Had the best weekend ever with all of my favorite people in Vegas. I normally don’t like Vegas because it just reminds me how awful this world is becoming but since it was in the middle for all of us (az, ca, and ut) we decided to meet there and have a couples trip and it was theeee best. Had to get back to real life today.
Here are some instagrams from my life the past couple weeks (minus the Vegas trip.. those will be later)
 David and I have been juicing and I have been loving it. I didn’t like my juicer at first because it was such a pain to clean, but we decided to juice in bulk to make it easier and now I am in love! My favorite juicing combo is: celery, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, carrots, apples and oranges. So yummy.
 I am in love with my new dress from asos: here
 at laurens going away get together

 demon eyed siblings 
 I bestudded my new notebook for my purse annnd I like it.
 My quote of the day. 
 At the park with Chanel
 She is a cutie.

At Pei Wei eating oranges while waiting for our food!

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