He hates wearing hats, sadly. I can’t keep them on his head now for more than 2 seconds. I keep trying hoping he will learn to be okay with something on his head again but until then I spray his scalp with sunscreen haha not sure what else to do! He is a little fish and loves to be in the water.

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  1. These photos are lovely, Amber! A is as handsome as always 😉 And it looks like you guys had lots of fun haha
    PS: I literally CAN´T WAIT to meet your baby girl! I’m sure she’ll be as cute as her big brother xx

  2. Aw, Can I just join you on this day!? That sounds like such a fun day! I am kicking myself as well for ALL the years spent rubbing tanning oil on to go lay out in the sun! Now I can’t get enough of the sunscreen. This weekend we actually went kayaking and it was the first real day in the sun and I could not find sunscreen anywhere! I was literally covering my shoulders with my hands trying to block the sun, ha! I don’t think it helped and I have since bought a big bottle! I will definitely check out the tanning towlettes, such a great idea!

    Xo Angela

  3. I love your instagram page so nice pics every day…your an your latest pic is soo cue and so I absolutely would like to know where did you get thos headband ?
    Lovely greetings

  4. Seriously so much respect to the two of you for keeping up your lifestyle even with the baby in tow 😀 My parents took my brother and I around the world as well when we were younger, and I have been thankful for it every day of my life. You’re doing a great thing 🙂


  5. I’m so obsessed with the website their cosmetic products are absolutely amazing! check them out now! 🙂

  6. Just wondering about your cute swim suit! It looks like it is either sold out or from earlier shopping trips 🙂 I was trying to see if I could find it somewhere… Hoping to know the brand or where it is from!? Thanks so much 🙂

  7. I didn’t know Atticus could get any cuter BUT I WAS WRONG. Him in that life jacket……cutest thing ever!!!!

  8. Hey again Amber! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I just told my boyfriend we need to visit Greece. And I am so happy for your family! A baby girl! I called it by the way. (:
    I wanted to ask you, those tan towels, so you use them all over but what do you use on your face? Anything? I wanna give them a try but not sure how it will do on the face but I also don’t want a tan body and a white face. Haha.
    Hope all is well and you are enjoying your vacation!


  9. My son hates hats too! And sunglasses! I feel so bad for his little eyes, but what can you do, right? Greece looks like a dream!

  10. Hello fellow Arizonan (we can still pretend you’re from there). I just wanted to applaud you at posting pictures of you in a bathing suit. You look amazing! I totally wish that I looked like that. I don’t think girls bring each other up enough so I wanted to take the time to tell you that. Please remember when people are being hateful on here that there are people who admire you! Keep up with the wonderful parenting (it’s so obvious how much you love A) and continue to post!


  11. Your tan looks perfect! Do you use just one wipe for your entire body? I may have to try these!! Love the hat as well. Atticus is too cute in the lifejacket and holding the selfie stick. What a cutie!! Hope you all are having an amazing time!


  12. Sun Bum is the BEST! I had a skin cancer scare this past year and realized I need to step up my sun protection as well (and I also remind friends how important it is to get your skin checked at least once a year!!). Sun Bum is by far my fave as well! It smells amazing and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Nearly all of their products are gluten free as well, which is awesome since I have Celiac Disease. I’m going to have to try those tanning towelettes!!

  13. Seriously, you’re my fav. Question, what kind of camera/lens do you have? My husband and I want to get one and your pictures always look SO good!! Also, do you do any post editing on them?

  14. Hi Amber,
    Love all the pics of Santorini!!
    I looked all over the blog but could not find the rental info could you email me thx

  15. Hi Amber! I love your blog– I love opening it up almost every day to see what you and your amazing family are up to! Quick question, for everyday use, what sunscreen do you recommend? Do you also use the Sun Bum? I’m looking for something that I can wear with makeup, so any suggestions would be helpful! There’s so many, I’m not sure where to start!

  16. Hi, Amber!
    Love your blog, you’re an inspiration.
    Your braid-tutorials are great!

    Since you wrote about tanning lotions:
    I would really like to see a tanning tutorial!
    I always mess up around the ankles and hands 🙂
    Your tan looks so even, some tips would be great!

    Happy vacation!
    Malin from Sweden

  17. Hello Amber. So many nice pictures . You look great , as always! I wonder how Atticus got his name ? Love his name!!
    Enjoy the sun. Cathrine

  18. I love hearing your family trip stories haha I cant even imagine how I would react to a stampede of donkeys LOL sounds like a fun trip!! I love the swimsuits you posted at the bottom, especially the keyhole one… but neither of them have my size 🙁 Ill just have to wait till your next swimsuit post to see what you suggest and hopefully they have my size!! Have a bomb and safe rest of your trip!

  19. Amazing photos! This place looks absolutely beautiful.
    I’ve been wanting to try those Kate Somerville wipes but I’m 25 weeks preggers so I was nervous trying anything new.
    I am looking a little ghostly lately so I am going to have to go pick some up! Have an amazing rest of your trip! Xo

  20. Hey Amber! I was just curious if you also use a self tanner on your face? I have a bit of melasma like you’ve mentioned you have (although I can’t tell!) and have heard that self tanners can make spots darker. You tan tan blends without having a paler face so well so I’d love to know what works for you. Thanks!
    And congratulations on those babies!! My daughter was born on Atticus’ exact birthday! and my son is 15 mos older and they are so close. You are going to melt when you see your kids play together – it’s the best! 🙂

  21. This boating adventure looks like it was so fun! I’ll definitely have to check out those tanning towelettes, they sound super easy and convenient! And that’s too funny about Atticus and the leash 🙂


  22. How often do you use the tanning wipes? Like how long does one last?

  23. My boyfriend and I are traveling to Greece in 2 weeks! I was so excited when I saw you were there! I have heard the water there will turn your suit orange, is this only near the hot springs or is it everywhere in Santorini? I am soooo worried about my new swimsuits!!!
    Anyway love your blog/insta and everything else! Such an inspiration to help fellow tall skinny girls find clothes that fit and that are stylish!

  24. Atticus is so cute! I remember having “boat anxiety” with our boys when we were in Canada out on Lake of the Woods. They were just fine too. 😉 You are building great memories! Enjoy!