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Hey guys!! It is Friday, I am so excited about this. I am late posting today, we had a busy morning and David and I went to go visit his brother and wife’s little new born twins! They are most perfect little angels ever I can’t believe it and now its making me want a baby 🙂 but I will stick to baby sitting the littles til I get rid of my travel bug!

The Nordstrom sale started today and I thought I would share a few of my picks and a few things I have already purchased!! I didn’t put a couple things on there though that I had to tell you guys about. The Arcona toner pads I use after I wash my face at night are on sale for such a good deal, I would definitely snag those if you can, they are amazing! And then the Donna Karen deodorant pack.. this stuff has changed my life! Its obviously more expensive than regular, grocery store deodorant so I never bought it and actually thought it was kind of silly, but then my friend was in town staying at my house and she made me try it and I was at Nordstrom the next day buying it! Trust me when I say it is worth it, especially since it is on sale!

Anyways, have a great weekend! xo

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  1. So glad to see you ordered the suit! You will look so great in it! (Although you probably look great in a potato sack, for reals)
    P.S. I need a Chauncey fix, please 🙂

    1. Oh my you are too sweet girl! Not true but you made my day anyways 🙂 and I know I need to post more pics of Chauncey!!! Its on my list!

    1. Oh my I know right?! I ordered it and it should get here tomorrow! You need it!

    1. I know its hot here too and I am excited for fall as well!! Good to stock up on fall/winter things while they are on sale though!!!

    1. OMG lex I am so happy you introduced me, its thee best stuff ever!! LOVE YOU!

  2. You have me intrigued about the deodorant. I have been looking for one that won’t leave white streaks on clothing.

    1. Oh gosh, thankfully, you mentioned about that. That was one of the problems I’ve had when I was younger. I couldn’t find one that wasn’t like that.