Remember my turban post: HERE ? Well this is how I tied my turban that day!! I just used a long scarf and I cut the frillies off on the end so it could tuck in better 🙂

Today’s Daily Fav is Rommeij! I loved her instagram photo and how she used a pop of cheetah in her outfit! To see her outfit click: HERE

As a reminder, you can be featured on my Daily Fav by posting a photo to Instagram and tagging @amberfillerup and hastagging #bfbdailyfav in the initial comment area!!

Other cute turbans: here, here, and here


Photos from How to Tie a Turban


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  1. I’m going to try this tomorrow! You rock that turban so well! you are GORGEOUS! I love that your doing the daily fav I’m a new blogger and would love to get a shoutout from you! I will definitely be tagging that hashtag on my Instagram. I really hope you choose me as I’m trying to grow my readers on Thanks for all your tips you are amazing. Xoxo Bianca

  2. How cute! I wish my hair was as long as yours. I’m totally going to try and find a thin scarf and try this out!

    1. Aw well thank you for saying hi!! That is so sweet of you and means a lot!! I will check out yours now! xx

  3. am! your blog post updates arent showing up on my feed! and im not sure why but i want to make sure its not doing it to everybodys! love this post!

    1. Jules!! Yeah its because I switched over to wordpress!! I need to figure out a way for you all to get notifications or something! Thanks for letting me know love!!