20 Tech-Free Ways to Play With Your Kids at Home


I am a big fan of the holidays, but with it comes winter and that cold air that keeps us indoors most days. It can often be hard to keep two under three entertained. The easy thing to do would be to turn on the iPad or TV, which can both be beneficial and needed sometimes, but it’s usually harder to come up with things that don’t involve technology when you are in a bind.

So when that day comes, here are twenty tech-free ways to play.

"Bonus here because you get a work out in and they burn some energy off indoors."

1. Mama/Kid/Baby Yoga : Pull out a few mats and teach them sun salutations and more. Bonus here because you get a work out in and they burn some energy off indoors.

2. Build a Fort : Seems simple enough, but to keep them entertained longer try have special activities in your fort like reading stories or coloring.

3. Read books : If your child has trouble sitting to read, make it a theme. Such as books about cars or books about animals. That way it feels more like a game.

4. Pull out the play dough : We tend to hesitate in getting messy with our kids because of the cleanup, but it can be so great for kids to use their hands and create. Throw out a Gathre mat and let them go wild.

5. Play Restaurant or Chef : but for real. Order off a menu you create and let your kids make your lunch. Yes it will be messy, but they will have so much fun feeling like a grown up.

6. Build and visit a zoo (in your home) : Get all the animals and stuffed toys you can find and build a zoo around the house. Have your child visit each room and learn different facts about each animal.

7. Take a bath : Pull out the water toys and throw them in the bathtub and let your kids splash and play. OR Let them paint in the bathtub. Then you just rinse the mess right up. (Look for washable paint when you are at the store)

8. Make cards for someone you know or don’t know : Pull out all your craft supplies and make sweet cards for friends, family, military, your next door neighbor – literally anyone you think needs some love.

9. Build an indoor fire and roast some marshmallows : Pretend you’re camping and tell fun stories and make s’mores.

10. Do some chores : I know this one doesn’t seem fun, but it can be so beneficial to teach your kids to be self sufficient. Show them how to fold laundry, sweep, do dishes – anything. There are some great age appropriate chore ideas on the internet. Plus, I always think it’s more fun to do chores as a family. Turn on some music and dance while you mop.

"Your kids will love the one on one time they get with you."

11. Play a board game : There are tons of age appropriate board games out there and your kids will love the one on one time they get with you.

12. Write a book together : Come up with a fun story line, write it and then illustrate it with your kids. Then have them read it out loud to everyone in your family.

13. Do an at home scavenger hunt.

14. Have an International Day : Learn about a different culture or country and spend the day cooking and crafting things around that culture.

15. Create an indoor obstacle course.

16. Craft with handprints : Make ornaments, cards, or just plain finger painting.

17. Host a mini olympics with silly games and have real winners.

18. Bake and decorate cookies.

19. Pin the Tail on The : Have them draw a large picture of an animal or person, haha, and have them pin the ‘nose’ or ‘tail’ on the donkey.

20. Take their lead : Sometimes kids just need imaginative play. It can be hard as adults to remember that. Often, the best thing is to just encourage them to play what they are dreaming of.

Like I mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with a movie night or iPad time to let kids be entertained through technology, but there is also nothing better than good old fashioned play time with your kids. I’d love to hear your favorite ways to play with your kids when you are stuck inside.


Article and images by Victoria Schneider. You can view more content by Victoria on her blog thesoutherntrunk.com and on her Instagram here

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Hi there! I’m Victoria Schneider and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I married my best friend and heartthrob, Ian, and we have two little boys named Cove and Jettson.

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My boys are my heart and my joy. Being a homemaker is truly a gift. When I’m not taking care of/or with them, I enjoy documenting and writing about life, faith, fashion and styling on my blog, The Southern Trunk. Blogging is something I’ve found so much joy in over the past few years. I have loved being able to connect with so many people and having the opportunity to document this life we’ve been given. Even though it’s considered a job, I see it as more of a passion project.

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