DRESS: Jen’s Pirate Booty

NECKLACE: Gorjana c/o

BAG: Louis Vuitton via Fashionphile

SUNNIES: Karen Walker

Hi! Hope everyone is having a good week! I am loving Hawaii but missing my pup soo bad 🙁 it makes my stomach sick thinking about it!! I can’t wait to snuggle him when I get home!

I found out about Jen’s Pirate Booty a while ago and have been loving everything she designs!! They are the perfect pieces for vacations and I maybe bought too many of them – this dress is my favorite of them all though 🙂 It is actually sold out.. I am sure it will come back in stock and I will let you know when it does, but I love this one that is a similar design and this one that is a similar style!! 

Thanks for reading!! xx

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  1. Ridiculously ADORABLE! I think this is my favorite outfit that you’ve ever posted. From the hair, to glasses and the dress….oh my gosh, that dress! Love it! You look so beautiful!

  2. Your hair is amazing! Any chance you could do a tutorial on this style?

    1. Thanks Sarah! It is actually just a basic french braid on both sides.. it kind of looks like it was twisted or something but probably just because I had swam and slept on the braids 🙂

      1. Thanks! But I’m pretty sure only you can make slept/swam in braids look quite that good!

    1. Thanks so much!! It totally reminded me of a tropical vacation when I saw it too!! 🙂

  3. Hair tutorial stat! I’m going to Hawaii in 8 days (so excited!) and want to do this there!

    1. It is seriously just a regular french braid on both sides!! No extensions in the middle or anything complicated just plain french braids!! 🙂

  4. Stumbled upon your blog recently and I absolutely love all your looks! So inspiring:) I especially love the Jen’s Pirate Booty look!

  5. I am loving this fun beachy look on you! Dress is to die for and you wear it fantastically as always! Stunning 😉
    Jens pirate booty has some amazing looks!

  6. This dress is seriously SO STUNNING on you! Love it! I totally know the feeling of missing your fur baby! Luckily their short term memory isn’t that great, so as soon as you get home he’ll forget you ever left! 😉 Have an amazing rest of your trip!


    1. Ah yeah I keep trying to tell myself that!! Its the worst leaving them 🙁 !! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

  7. Gorgeous even with beach hair! And I’m sure Chauncey misses you too, but your lucky dog sitter is probably snuggling him lots for you! I mean, who wouldn’t? 🙂 When I leave my dogs though, I feel like a crazy parent who wants to check in on them constantly.

    1. You are so sweet!!! Yeah David’s brother is watching him and they are having a blast 🙂 good to hear we are both crazy dog moms!!! 🙂

  8. hi there!

    i m sure Chauncey will love to hear about your hawaiaan trip when you’d back home!
    but i know what you re feeling, we brought Ike home only 10 days ago and i love him sooooo much already!!!! can’t help to hug him and look after him when he disappear for 5 minutes (in the closed garden hahaha!!!)
    enjoy anyway! it’s just David & you, that’s the best as well right!!!

    1. Oh my yes I saw the pictures in the email!!! I didn’t have time to respond to the email right then so I still need to write back to you! He is perfect though! So exciting, is it so fun?! Love ya girl!!! xx

  9. The one and only sad thing about going away is that your pets must be left behind 🙁 I know how you feel!! Hope that you are having fun anyway 🙂
    Beautiful hair and I LOVE your sunnies!

    1. I know its the worst part of leaving!! Its so sad!! But thank you so much you are so sweet to say that!! xx

  10. you are TO DIE FOR. so perfect. so glad you are having fun in hawaii i am so jealous you are there! LOVE your blog by the way.

    xx, keena

  11. This dress is just too cute!! I just checked out Jen’s Pirate Booty—some really great stuff! Thanks for sharing. xo!