IMG_6764IMG_6752IMG_6759IMG_6742IMG_6780IMG_6730IMG_6767IMG_6738SWEATER: Zara

PANTS: 7 For All Mankind c/o (on sale!)

BOOTIES: Nastygal c/o

LIPSTICK: Kat Von D (shade L.U.V.)

**Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

Guys I started a tumblr and I am so excited about it.. mainly because I have no idea why it took me so long to start one since I love looking at tumblr’s way more than pinterest and I spend hours just scrolling and scrolling. I love finding all of my inspiration there. So I finally made my own 🙂 If you have a tumblr then follow me so I can follow you because I need more tumblr friends! Find me: here!

This knit is amazing because I love how long the sleeves are and I cannot find it online (unless I am totally overlooking it!) but it should be in the stores still since I just got mine.

Hope you all have a good weekend! I am going to a tea Saturday night at the Grand America with some other bloggers/friends (best part about blogging is making new friends) and it will be fun to get dressed up and have a big girls night 🙂

Mwah, love you all. xx


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  1. O my gosh i love these photos and your blog! How did you do your hair in these pictures?

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  7. Love that sweater! How’s the fit size wise? Wondering if I should size up or get my normal size. I wish I had time to actually go see it. 🙂

  8. SO pretty! Love the sweater!

    PS- can you do a tutorial on the chunky side braids you have in some of your instagram pictures? I love that look but whenever I try, the braids are way too tight around my face and too thin!

    1. Thanks Sarah!! And yes! I actually have a tutorial of that made 🙂 just need to post it!! So stay tuned!

  9. Gorgeous! I was going to ask – how is the Kat Von D lipstick?? I only use MAC and was thinking about buying a Kat Von D sampler set for the holidays from Sephora.

    Thanks for any input! Xx

    1. Well I actually did the shoot after I was at the mall trying on purple lipsticks and that was the last one I tried on and it happens to be my favorite purple shade but unfortunately it only comes in the pack of 10 lipsticks!! I just didn’t need 10 new lipsticks so I went with MAC ‘Up The Amp’ ! Similar although I do like the Kat Von D better so if you need 10 shades then for sure get it! xx

  10. Your makeup is gorgeous! Your skin looks beautiful as well!
    Maybe an updated skincare routine or fav products? 🙂

    Absolutely perfect darlin’.


    1. Thanks Kelli!! And yes good idea, I am using a few new products so I will make an updated skin care post! xx

  11. You look stunning- fall is my favorite time of the year! I mean, who doesn’t want an excuse to pass off a comfy sweater and leggings as a fashionable outfit?? Anyways, love your blog and Jessica Janae’s photos of you, you guys make a great team.



  12. Love the purple lips!
    Very complimentary to your skin/ hair…. beautiful as usual.

    1. Thanks Kate!! And yes I will definitely put it on my list! I need to get going with my tutorials! xx

    1. Aw I am glad!! Thanks so much that is so sweet of you! Glad we are tumblr friends now! xx

    1. Yes that is it!! I don’t know how I missed it! I have it in the grey shade 🙂 thanks for sharing that! xx

  13. AHH! I’m so excited that you made a tumblr! I started following you yesterday and trust me, tumblr is extremely addicting. Your hair looks amazing in these photos! I’m so jelly jelly.

    1. Thanks Nadia!! And yes Tumblr is so addicting.. even more so now that I have one – if that is possible! 🙂

    1. Thanks girl!! I just used Moroccan Oil hairspray and a comb for this look, nothing else! xx

  14. Amber!! You look freaking smoking girl!!! LOVE the dark lip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I stalked your pinterest last night for your tumblr pics!!! I will def go check it out!!


  15. That jumper looks super cosy. Great photos. In the B&W you look like Bridget Bardot. Stunning!
    Adela x