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SWEATER DRESS: Brochu Walker // LEGGINGS: 7 For All Mankind // FUZZY SOCKS: Free People // Atticus – SUPERMAN SHIRT: // Rosie – ONESIE: Our Little Lullaby // HAT: GAP (Sold out, other colors) // MOSES BASKET: Badger Basket

The other week Atticus was running around playing with Chauncey when David started snapping candid photos of them (the pics above) they are so funny together ­ they have the cutest little bond. 99% of the time when we are at home Atticus is running around in just a diaper. Partially because I think babies in just a diaper are SO ADORABLE and partially because he’s so messy and this means less laundry haha. AND he’s much happier nakey nakey. We have always used Seventh Generation products. We love their laundry detergent, dish and hand soaps and their cleaning sprays because they are baby friendly. So when Atticus was a few months old we discovered Seventh Generation diapers and we LOVE them. People always ask what brand they are when they see them poking out of his pants or see a photo because they are the prettiest diapers. I love how simple and organic they look (I sort of hate all the bright prints on most diapers)! But they are chlorine free and super absorbent. Every baby is so different but Rosie needs a diaper change like 6 times a day! And every time is a possible blowout haha. I know not all of you are concerned about diaper changes right now but one day you’ll thank me;)

We are busy getting last minute things ready for Christmas and family coming in town ­ my parents come out next week and David’s entire family (27 people) come a few days after! So it’s gonna be a party. I am hoping for snow because I really want Atticus to be able to sled with all of his cousins!! Hope you all are having a good week!! XO

We made a little video over the weekend before David left, check it out here😉

*Thanks to Seventh Generation for sponsoring this post

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  1. SO now that I am deep into all your old posts (because ugh cutest family ever!), I keep seeing the flowers by your sink and I was wondering if you just literally are the flower queen and had fresh flowers all the time OR if they are fake flowers because I have looked everywhere for beautiful fakies like that!!

  2. the picture of Atticus laying back on Chauncey like he is a couch—i just about died. so cute!!!
    Merry Christmas 🙂

    1. Haha!! I love that pic too 🙂 Merry Christmas to you too!! Enjoy the weekend!! xo

  3. Picture perfect <3 love your braids in these pics!
    Always such cute photos of Atticus and Rosie 🙂

  4. How did you come up with your kids names? Atticus is so adorable and unique and Rosie is just precious!

    1. Thank you so much!! And they aren’t family names or anything, we just really loved them 🙂 We wanted a strong name for Atticus and we thought Rosie was so cute!!

    1. Thanks Ali!! We use a canon 5d mark iii and then edit our pictures using a program called Lightroom. xo

    1. Thanks so much Hayley!! I love watching them interact 🙂 So sweet! Thank you for the love and support!! xo

  5. I loved the video! So good you guys did a christmas practice. We will be so excited to see is new train, I bet! I loved the diapers. Which they brought them to Malaysia 🙁 Bests christmas wishes to your beautiful family!!

  6. Thanks for sharing Amber! I used Huggies for my girls but they aren’t fitting Beckett as well? I already put him in a size 4 (he’s JUST 10 months) because he kept waking up wet. I will need to give these a try. Love that they are baby safe too!
    Xo, Tara

    1. Of course!! Definitely try them out! It is nice to have a brand you trust 🙂 Let me know what you think!! Thanks for reading Tara!! xo

  7. Forgot to add in my comment! Sorry!!!
    Have an amazing holiday with your family!!!! ❤️❤️U tons!!!! ????

  8. I love the NYC apartment friendly Christmas tree and its splash of color… And Atticus gazing over his city… a true New Yorker!!!

    1. Thanks Ehren!! We are loving the new apartment 🙂 Can’t wait for you to see it!

  9. Chauncey and Atticus are the cutest little duo, oh my. Definitely need to check out Seventh Generation for our future baby endeavours!!! Lovely post, Amber 🙂 have so much fun with your family!!



    1. Thank you so much!! I agree 😉 I love them together!! And yes! Keep it in mind for the future! Thanks for reading!! xo

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I feel like I tell you that all the time but truly you and your family and Chauncey are just darling!!!! ???? the post!!! Seventh Generation is amazing!! ???????????? your new place!! Just beautiful like you!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family!!!! ☃ Tell Sarah I was asking for her!!!

    1. Thank you so much Lori!! You are so kind to say that!! A mom never gets sick of hearing sweet compliments like that!! Happy Holidays to you!!! xo

  11. Hi! I was wondering where you bought the little table and bench for A? I love it!
    Thanks so much 🙂

  12. Atticus looks so big now compared to Rosie! And I love the video of the train opening, super cute 🙂


    1. I know huh?! I love seeing them next to each other 🙂 And aww thank you! I am glad you liked it! xo

    1. Thank you!! I am glad you liked it 🙂 It is so nice to wear around the house! Thanks for reading!! xo

  13. These photos are SO ADORABLE! Your cute little ones (including Chauncey) are the most adorable little babes ever. Atticus and Chauncey’s relationship is everything and I hope one day our baby and dog play around just like that!

    Do you mind sharing where the changing pad cover is from?

    Merry Christmas to you, David, Atticus, Rosie and Chauncey!!!


    1. Thank you so much!! And yes it does! Besides that it is much better thank goodness haha! We were running out of space with our growing family 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!!

  14. I love these pics up! Such a great day! and how he’s lying back on Chauncey like yep, just me and my bro. HAHA! You can tell the look on little Rosies face that she adores her big brother. Can’t wait to see your holiday pics! All the best!
    Terrell from OK 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! And haha isn’t that hilarious?! Just lounging on his pup 😉 Thanks for reading!! Happy holidays to you!! xo

    1. Haha seriously!! He loves to be pants free haha!! Thanks for reading Felisha!! xo

  15. So fun to have so much family in town for the holidays! You’re giving me serious baby fever with how sweet Rosie and Atticus are!! Also, you are always so crazy stylish and put-together! <3

    1. It will be a blast!! It is fun having family come to us for once 😉 And aww thank you!! How sweet are you?! xo

  16. You and your little ones (including Chauncey of course) are SO ADORABLE! I can’t even handle the cuteness between Atticus and Chauncey, not to mention sweet little Rosie in her little outfits!!

    Where is that cute little changing pad from?


    Merry Christmas!

  17. Love these candid pics, they are just too cute. We loved the simplicity of the diapers as well, we know what you mean about hating the prints on most diapers!

    ISA Professional

    1. It has been amazing so far 🙂 We are loving our new apartment!! Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo


    1. Hi Charlotte!! You are so right!! Atticus would LOVE that!! Great idea!! I can’t wait for Christmas morning yay! Thank you so much for the sweet comment!! Happy holidays to you!! xo

  19. Your family is adorable! We are expecting our first little one any day now, and your pictures just make me more excited to finally meet him! I’m curious as to where you got your changing pad cover!

  20. We actually use honest and have been really happy with them, but it’s just so great to find a brand (especially for the kiddos!) that you’re happy with and can trust! Good to hear about Seventh Generation, I have not used many of their products!


    1. I have heard great things about Honest Co too!! And I agree, I love and trust Seventh Generation which is a relief for me!! Thanks for reading Colleen!! I appreciate your comment!! xo

  21. Amber! First of all, thanks for the spring post you show me a few days ago. They were extremely useful. I wish I can show you some pictures I just don’t know how! Hahaha I don’t want to be invasive so I haven’t tag you anywhere. Let me know how can I show you 🙂
    Atticus is so adorable! I love the fact he is so friendly with Chauncey. My boy just turn 1 and he hits my dog all the time???? I try to teach him but it doesn’t work.
    Good luck with family visits. Even though we love them, sometimes they are so much work hahahahaha
    Finally, you look amazing! Maybe you can share your meal plan with us! 😉

    1. Of course!! I hope it was helpful 🙂 And you can tag me on Instagram!! xo

      Thanks for the sweet words!! You are so sweet!! And yes! Family can be a lot of work haha! 😉
      Happy holidays to you!!! xo

      1. Happy holidays to you too!
        I just tag you on my instagram. My user name is @santafrana ????

        Enjoy these days with David, Atticus, Rosie and Chauncey ???? You are a wonderful family!!!!

    1. Me too!! Such special memories captured over the years 🙂 Thank you for the sweet comment!! I appreciate it!! xo

  22. Those chunky legs & little hands are to die for….how ADORABLE!! My twin girls loved running around in only a diaper or nothing at all???? Merry Christmas to you & your family!!

    1. Right?! I die at the rolls!!! And how cute!! Babies in diapers are my favorite! How fun you have twins!! I bet they’re darling 🙂 Happy Holidays to you!! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! We aren’t fully moved in but we LOVE it 🙂 Especially the extra space yay! Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!!! xo

  23. Babies in diapers are SO CUTE, I totally agree! Seriously can’t believe Christmas is this week! Sounds like you will be super busy with so many family members coming to visit but thats what the holidays are for, spending it with family and friends.

    1. I agree!! It might be my favorite thing 😉 And wow!! So crazy!! We are so excited! Happy holidays to you Taylor!! Enjoy all the family time!! xo

  24. A and Chauncey have the cutest friendship. My sister hates to run around in just a diaper, she screams and throws clothes at you 🙂
    Rosie is so beautiful <3
    Hope you had a fab weekend with Rosie and Chauncey

    1. I can’t help but agree!! I love them together 🙂 And haha that’s so funny!!

      Thanks for the sweet comment!! Happy Holidays Emily!! xo

  25. I am having a baby in one month and have been looking at what is the best diaper to use. I can’t wait to try Seventh Generation!

    1. So excited for you Julia!! How exciting 🙂 Boy or girl?! And yes! Try out Seventh Generation, you won’t be disappointed!! xo

  26. Adorable! Love your blog!

    Do you mind sharing where A’s breakfast table is from? Thanks!

  27. awe so cute. my baby is also obsessed with our dogs and it’s so cute to watch their special bond.
    Could you possibly share a post about the workouts you did during your latest pregnancy? I’m 2 months and I am not sure how with feeling exhausted I will stay fit 😛

    xo, aleida

    1. Thank you!! And aww how sweet!! Dogs are the cutest with little ones 🙂 I agree, such a special bond! And that’s a great idea!! I am hoping to get some fitness videos up soon!! xo

    1. Aww thank you!! He really is so sweet with her 🙂 Thanks for reading Courtney!! xo

  28. Love their diapers! I stocked up a few months ago, can’t wait to see our boy in them in 5 short weeks.
    There is something so cute about a baby in just a diaper!!

    1. Smart move!! We love them over here 🙂 And yay for you!! 5 weeks will be here in now time!! xo