Barefoot BlondeDRESS (last season, love THIS ONE and THIS ONE though!!) // SUNGLASSES

Barefoot Blonde

^^A delicious lunch we had in La Jolla! That french toast though..
Barefoot Blonde

^^Sunset in San Clemente with baby A

SWIMSUIT (Sold out in nude but obsessing over the same style in hibiscus I might just have to get it!) // SUNGLASSESBarefoot Blonde

^^Chauncey could spend all day every day trying desperately to eat his own splashes

Barefoot BlondeSHIRT // NECKLACEBarefoot Blonde

^^A new hairstyle I played around with today! A tutorial for it is coming soon 🙂


Barefoot Blonde^^How fab is this Chanel surfboard Fashionphile let me borrow for a shoot?!Barefoot Blonde

^^Spent the day in Nashville on our way down to Alabama!Barefoot Blonde

^^Of course I have to finish with this cute guy and some of his many expressions from our four day long roadtrip! Love his little smiles 🙂

We finally made it to Alabama and loving it so far! Minus the humidity.. it really is like a few of you said, you feel like you are always swimming! It is nuts. Definitely will take some getting used to. But honestly I cannot get over the houses, I have never seen so many charming homes, ugh I just love it.  I get such a kick out of all the waffle houses haha. We exited the freeway and there was one on the corner if we turned right and one on the corner if we turned left.. like literally within a half mile of each other and I was just crackin up. We have been busy unpacking but I will have a new post tomorrow and I have some fun tutorials coming up! xoxo



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  1. I love this! All so wonderful!
    Quick question though.. I clicked on the mac lipstick to see the color at the bottom of the post and it pulled up a Nordstroms link but said, Page Not Found! Mind telling me the lip color you used? I love it, absolutely stunning on you!

    XX, Abbey

  2. Have you found any hair ties that work well with your hair for working out? I can’t find anything that keeps longer, thick hair up!!!

  3. Girl! I just found out you were moving to Alabama! So crazy because my family is moving there in like 2 weeks! I desperately want to move with them but it’s just not going to work out for us to move right now. So, I’m jealous of you! 😉 I lived in Georgia for a few years as a kid and I actually miss the humidity! Much better than this dry Utah air haha


  4. I love you so much Amber!
    I’m 18 and I’m also LDS and you have inspired me to do so much and share the gospel. I love your style and everything about you! I live in Orange County, California. Hope you’re enjoying Alabama! Thanks for updating even though you’re super busy!

  5. Great pictures! Congrats on the big move! Could you share with us what was the reason for your move to Alabama and how it all came about? Seems like a huge life changing decision, especially if you’re moving from across the country. Looking forward to the story! 🙂

  6. oh gosh, these photos are aaaamazing! obsessed with the floats. and that bathing suit! and your braidies. and glad you made it to alabama! i think you will adjust to the humidity and do juuuust super great! it helps to have versatile hair 🙂

  7. I am also from the West Coast and lived in North Carolina for 8 months and never got used to the humidity, I really hope you do! I decided I was just built for the dry heat of the desert. I also laughed at all of the Waffle Houses. We did some traveling through South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama and they are LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. There is so much to see in the South though, you really will love your experience and make so many incredible memories.

    best wishes!


  8. That lunch makes me soo hungry! Looks like you’re enjoying every second with your baby, love it! XO

  9. Oh my gosh, you take the best photos! Also, those rafts are the best thing ever. I waaaaaant them so bad.

  10. That picture of Chauncey is so cute!! What kind of camera did you take it with? Good luck in Alabama. Jealous of your little adventure xo

  11. I love those rafts! They would be so fun for my pool! And that photo of Chauncey! That cracks me up.

    -Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans