David and I decided to road trip to San Francisco this weekend so while I was at work on Friday David packed for me and got all of our things ready and picked me up from work and we were on our way!
If you have been following along on my instagram (IG: amberfillerup) you have probably seen some of our pics along the way.
We brought sleeping bags and we slept in the car (only for one night and stayed in a dirt cheap hostel/hotel one night) and we even brought cereal and milk and a stove with this camping food David has. We are currently saving majority of our money for big trips out of the country. We are hoping to make as many as we can this year so we decided to make this one an adventure, plus we have more fun this way. For us, we would rather go on 12 vacations and do it dirt cheap than go on 5 vacations and splurge. Neither of us are high maintenence when it comes to travel, like at all. I mean we could have gotten a nice hotel had we wanted to, but we figure we have our whole lives to be older and do vacations the ritzy way.. (nicer hotels, rental cars, nice restaurants, etc) but while we are young we want to be little adventurers and stay in hostels and take buses and subways and sleep in our car and eat in hole in the wall places and just be wild and young and fit in as many trips as we can! So that is kinda what we are doing!
These pics are the pictures from our camera from the first day! We did tons of walking and found that parking rates are freaking insane in this city. We also went into Chinatown and explored and found a cute little restaurant called Chinatown Restaurant on 744 Washington St. and they had a darling balcony you could eat on with romantic lights and pretty greenery. The food was good (I am not picky, so don’t take my word on that) but David and I absolutely loved the setting. We were the only ones on the balcony and it was super romantic, so if you are in the area I definitely suggest going!
My outfit details:
shirt: J Crew / pants: HM / necklace: c/o ASOS / jacket: c/o Windsor / flats: c/o Yosi Samra / bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff
And don’t forget to check the previous post to see if you won the Yosi Samra Flats Giveaway!!!

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  1. Love your outfit!! <3 so casual and carefree and you still look perfect as usual! Hope you guys had a fun trip to San Francisco!

  2. you guys are seriously the cutest! I love following all your adventures 🙂 and SF is the best- so many fun things to do there! oh and i was wondering where your husbands jean jacket is from.. my husband would totally love it!

    xo Kyndal

    1. Thanks Kyndal!!!! I know SF is the best I am already dying to go back!! His jean vest is from Forever 21!!! You should get it for your husband it is the best and I wear it all the time too! xx

  3. amber! what a fun trip! i love your idea of more trips at cheaper cost than some luxury trips! great plan! you are adorable! love the pictures of you at dinner!

    1. Kelsey!!! Thanks baby girl!! Glad you agree on the traveling part! And thank you so much, you and your husband are so adorable!!! xo

  4. YES Hostels and subways, defiantly the way to do it in your 20’s… well I think so anyway! My boyfriend and I are doing exactly the same thing! Great way to see the world. 🙂
    P.S You look fab.

  5. It looks like you had an amazing time! I saw on your instagram that you said your husband packed for you?? Well he did a great job because you look amazing!!




  6. The lighting in these pics is so beautiful. So jealous that you are in SF – love that city.


  7. Good points! My husband and I just got married in September and we’re going to Fiji in two weeks (you’ve been, right? I need more details) and Portugal for three weeks in July. We just want to travel, travel, travel, and travel some more before we settle down and have kids. I need to be more adventurous, though. LOL Brandon (my husband) is willing to eat anywhere, and while I’m not as picky as my sister, I am way more picky than Brandon!

    We want to take a road trip up to Portland (we live 30 minutes away from San Francisco) and Seattle. I keep going back and forth between driving and taking the train, but a true road trip means driving!

    More Modern Modesty

    1. Chandra!! OH MY GOSH!!! You are going to Fiji?!?! K please if you are in Nadi, go on the Robinson Crusoe Trip!! Google it, it was my favorite little weekend trip and it is for a good price too! Also you have to sky dive and go to Mango Bay!!! I am so excited for you!!! Sounds like you guys travel a lot, that is amazing! We are trying to as much as we can! Anyways, so excited for your Fiji adventure!! I went for 7 weeks and loved every second!

  8. I love that…12 inexpensive trips rather than 5 ritzy trips. I guess I’ve never really thought about it that way, but I concur.
    I’m planning to move to Europe in the next few months, and taking advantage of inexpensive trips is one thing I hope to do often!


    1. I am glad you agree!!! 🙂 And sooo fun that you are moving to Europe! What a fun experience that will be! Yeah you will be doing lots of inexpensive trips! How fun I am excited for you!

  9. Never been to San Fran! It’s cool that you slept in your car- I hope you parked somewhere safe though! You`ll have years to stay in swanky hotels, might as well do it for cheap while you are young & don`t have back pain haha!

    Some Snapshots Blog

    1. Oh you will have to make it out sometimes, it is one of my favorite places!! And yeah we made sure to park somewhere safe 🙂 And haha exactly! I am glad you understand!!

  10. I love San Fran but haven’t been there in a couple of years. Did you get to see the sea lions basking down by Fisherman’s Wharf? What I love about that city is the fact that every street lets you experience a new culture. Awesome! I saw your IG pics, looks like you two had a lot of fun.

    1. YES!! We totally saw the sea lions!! And I totally agree so many cultures and amazing things to see in that city! Now if only parking werent so dang expensive!! 🙂