Here are some pictures from what has been going on in my life lately 🙂
I have been doing training for my new job and on the first day they make you go around and introduce yourself and say a little snip bit about yourself… well I HATE having to do that especially in from of 60+ people, it terrifies me. My heart beats so hard until it is my turn and then I literally shake afterwards… And I always sound like a mouse in a microphone. Its just all bad news, really.
Do any of you guys have fun plans for this weekend? I am excited to sleep in 🙂
The Yosi Samra Flats Giveaway winner is at the bottom!
 My sister and I
 Ice fishing with Jackie!
 Eating ice cream right in the middle of Nemo the blizzard in NYC
 A homeless person fell asleep on my shoulder 🙂
 Nemo in action
 Snowball fight in Times Square
 I still steal extra charms from the box … shh
 New pepper spray cause ya know, ya never know.
 Me and my nephew 🙂 (don’t ask why my eyebrows look orange haha)
 David bein a cute uncle
 In pajamas til 3pm and eating rainbow frosting…. those days have to happen sometimes.
 At our friends play
The winner to the Yosi Samra Flats Giveaway is….. Shelley Sage!!
Email me and we will work from there!!!
Thanks to everyone who entered!!


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  1. Is that a orange/brown turban hat you’re wearing in one of the pictures? If so where did you get it?! I love it and have been wanting one just like that (:

  2. AH that is not a good picture of me!!! Haha but oh well, I truly didn’t care what I looked like, I was only thinking about how cold I was. 🙂 We haven’t seen you guys in so long lets hang out this weekend!

  3. You look beauiful as always! I love the snowball fight! How fun?! I enjoy reading your blog so much! Btw, Rainbow chip icing is the best thing in the world!


    1. Oh my gosh isn’t it the best thing ever? Once you start you can’t stop eating it haha! You’re so sweet thanks for your comment!

  4. I heard about the snowball fight in Times Square. Would LOVE to have participated in that!

    And, I love that you do glamour and go fishing! I’m all about women being well-rounded in what they enjoy : ) (two weeks ago, I went shooting)!


    1. Yeah it was such a cool thing to witness!! And thank you!! That is so nice of you! I agree it is fun to take part in all sorts of hobbies! So fun- I love shooting too! xo