Okay so I have something to admit.. these are the same shoes I wore in yesterdays post.. which may be a faux pas on my end but what is the point of getting a pair of shoes you can’t throw on with multiple items?! Quite honestly I repeat things all the dang time.. I have worn these shoes several times in the week I have had them and I can’t get over how much they spice up a plain outfit. When you don’t have an endless budget for clothes you have to buy things that can be versatile! I wore my husbands poncho sweater on Sunday along with my new hat and my brother in law literally said over 5 times how ghetto I looked.
I still cannot tell if I love that he said that or dont love that he said that.. but I think I love it?
 leggings: Windsor / shoes: c/o Chicnova / poncho: husband’s from Ross
My make up in this post:
blush: MAC ‘Ambering Rose’lipstick: Revlon ‘Siren’mascaraCover Girl Lash Blast / browsCover Girl brow liner / eyelinerCover Girl Perfect Blend / foundationRevlon Photo Ready / powderBare Minerals Matte


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  1. Hey Amber! I love your blog! It is so amazing and makes me want to create my own!
    I am a fashion student and I love your style, If I could afford it I would probably buy everything I see on your blog! I was just wondering where you got your hat, I love it!
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hey girlie!! Thank you so much that means a lot!! I got it from drjays.com !! xoxo

  2. Absolutely refreshing. The epitome of California cool mixed with boyfriend chic. It’s so nice to finally see a fashion blog where the blogger isn’t wearing head-to-toe J.Crew or Zara!

    I love looking lady-like sometimes but also love looking a little ghetto, too! 🙂

    1. Thanks Liz!!! That means a lot, you are so sweet!! I am glad you like it! xx

  3. you make that poncho look fab. thanks for being real and wearing new shoes becuase they are cute, who cares if you wear them multiple times 🙂

  4. I wear the same shoes in my blog posts a lot! I think I have worn one pair of booties on the blog at least five times. Who cares! That’s what shoes are for right?! 😉 I love that you rock your husband’s clothes and make them your own.




    1. Molly! K glad you agree with me and we can be repeat offenders together!! I mean why buy shoes you can’t wear with a million outfits?! Love ya!

  5. you are the cutest always! love the hat on you! not ghetto at all 🙂 i like wearing the same things to! makes my mind try to get a little creative 🙂

  6. I wear the same shoes all of the time! No need to worry about fashion faux pas here. I love the poncho – it looks so comfortable. I have a similar one from Mexico.


  7. Shoes that spice up an outfit are great. And this outfit is so different from the other one you shared.

    Haha, my cousin has one of those sweatshirts…what do they call them, drug rugs or something?