Ready for my drama? and your picture sneak peak?
K so the chaos begins when I am leaving the families home (who I was staying with/nannying for) and I ask to be paid for the last week. I won’t share all the details, its probably not entirely appropriate but long story short, I didn’t get paid the full amount I was supposed to be paid for my time there. I was absolutely livid.
So I am out that money. And come to terms with that and decide I am going to make the best out of the rest of my trip.
Then I go to airport, wait for 9 hours.
During those 9 hours I realize that I have a French converter and I am in Switzerland so I cant charge my laptop (dead) and there is nothing to do on my camera so all I have is my phone. But the wifi only allows you to stay on for an hour AND to get the hour you have to enter your phone number and receive a password in a text. Well, I can’t get texts without wifi. SO every hour I would walk around and hassle people, “do you speak English?” to which I got the answer no about 11 out of 12 times and the twelfth person usually did. Then I would proceed to ask them if I could borrow their number blah blah it took about 20 minutes for them to realize what it was I was asking and that I didn’t want to stalk them.
All the food there was so expensive and the only cheap things were candy bars so I ate two snickers and a twix. Can’t complain.
Then I go to check in my bag (to fly to Nice) and am slapped in the face with a “that will be 250 euros please” ummm what? I don’t understand. I was devastated. I was already stressed about money because of the previous fiasco so of course I just start crying. I called my mom and boyfriend and just tried to figure out what to do. I had already booked and paid for my hostel in Nice AND paid for my train from Nice to Paris.. I thought maybe I could cancel my hostel, change my train ticket, sleep at the airport for a night… I don’t know a million things were flying through my head and I had crying snot coming out of my nose while trying to talk on the phone, email hostels, call train people, blah blah all at once. Then finally my parents (oh my gosh they saved my life I love them) figured it out. Oh and the lady was so nice and dropped the price 50 euros for me 🙂
(ps if that doesn’t sound like a lot of money to you, you probably aren’t a frugal college student soooo you probably can’t sympathize haha)
And now here I am in Nice.
I was praying it would be worth it because it was seriously so much stress and anxiety to get here and it totally is. From the second I got here people have been above and beyond nice. A guy carried my luggage (its well over 50 lbs and HUGE) for me through the airport and to the bus. Another guy carried it to the tram for me and got on with me and showed me where to get off. Random girls walked up to me and said I looked like I needed directions haha so they went 20 minutes out of their way and walked me to my hostel late that night. The hostel was 5 flights of stairs up and I just sat there staring, dreading carrying it and then in walks a girl.. an extremely buff girl and says she loves to carry luggage up the stairs for people?!?! haha if you say so! Then the guy upgraded me to a nicer hostel room for same price. Someone gave me their all day train pass for no reason today other than to be nice. And every time I ask someone for directions, they don’t give me directions, they just walk me to where I need to be no matter how far it is.  And the lady at the ice cream shop gave me and extra scoop for free.
It is insane. So many nice people in Nice. (ironic)
And not to mention its beautiful. So many pictures coming your way.. here is your sneak peak.
(similar swimsuit here)

Photos from Drama in France.

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  1. Hi Amber! This is so so random seeing as how this is a way old post, but I’ve been considering nannying abroad somewhere and your name popped in my head when thinking of someone who has done it before. Haha and then from the sound of this post, it wasn’t your favorite but I’m still curious how you went about it and generally what you thought about the whole experience. Any tips or advice would be so appreciated! If not, that’s totally okay! Thanks girl 🙂 PS you’ve got darling style!

  2. When I nannied for a family London they stiffed me for my last week. People can be so scandalous and cheap.

  3. Oh my gosh, I don’t even know how I stumbled upon your blog but you should know -one poor college girl to another- that your last post made me laugh…goooood times right?! Enjoy Nice!

  4. love you blog! I was just in Nice for four days with my sister and you’re right, the people there are amaze. Check out my blog for tips and ideas of stuff to do in Paris – I’m quite a regular traveler there so happy to help out if you need any suggestions 🙂 take care!!