These past couple days have been filled with sword fights, crepe and ice cream picnics on the beach, lots of skyping my handsome man, and since David loves Star Wars the little ones dressed up in Star Wars costumes for a skype date!
Yesterday we were playing on the beach after eating our ice cream and crepes and the boys were wrestling and having fun until it suddenly turned competitive/vicious like it usually does with little boys.
It is hard enough to calm raging little boys down when you both speak the same language let alone two different languages.
Normally I would have been able to tell them to stop and what not but since they don’t understand English and I know little French all I can do it talk in a mean voice and say no.
Talking in a mean voice when you are sick is quite difficult and I hate having to do that anyways because it feels unnatural so that was a struggle in and of itself. My throat has been killing me thanks to good ol freaken jetlag and not sleeping hardly soo it was killing me to even talk!
To make things worse there were all these adults.. there was like 4 women and 2 men and they were just sitting on this ledge thing watching all of this happen and laughing. Yes, laughing.
They wouldn’t stop! Which made me even more mad. 
I could tell they were just watching me thinking, “poor thing, what a bad mom” haha or something like that. It was so annoying. Then I told the boys it was time to go home and as we were walking passed these adults they said, “good luck”
I’m trying.
But I sure do adore these gosh dang cutest kids.
I live in pigtails these days. Something about pigtails just feels right when you don’t ever want to wash your hair haha. They don’t use conditioner here and I failed to bring some… soooo yeah. My hair is slowly dying.
 This is precisely what I pictured a French dog to look like!

oh yeah and my bestesssst best friend is PREGGGGERSS!!! check it out 🙂


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  1. These kids are to die for!!! I wish I was there with you… Great photos sis!

  2. Use apple cider vinegar mixed with water…it gently conditions the hair. You can pour it over your ends after you wash your hair or put it in a spray bottle (which I recommend because the vinegar will BURN your eyes if your not careful).
    Also yogurt as a pre-treatment mask before you wash your hair could help (leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes or how ever long you have-just don’t let it dry out) but it has protein in it so if your hair is sensitive it could make it brittle for a few days. I always add a little oil (olive, any really) to the yogurt and as always, only apply it to the ends. Best of luck to your hair!

  3. Okay when you get back I need you to immediately go with me to help me buy extensions and then you need to do that side french braid thing on me because I could surely never do it myself. Looks like you’re having a blast!!