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All these photos were from the other day in our backyard! Its been so fun having Chauncey with us!!! Oh my gosh we love him. David taught him to fetch and sit! (I realize I talk about him like he is a baby as I share his little puppy milestones haha but he is my baby for now 😉 ) Plus, before we got him I had been looking at Golden Retriever puppies online like crazy – for years. So this is real life google cuteness and it kills me.

Okay I also stopped posting what I am eating EVERY DAY because I felt like it was getting redundant and I felt like the girl in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when Kate Hudson is telling the girls about her plan to lose him and how she is going to call him to tell him what she ate that day and then the girl says “what’s wrong with that?”. Please tell me you know every scene of that movie like I do?? K good. Well yeah I felt like that haha so if you want to know kinda what I am doing for my diet see: here

I am sorry we don’t have a Daily Fav today! I was lazy this weekend and totally forgot to pick one so check back tomorrow for one!! xx

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  1. You and hubby are very sweet 🙂 And the puppy melts my heart with his cuteness!

    1. Aw thank you!! Yes we do its pretty huh?! Sending my love from US! xo

  2. The puppy pictures are so cute, I can’t even stand it. I had to pull up your blog to show my husband (we have a five year old Golden and its so nice to relive the puppy days). We were both oooooohhh-ing and remembering when our golden girl was little! I can honestly tell you, they get even better and sweeter as they grow up (hard to believe, I know). Thank you so much for sharing!! Keep the photos coming!!

    1. Aww so sweet that you have a golden too!! They are the sweetest dogs ever! Thanks for your sweet comment!! xo

  3. I love you’re blog and think your dog is just the cutest thing in the world! I was also hoping if you could tell me what lense you used in these pictures? The pictures are great and I am getting ready to invest in a rebel t3i and am trying to pick out a lense.


    1. Oh awesome you will love it! Thats the camera I have! I used a 50mm lens for these photos!! xx

  4. Such an adorable puppy! You are making me puppy hungry! And what is that nail color you are wearing? I love it. 🙂

    1. Aw thank you!! I am wearing Essie polish but I can’t remember the name of it and I can’t find the bottle but when I find it I will post on my blog and let you know! xx

  5. Aw, your baby puppy is too cute. I have a lab/retriever mix and they grow up so fast, cherish all the moments! Even though she is three now, I still refer to her as a baby puppy. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your family with your newest addition!
    Xoxo Sara

    1. Aw cute!! Labs are good dogs 🙂 Yeah I have been cherishing it it has been amazing!! Thanks so much!!! xo

  6. Your puppy is too cute!! Found on the messy dirty hair’s contest. I’m hosting a link up this Thursday April 11, show me your favorite spring trend. I’m also doing a giveaway: a $300 gift card to Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic. Would love to see you at the link up and have you enter the contest.


  7. Aww your puppy is absolutely adorable! My family got a golden retriever puppy about a year and a half ago and these pictures make me wish she was that tiny still!

    1. Aw you did?! So much fun!! I know sometimes I wish I could bottle him up at this age! But it will be fun to have him big and go on hikes and what not!

  8. Ahhhh I LOVE Golden Retrievers. We had one when I was growing up, so they’ve always been dear to my heart. Ever since I got married I’ve wanted one again. These pictures make me want one even more!

    1. Aw really?! Yeah goldens are the best ever! You should get one and they can have play dates! xo

  9. Your puppy is so gorgeous!! I hope you two are getting sleep and the pup isn’t keeping you awake. That was my least favorite part about having a new puppy in the house!

    1. thank you!! Ah yeah he has been better but at first it was hard he was up a lot! He sleeps most the night now! (it was my husband waking up anyways haha) but yeah that part is hard! xo

  10. This is my favorite group of pics u have ever posted! Love the look, the view, the colors, the puppy – everything! Also (very random) check out the wet and wild mega last lipsticks. Great colors, feel good on and super cheap!

  11. Hi Amber. Congrats on Chauncy. I’m not one to comment on blogs but I am a fellow dog mamma and your pictures are awesome! I love the ones when he is carrying his toys around 🙂 Nothing cuter than a puppy!

    1. Haha glad you agree! And so fun that you are a new dog mama too! I can’t help but take a million pictures!!

  12. I just LOVE your blog!! My morning motivator (and hair-spiration)! Also, I really love your shirt, but when I click on the link, it takes me to JCrew Etta Pumps 🙁 It could totally my computer, but thought I’d let you know anyhow!! p.s. Chauncey is just about the cutest thing around and I especially adore his name!

    1. Oh thank you so much for letting me know! I just fixed it so now it links to the top! Don’t know why that happened! Anyhow thank you for your sweet comment!! xo

  13. My dog is a little over a year and a half, and I still am just as in love with her as when I first got her! Having a dog is the best thing ever!

    1. Aw so fun!!! Yeah we are excited for him to get big so we can go on hikes and fishing and what not!! Both phases are fun!! xo

  14. Chauncey is adorable and makes me miss the puppy days! Especially laying them on your legs upside down! Cherish these moments (although I’m sure you are). Also, where is your shirt from?

    1. Oh yes I am! It has been so much fun and I know laying them on your legs is the best they love the belly scratches!!! The link for my shirt is under the last photo!

  15. Omg those pictures are the cutest!!! Umm I am pretty sure “How to lose a guy in 10 days” is one of my all time favorite movies!! Love Kate Hudson! Oh and Mr Mcconaughey of course!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Haha! Good I am glad! Its one of my favorite movie!! Thanks girl!

  16. I LOVE the last picture of you two! Puppies really are like your babies, even if you do have kiddos!