Positive Reinforcement.
I freaken love whoever did those studies. Its so true. Without it you just feel emotionally drained and helpless and nothing you do will be good enough. Every now and again everyone needs a little pat on the back or a simple, “thank you”, some recognition for your efforts. Otherwise you just want to say, “hey ya know its been real, buuut see ya never.” Anyways, maybe I have been feeling a teensy bit of that and it seriously just makes me want to go up to everyone I see and just say “hey buddy thanks for being you” haha.
But I am so happy for little tender mercies given to you when you are feeling down. This last Sunday I was riding my bike to church for the first time in this foreign city and I got completely lost. Absolutely, completely lost. They aren’t just intersections and streets here, there are alleys, and diagonal turn offs in every which way and I got so turned around. So I was just sitting on my bike at a corner staring and deciding which way I was going to go. I didn’t bother asking anyone directions because my recent experiences have shown that they are either rude, or no one will understand me and sometimes they pretend they do and just tell you to go straight… which is always wrong so I definitely didn’t think I had a chance for anyone knowing where the LDS church was. Just as I was about to turn around a guy walks up to me..
“do you need to know where to go?”
“umm not really” (why I said that no one knows)
“well I am from here and I speak English soo I can tell you were to go..”
What are the freaking chances? He knew exactly where I needed to go and gave me exact directions. I just love little angels who come into our lives at the right time and don’t even know it.
I love nice people.
Few things are better than ice cream.
I am seriously, seriously, crazy about America… but we could really use some more flowers do ya think?! Lets make our country a little more charming.
My FIRST ever macaroon!!!!
The water is so amazingly gorgeous here.
I am crazy about boat rides!!!!!
for anyone who knows me, you know I LOVE frazil’s!!! mmmm. This was the closest thing to it!
Macaroon and shopping date with Marym!
long days call for coca colas used as an ice pack for migraines. not real migraines just stress + my dramaticness haha


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  1. Just blog stalked you during class. LOVE your photos! You are so so pretty and it looks like you’re having a good time! Miss you.