Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde
SWEATER: Forever 21 // SHORTS: Forever 21 // HAT: Forever 21 // D’s SHIRT: Forever 21 // D’s JEANS: J Brand

David and I got to Hawaii and since it was such a last minute trip we realized we literally had hardly packed anything! He was busy getting Chauncey ready to go stay at his buddy’s house and I was so busy making sure I had all of A’s things ready that all I brought was shoes, swim suits, and a pair of pants haha! Of all things, pants in Hawaii. Anyways, so we went to Forever 21 to grab some things. I am a sucker for cheesy things so I always love when F21 comes out with a new fun line and since I love the Lion King AND its the softest sweater, ever.. I had to get it!!!

Me and David got this hat and we agreed since we both liked it we would share it… but then I put it on and he said he was going to wear it that day – so we had a fight about who got to wear it and whaddaknow look whos wearin it! Just kidding, we totally didn’t fight about it but we both really did want to wear it. We will probably have to go back and get another one 🙂

Here are some more Forever 21 pieces I love for this fall/winter.. because nothing is better than affordable winter pieces.


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  1. so great! I feel like its even better that you didn’t pack anything. You can just shop for what you needed. I do that all the time… probably doesn’t help my bank account though!

  2. Hi Amber love the sweater it’s the cutest! Love your fashion style as always! Lil “A” is seriously the cutest ever!! Just wondering what spray tan u currently r using? Thanks**

  3. I adore this sweater! Super cute! Your little boy melts me every time! Just when I think he can’t get cuter, he does!
    My boyfriend and I have the same problem – we sometimes have to double up! Haha!
    Love your blog

  4. OMG I need that sweatshirt!! It’s so cheesy but my last name is King and we’ve always joked that our first kid will be named Lion (I’m definitely keeping it in the running for middle names 😉 )! How adorable, I love it!

  5. Enjoy the tropical island! you should visit turtle bay beaches or lani Kai beach it’s breathtaking! If you like also visit Doris Duke Shangri La omg it’s so beautiful! Ah I wish to go backanyway have a LOVELY day

  6. Atticus’ facial expressions are the best! He is a beautiful baby! :*) I love your blog. My baby girl just turned 1 year last month, and I love that you are a mom AND you’re stylish! You give me inspiration to wear nice things and to try and put a little more effort into myself–because, as you know, when you’re a mom and wife, it’s hard to remember to make yourself a priority too.

  7. forever 21 is seriously one of my favorite places to go for fun affordable fashion pieces! Their prices are so college-budget friendly and are always so on trend! have fun in honolulu babe!

    xoxo hails.