Morning breakfast at Oliver’s
 locked up mine and my honeys love on the bridge! gasp.
 striped shirt: zara; not too similar but WAY too cute to not show you guys, and its on sale: here / leather skirt: hm / cheetah sandals: old navy; similar: here
for obvious reasons…
The Louvre was absolutely un. real.
I was so sad when I got home and sat down to look at my pics and saw that dumbo forgot to get the dang tower in the pic! Instead it is comin out of my head!
I have only been gone a month but it takes being gone sometimes to realize how lovely your daily life is. I just love my simple life. And all the mundane things in it.
I think we all go through that cycle… the whole, “I am sick of my routine I need to go have an adventure” thing. Then while on the adventure, we realize how great our life and routine really is, and we miss it.
And then that repeats itself.
I am in the cutest little hotel right now though in the smallest most charming town outside of Paris, and loving it.

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  1. How fun!! I would also love to hear more about how you do your tan. Maybe a tutorial? Also where can we buy it? I do have a Cosmo liscence, wondering if you get it at a beauty supply. Thanks so much!!

  2. Your trip looks like a blast! Kinda random but how do you keep your tan so dark? It looks really natural and I know you said you only use fake bake self tanner. Do you have any tips or a routine you use? Thanks amber!