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Today I am sharing all the things I do to help my hair grow and all the tips and tricks I have learned! I know I wear extensions, but that is because my hair is thin, my hair is definitely long and it wasn’t always. My hair was so so fried when I first moved up to college because I wasn’t doing any of these things I am listing and I had gone brunette – blonde – brunette – blonde – etc. It wasn’t until I went to hair school that I learned all of these things and I got my stringy, fried hair to grow from just passed my shoulders to now inches passed my boobs! So here are all of my tips! I know some of them will be the “well duh” tips, but none the less, they work 🙂 So here we go:

Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#1 BRUSH YOUR SCALP – With a wire bristle brush that is. This will help stimulate the cells on your scalp and help promote hair growth! I do this (almost) every night and completely swear by it!! Last time I mentioned this a few of you requested a video showing exactly how this is done and I almost made one but felt really silly making it because it really is as easy as it sounds, you just brush your scalp! It does help if you do it in C motions so you don’t have to go the entire length of your hair each time, but however you get the job done is just great. Do this for about 5 minutes as often as you can (plus it feels really good too!) You can pick up a wire bristle brush like this one I have for 1-2 dollars at any Sally’s or beauty supply store or online, here.

Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#2 USE HEAT PROTECTANTS – The best way to help your hair grow is to make sure it doesn’t BREAK so this means keeping it healthy! I am a big believer that besides bleach, heat is the biggest problem with damaged (aka not growing) hair. So when you do use it make sure you are using heat protectants that will protect your hair. My favorites are the Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect (applied before using hot tools) and the Style Sexy Hair 450 Blow Out (applied before blow drying hair)

Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#3 BIOTIN AND VITAMIN E – These are both vitamins that help promote hair growth and some people SWEAR by them. Vitamin E I have seen improve my hair health but mainly my skin! Which I know is off topic but for me I love Vitamin E because I feel like it totally improves the health of my skin, hair, and nails. You can get these at any Wal Mart, Whole Foods, etc.

Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#4 EXERCISE! – I am a big believer in exercising for a million different reasons but one of them is also hair growth. Supposedly it helps get your blood flowing and promotes hair growth. Whether this actually helps hair grow, I don’t know for sure, but I think exercising is good for health, attitude, skin, etc. so why not anyways, right?! 🙂

Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#5 GET LESS TRIMS! – You’ve heard me say it and I will say it a million times again, but for heavens sake can we chill out with the trims?! I was a hair dresser for years and all the time my clients would say, “I need a trim”, and I would tell them their hair looked healthy and I didn’t think they needed one and their response was always, “well its been 6 weeks” – okay you guys, this is not how it works. You don’t get trims because its that time of the month, how is your hair every supposed to grow if you do that? You get trims when you actually need them. If you have been taking good care of your hair, you may not need one for months and months at a time, so give your hair time to grow and only trim when necessary. PS and make sure your hair dresser is honest and doesn’t just always want an extra $30 when you come 🙂 and if she is length happy when it comes to trims – leave her asap!!

Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#6 DEEP CONDITION – This is another thing I am very consistent with and have seen it help my hair ten fold. I do a deep conditioner at least once a week. I wash my hair in the shower like normal and rinse the shampoo with hot water, then I get out and towel dry my hair and then apply the deep conditioner and go about my business for probably 20 minutes and then rinse with COOL water in the sink! If you are in a rush its better to do it in the shower for 5 minutes then not at all just make sure you rinse with as cool of water as you can handle! That will help seal the cuticle and keep all the good stuff inside 🙂 I swear by the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask.Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair

#7 AVOID USING HEAT – Like I said before I am convinced that heat is the biggest thing that will damage your hair! I told you guys how my hair was FRIED and short before I went to hair school.. but when I learned more about taking care of my hair I knew I needed a completely fresh start so I went an ENTIRE summer without heat and this, BY FAR, was the thing that helped the most! In fact I had gone home to Arizona for the Summer and when I moved back up to Utah everyone kept saying, what is so different about you?! And it was because my hair was finally growing. Its obviously hard to never use heat, summer is the easiest time to do this but if you can just even let your hair air dry a couple nights a week or braid your hair at night so the next day you have heatless waves, anything helps 🙂Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#8 EAT HEALTHY – There are lots of foods that can help promote hair growth and whadddyaknow they are all healthy. Obviously eating healthy is good for your skin and it likewise is good for your hair. The main foods that are good for your hair are:

  • Salmon or if you don’t like fish (me either!) then any fatty acid helps – avocados, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, etc.
  • Sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe – they have a great source of an anti oxidant called, beta carotene, which our bodies turn into Vitamin A which helps produce and protect the oil from your scalp
  • Eggs, chicken, pork, beef, aka protein and iron! Iron helps cells carry oxygen to your hair follicles and often lack of iron can lead to hair loss.
  • Spinach, kale, broccoli, any leafy greens! They contain beta carotene, iron, vitamin C, and folate.
  • Lentils, soybeans, kidney beans – they have tons of protein, zinc, biotin, and iron.
  • Greek yogurt – has protein and vitamin B5 (which you often see in hair care labels), and Vitamin D
  • Blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes – has a lot of vitamin C which is critical for circulation to the scalp.

Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#9 USE A FILTERED SHOWER HEAD – I started looking into filtered shower heads about a year ago and was so shocked to learn that the water that comes out of normal shower heads contains CHLORINE! I honestly had no idea. Granted, it is a very small amount, but as a blonde I don’t want any amounts of chlorine in my hair. Blonde hair is very porous and will suck things up very easily so a filtered shower head is a must for me! Basically it filters the chlorine molecules and makes them bigger so that your hair rejects the molecules. I honestly was skeptical but I have noticed my hair is softer and my husband also says he noticed a difference so we both love it! Plus I love all the shower settings 🙂 The one we got is from Sephora and can be found – here.Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#10 PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM CHLORINE – Obviously chlorine is horrible for your hair, so if you are going swimming in a chlorine pool its best to get your hair wet before going in and IF possible also apply conditioner! Your hair is like a sponge so if you go straight into pool water it will suck it all up, but if you put pure water on before hand it will get MUCH less chlorine in your hair.Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair

#11 WASH YOUR HAIR LESS – I literally can’t understand people who wash their hair every day, mainly because even if I wanted to I think I am too lazy! That is so much work! Plus the more you shampoo your hair, the more you are removing the healthy oils from your hair that are protecting and keeping your hair healthy. And the less you wash it the less you have to blow dry and straighten/curl, and the less heat the better! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week but almost always twice a week. Usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. And yes if you wash your hair every day you will have to train your hair to get to that point so start by doing every other day and work your way up, but I promise your hair will love you. Dry shampoo is your best friend. I use this one.Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#12 USE GOOD PRODUCT – I never really used good product before hair school and mainly because it was SO much money!! But now I totally see the benefit in splurging for good product.. although if you are not there yet, there are good products that can be bought at a drug store as well. My must have products are:

To see which Shampoos and Conditioners I recommend please go to this post, here!Barefoot Blonde 13 Ways To Grow Out Your Hair#13 UV AND WIND PROTECTION – This one is probably pretty obvious but anytime you are in the sun it is good to use a sun protectant for your hair or just throw on a hat. And then for the wind its best to braid your hair so it doesn’t become a tangled and broken off mess! 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed and hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! And don’t forget to shop the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale! See all my favorite picks from the sale, here.

**Photos taken by Jessica and Amanda of Jessica Janae Studios and myself.

**Red hair in first photo belongs to Jackie from Little J Style, blonde hair is myself, and brunette is the lovely Makenzie Hamilton


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  1. This was super helpful. My hair is starting to get so thin and I’m trying to find ways to help it grow/thicken. Do you have any suggestions for those with thin hair and not washing it every day? My main question is, I workout 5-6 times a week so my hair gets sweaty, so If I work, I have to wash my hair almost every day. I’ve tries dry shampoos, but they just make my hair look oily.

  2. Love your article. I do brush my hair and my scalp, take biotin vitamins and use MAK Hair products vitamin hair growth shampoo and conditioner. I also believe as you said diet is a big part of it to keep hair healthy..

  3. Thanks, for coherence suggestions being shared by your good self.Here is some more relevant add-on in the context for to make your hair grow.
    frequent trims.
    Resist the urge to go blonde.
    Distribute your hair’s natural oil.
    Keep your scalp healthy
    Eating the right foods.
    Avoid heat styling tools.
    Skip the daily shampoo
    Add a vitamin to your A.M. routine.
    Finish your shower with a cool rinse.
    Be careful when you brush wet hair.
    Stop doing trendy “cleanses.”
    Sleep on a silk pillowcase.
    Pay attention to your skin.
    Apply in your life.And make your hair to grow fast.

  4. Thank you! I LOVE This, definitely going to use your tips and recommendations xoxo

  5. Thanks for the tip. I’m getting worried. Can I use extensions that won’t damage

  6. Your advice is right on! I Wash once a week, take biotin(3), exercise to heat up the scalp and eat… With the biotin you have to take 3a day… Everyday. My hair has grown so much that my family thinks I’m wearing extensions.

  7. Thank you so much! When I was younger I had my hair around waist length. After a while I got bored with it and also all of the kids at school had short hair, so I cut it into a long bob. I really enjoyed my bob especially because I don’t like getting trims, I like some change. I’ve grown my hair out and then cut it short but its never been more than 4 inches past my shoulders. I recently decided that I would like my hair to be longer again. This has helped a lot, I will be sharing this article with my friend who also want to grow her hair out. Thanks again! 😀

  8. Great information I had my hair cut short notice what I wanted something I am trying to grow it back out. I need to lay off the heat from drying it good tips
    I will try several of them
    Thank you

  9. I’m 16 and my hair is short but kinda decent but I really want it long, but my mom’s hair was never long and I have her hair and my hair has really never went passed my shoulders and if it did it went like 3 inches or so past! I really want my hair really long what should I do!

  10. I cut my fringe but I don’t like ppl at school will think my hair look weird plz help me I need advice

  11. My hair is so short and it was the same length for my whole life! I had pretty long hair when I was 6, but when I was 7, my brothers put gum on my beautiful hair! I had to get a boy’s haircut and I was mad… It only grew 4 inches and its still the same even tho Im 16 now! I tried a trim, but it got shorter😞 Anyone advice? Please reply soon!😞😔😌

  12. I just chopped off my hair maybe a month ago because I thought it would be ‘easier’, and that was absolutely not the case! lol. I’ve been following your blog for a while and figured I’d search to see if you had posted anything about growing hair out. Voila! Thank you so much for this! I’m going to give it a go and in a few months I’ll hopefully be able to order some of your hair extensions!!! 👌🏻😁

  13. I have realllly thick hair and I wish it was just a little bit thinner because I do so much sports my hair makes me so hot. I was wondering if I grew my hair out to about my waist if it would make my hair a little bit thinner?

    1. You can also ask your hairdresser if she can use a thinning tool, my hairdresser did that a bit for my sister, it helped her a lot because she has VERY thick hair. You could also try layers. Growing your hair out long would probably make the tips thinner but wouldn’t do anything else much, I’m not sure, I’m not an expert. 😉 Hope this helped! 🙂

    2. If your hair is naturally thick, or won’t it might get thicker as mine tends to do. They have a special type of shears call thinning shears that have little dull blades with indents that will cut away amounts of the thickness from the strands depending on how many times you snip. Good luck!

  14. I personally do not use any heating elements on my hair anymore, the last time was 16 years ago, my hair got so fried from a disease to my thyroid and I had to have all my hair cut off from the middle of my back to well above and around my ears and that was two months ago and I have been using Vitamin E 400 IU 2x a day, and GO GROW, KERATIN 8 drops rubbed in my hands then I tip my head upside down and gently rub it in and I have seen no growth since the girl cut away my hair that was around and below my shoulders and I have no idea what else to do to make my hair grow faster I am better now and do not need thyroid meds anymore, yeah!! Please help!!

  15. Great idea! I will definetly try it. My question is, how do you grow out your hair without condiotioner? But anyways, thanks!

  16. Hi lovely article now bookmarked in my browser
    I was wondering about growing my hair our, more specifically that petsistant fine baby hair in the front. It has never been long it always fine and thin, whether I bleach color or leave it natural. I love those think braids that are in at the moment and my hair just can’t. Please help
    From a thin haired blonde.

    1. I also have those baby fine blond hairs in the front, how do you grow them, thrust just get curly or slight wave and want yo wear my hair back occasionally!

  17. Please help. My hair has always been my pride and joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my hair or touch it. I just don’t know what to do. my hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should i do to regrow hair?

  18. Hi! i am interested in attending beauty school next year and was wondering whats the cost? This would be so helpful if you would let me know! thank you!

  19. I am 11 years old, and I’m sick of having short hair. I see all these other girls walking around with long hair.

    1. Im, twelve and I have the exact problem, and I literally live at the pool in the summer but I want to grow my short, thin blonde hair.I cant spend to much money on it, my parents probably wouldnt spend over 45, but maybe because my mom is trying to grow her hair which is a bit like mine, maybe not as healthy looking.My hair curls up at my shoulders which makes it look even shorter, I dont want to use heat, maybe straightening cream will work???I have been trying to grow my since the day I was born, I have never dyed/bleached it, but I am a swimmer, I have tried so many things and I think something in this list will help(: Any more suggestions please let me know!!!Thanks!!!

  20. Great advice. I have a question. My hair is thinning. What shampoo do your recommend for strengthening hair. I am looking at Andalou or Phytoworx.

  21. My hair is really short it hasnt grown more than an inch in the past year my last trim its really thin and wont grow or get thick help??

  22. As you mentioned we should not wash hair daily and twice a week is good, then what if i do workouts 4/5 times a week and got sweat in scalp, how should I deal with it. I need some suggestion very badly Thanks for reply in advance ?

  23. I m applying nuhairrx serum from recent 2 weeks feeling great, it’s is not an oil, a sort of watery fluid with great fragrance, felt diminished hair fall a bit , can see little changes starting at this point.

  24. Fabulous! A lot of this is common sense but I know for me , washing my hair a lot was habit and using a hair dryer too! I’m now going to take all your advice and hopefully see a change in my hair. Thank you so very much.

  25. Like the comments ! But why is one side of my hair thin??? I only was my hair one thin a wrrk ! Hardly blow dry it ! I have med short hair ! I let it dry natrul !

  26. I do love this website 100% but I’m having an hard time to have my hair to grow especially when I have no teeth so I would be able to get dentures but my boyfriend says I can go on web to search anything to find what I’m looking for and he also said that whatever I’m online is all rubish!! But please i really do need help :'( feels like I want to shave all my hair off because it’s too short and really thin that I honestly can’t stand.

    1. Get a red onion, blend it to a puree/liquid state, use a cotton ball to apply the juice to your roots. Let this sit for about an hour or so, then rinse your hair, and do a light shampoo with apple cider vinegar to eliminate the onion smell. do this 3 times a week if possible for about 2-3 weeks then do a length check. You also want to use oils as oppsed to sheens. Idk your ethinicity; caucasian hair is often much finer and will seem heavy if you apply too much oil while african/native hair will suck moisture up much quicker because the follicles are thicker and depending on its texture will affect how well your roots wll retain moisture. a good oil to start with would be jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and coconut oil for treatments.

  27. This is super helpful! I do have a question though- I’ve had a problem with hair growth in two places- on either side of my head….two little spots near by ears. And I can’t get it to grow. I’ve tried like everything under the sun. Any suggestions? You have georgous hair!

    1. I don’t have any tips on hair growth in specific spots sorry about that! I had some issues with that after child birth and I am not sure how to get those pesky baby hairs to grow back 😉 good luck!!

  28. I think the most important thing is the quality of products being used. I recommend using any fast shampoo fortified with amino acids but stay away from the ones that contain sulfates.

  29. I do not agree to most part. I just had a dermatologist let me that washing the hair less frequently just saves more hair to be shed for the next time.

  30. This was a great detailed article thank you! I’ve been trying to grow out my hair for years now but I never seems to get any longer. I’m 25 but when I was a teenager I bleached, dyed, straightened my hair every day almost. I regret it now obviously! Right now my hairs a little past my shoulders and I never really dye it anymore my only problem is that I straighten it a lot. My hair is naturally REALLY curly and frizzy and I can’t stand it and don’t like going in public with it! So that’s why I always straighten my hair ???? I also wash my hair a lot but I’m going to work on doing it only 2-3 days a week also. Do you know how I can wear my hair natural but not look like a lunatic with an Afro?? Lol. Thanks ????

    1. I am so glad you found it helpful!! And I hear ya!! I did so much damage to my hair growing up ahh. The regrets are endless haha! It sounds like you’re doing everything right now 🙂

  31. Thanks so much for these tips. I am having a problem because I have been swimming every day. I just need some clarification since you aren’t originally blonde. Naturally blonde hair is a lot finer most of the time, so is it possible for it to get used to not washing daily? My hair looks greasy so quickly. Thanks!

    1. Of course!! Glad you liked them 🙂 I definitely think you can train your hair to not get greasy as quick, just lengthen out how many days you wash it and overtime, your hair will adjust and get used to it. And yes, my hair is more of mousey brown naturally and has always been very fine.

  32. Love this, thanks!! So you don’t use any other product (gel or mousse?) My hair is prone to dryness but now I’m wondering if the product I use is contributing to my problem! (Sorry if this posted twice! Phone issues)

    1. Thanks Kate!! And no, I don’t use any gels our mousses so I can’t give you a great answer on if they cause dryness.. but maybe go without them for a week and see how your hair feels 🙂

  33. This blog is officially my favourite. You’re too cute. My little tidbit is to always look for no sulfate fast hair growth shampoos with aminos for best growth! And we all know, with those 6 week trims, fast growth is sometimes needed!

    1. Thank you so much!! What a nice compliment 🙂 And thanks for the tip!! That’s great!!

  34. Hi Amber, I also have fine blonde hair (only since dying my hair) and I’ve been platinum for a couple of years now. I’m finding that I’m getting a lot of broken hair around the hairline as well under my hair a nice straight cut /line (like a long bob) and I’m in need of some help on what I can do to grow it out healthily or any suggestions really as I’m getting married early next year and don’t want to cut it as the rest of it is quiet healthy and down the middle of my back.

  35. Hi amber! Thanks for the fantastic tips, I just think you’re so amazing!! I have a question about washing your hair though….I’m an athlete and I do intense cardio every other day, I’m already washing my hair every other day but I want to try washing it less like you mention. 2 times a week. However with intense training and sweating so much during cardio I’m not sure how to get around washing it less….Any ideas??

  36. Love the article. What is the name of the nail polish you’re wearing here? I was looking to see if anyone in the comments asked and it remained a mystery.

  37. I have extremely fine blonde hair so all this works except wash less often, i simply cannot get away with 3 days + as it looks rank. But apart from thay all great advice

    1. I totally understand!! It all depends on your hair type 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xoxo

  38. this is helpful. I cut my hair a couple of months ago and regret it now. I want it long again and really healthy.

  39. I was 13 when we have our own beauty salon but seriously I didnt know anything about hair care tips and how to avoid damaging your hair. So yeah it was September 23 2014 when I decided to go to our salon and tell my stylist i want to go blonde. (I didnt that time what is bleach) so i just let my stylist work with my hair. After a few months my hair became so attractive because it is long and shiny and blonde ash. it is rebonded too. many girls were jealous of my hair because almost people say its so cool and unique and every time i walked in the corridor i can make a head turn . (Yeah really) But then one day June 2015 I colored my hair black, days went by and then my hair becomes dry. my aunties also noticed it. and my classmates. It was so bad until now. I tried so many procedures on how to repair my hair but i think im losing hope right now 🙁 My new grown hair is about under the ears long. I hope it will grow faster. Please I need ur help i need advice 🙁

    1. Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that!! My favorite and most useful tips are the ones I included in this post, so I hope they are helpful for you 🙂

  40. Thank you so much for this information! It was very helpful and the links made it easy to purchase products:)

  41. It made me smile when you said less trims???? I’m a hair stylist as well and I would tell my clients the same thing. If you want your hair to get long there is no need to get trims so often. I had a question for you. I’m new to New York and being a hair stylist I’m super picky about just anyone doing my blonde. Your hair always looks so healthy. Where do you get your highlights done? I really need mine done and I am super afraid of someone frying my hair!! If you could help me out that would be great! By the way you have a beautiful family????

  42. hi, thank you for all these great tips, I have a few questions though, How often do you use dry shampoo?, the leave in conditioner is just for the days you wash your hair?, how often do you use the serum?

    1. Of course!! Thanks for reading it! And you I use dry shampoo like two days after I was my hair (when it starts to look a little greasy) until the next time I wash it 🙂 It all depends on how oily your hair is and how often you wash it. Use a deep conditioner once a week, it will keep your hair hydrated. As far as the serum, you can apply it to your towel-dried hair right after washing it and before blow drying.

  43. This was very helpful. I have been struggling with thin hair for the longest time and I can never tell what’s better for my hair, washing it in cool water or warm water. What do you suggest?

    1. I am so glad to hear that you liked the post!! Thanks Jordan 🙂 And I always try to wash out my conditioner in cool water but it is hard in the winter haha!

  44. Thankyou so much that was so helpful my hair is already so long but its pretty much stopped growing and I want it down to my knees so I can donate some of it this really uelps thanks again your awesome

  45. Hey,
    I have naturally curly hair and I like it to be longer because of the curl. I donated 11 inches of my hair to beautiful lengths in 2013. Since then I’ve had my hair trimmed 2 times. I feel I have healthy hair and it grows really well. Although I have read that trims are good for the hair to stay healthy and grow. I’m just unsure on how often I should get it trimmed or when I know that I have split ends.

    Any suggestions?

  46. “#11 WASH YOUR HAIR LESS – I literally can’t understand people who wash their hair every day, mainly because even if I wanted to I think I am too lazy! That is so much work!”

    Great article otherwise, but you clearly don’t know anything about oily hair types. Tip#11 is only good for those with normal/dry hair. I would LOVE to not have to wash my hair everyday . Dry shampoo is only good for extra volume or when you have a small amount of oil in your hair but will not last an entire day for those with oily hair.

    1. I used to have SUPER oily hair! For like the first month of not washing my hair everyday it was awful! But as you stop stripping your hair of the natural oils your scalp produces to keep your hair healthy you’ll start to produce less. It takes time for your hair to figure out how much it actually needs to produce. I can now go 3-4 days between washing without being a total grease ball. Have some patience and learn some cute braids and buns to help cover the greasy hair while you transition!

    2. Hello ????
      On the contrary, I think she is very well educated and her tip remains true, even for oily hair types. I know, because I am(was) one. Some people’s skin, hair, etc definitely can produce more oils than the average but you train both in order to cause your body to produce less sebum(oils) The whole concept of washing your hair is “cleaning” by removing ALL oils, good and bad, leaving it stripped. Your natural oils are somewhat of a defense mechanism to protect your hair. Because you wash on a very regular basis as you stated that you needed to because you have oily hair, you are constantly removing the “good stuff” to protect your hair. Your body recognizes this as a “cry for help” so to speak, and over compensates by producing MUCH MUCH more sebum to make up for the constant stripping of your hair. Much like starvation mode in dieting, if your body is not meeting its nutrient requirement, it will actually slow down metabolism extensively, and hold on to any and all fat as a much higher rate than normal. Your body is constantly looking for homeostasis, and your hair is no different, girl ????

      I too, used to think anyone was crazy when they said washing every day was not necessary for my greaseball head of hair. It does take PATIENCE and time to train, and for the first 3-4 weeks you’ll be frustrated and want to stop but it’s in my opinion, the absolute best thing you can do for your hair. I now only wash my hair every 6-7 days, and I kid you not, it still does not look greasy on the 6th day, it’s just a matter of I KNOW I should be washing my hair. I also use All Natural shampoo&conditioner (silicone, paraben free, etc) and that also plays a major role. I feel like I’ve tried them all, and hands down the best I’ve ever tried and would highly recommend to you and TO EVERYONE ELSE is Andalou Naturals: Sunshine and Citrus. Some natural shampoos and conditioners, are watery, smell weird and don’t really feel like they clean your hair that well or do much at all. However, these are the best shampoo and conditioners I’ve ever used, natural or not. The smell alone is enough, just trust me ???? sorry for this long post, but I felt I’ve been in your exact shoes and could bring something to the table. Good luck! PS: I agree that A LOT of dry shampoos are duds and don’t do much for oil absorption. It sounds weird but I use baby powder or corn starch (I know, weird) and a TINY but of cocoa powder because I’m blonde. It does am amazing job. My best friend who is brunette mixes half and half of corn starch and cocoa powder and she refuses to use anything but. Not to mention, you will smell amazing all day ????

  47. I enjoyed all the posts – I’ll add mine. I am almost a daily swimmer. I wet my hair first, add WEN on my hair and put on a swim cap. When I come out of the pool and rise out my hair, it has no damage from the chlorine. WEN saved my hair from years of over color-processing. I am 68 yr young and am now enjoying my God-given color and embracing it

  48. Awesome article 🙂 Growing hair is really difficult. I personally have struggled my entire life with my short, fine, curly hair. All I ever wanted was perfect long, straight hair. It wasn’t till I learned to embrace my curls that my hair has started to change. In February I started shampooing my hair every 3 days and by July I got it down to once a week and I condition every day. I also load up on coconut oil throughout the week. Also in July I gave up heat and have since only used it twice, for special occasions, but twice in 3 months compared to daily like I used to is a improvement for sure! The worst things I do to my hair now would be wearing it up for my job and using a wide tooth comb to brush it.

  49. I love your blog and I love this post. Basically in this past year I ruined my hair. I’m a natural brunette but for about 5 years (2009-2013) I had blonde hair. It took a while to get where I wanted to be, but it was nice and healthy blonde hair. I decided that I wanted to go dark for a while and dyed it brown. I was brown for about a year and then got bored and wanted to try a redish. Then this year I wanted to go back to a chocolate brown and get hot heads extensions. I went to the brown hair dresser and my hair was basically black and I hated it. I let one of my friends whose a stylist give me highlights and then somehow I was on my way going back light. Since February I was getting highlights from her, but I wasn’t at the blonde I wanted. I decided to go to my old hair dresser and get highlights. This was a big mistake and she dyed it so blonde and right when she got done dying it there was so many broken pieces. I was so upset. Just the other day I decided to dye it back dark and keep it like that for good, but now I have extremely damaged hair. The crown of my head is all broken pieces and it feels gross. I am afraid to do anything to it. I am guilty of wanting to wash it everyday because it basically looks gross otherwise. I don’t style it everyday though. If I wash it I just throw it up in a wet bun. Any other tips? It’s sad because my bangs are so fragile. I used to have nice hair and I don’t know what to do.

    1. I’ve done the same, i get bored so easily. I put real mayonnaise on my hair once a week, it works fantastic!

    2. Jessica,
      I have had the same exact problem as you! My natural color is dark brown and from 2006-2013 (after dying it auburn and cutting it short) I put no color in my hair and let it grow out. It grew out beautifully and was down to my hips and healthy and strong. It was my defining feature for sure. Then, stupidly, in 2013 I started getting bored with brown. I started dying it lighter and lighter and lighter and adding more and more highlights and bleach into my hair. Despite dying it 3-4 times myself, it was still in great shape. Then, 2014, I went to a salon and got it dyed professionally, because I wanted more blonde than I could accomplish on my own. It was the worst mistake of my life. The stylist bleached and over processed my hair and it has not been the same since. I had to cut off over 10 inches of my beautiful long hair and the ends were still fried. I was miserable but I left it alone and let it grow. Now, almost a year later, I have gone to a new stylist and gone back to brown, also cut off a good 4-5 inches again. My hair is still in critical condition but much better since going back to brown. I wash it 2-3 times a week and use coconut oil mask overnight with a plastic cap. When I do wash it, I use Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and a few different masks. I also take GNC’s Hair, Skin, and Nails Advanced Formula vitamins. I am not sure how much the vitamins help with length, but I have seen a difference in the overall condition of my hair – it is full, shiny, healthy, and no longer dull. It takes time to get your hair back to a healthy state, but I believe if you let it grow out a bit and then go to a good and reputable salon and go back to your natural color, you will be able to get healthy hair again. Best of luck!

  50. I bought the Nuhairrx serum and it was working very well when I used it twice per day. I started only using it once per day and the results stopped. Just three months ago I began using it twice a day and it works very well that way. I recommend using it twice per day.Lol.

  51. I just cut 7inches off my and I regret it so much…I love the tips and how the products are just a click. But…how long will it take for my hair to got a longer?

  52. Just curious. ..what is it you do with the vitamin E drops?

  53. Great tips, thank you. BUT the Moroccan Argan Oil Mask it’s a rip off and does not work at all on my blonde hair… I’ve appied it 20 min a week religiously for the past 2 months, I am a pretty healty person and don’t use heat much, so… Not the best product in my experience.

    1. If you don’t buy the actual product from a salon or a beauty supply store, chances are the product is a knock off of the original product. Its like buying any salon hair care products in drugstores, the consistency and ingredients are different than buying them from an actual salon.

  54. I too am a hairstylist and frequent trims are necessary for most, especially those with long (mid back) hair. Nutrients cannot always get to the ends of the hair if they are dry and brittle and that’s where a trim comes in. Hair is pretty much like grass….if you keep it cut every two weeks, it grows back healthy and FAST! but if you don’t get it cut, it grows too long, turns brown at the ends and starts breaking. Just my two cents.

    1. Hair grows from the top of the head, not the bottom. Once new hair growth comes out of the head, it is essentially “dead”. Trims only attribute to hair growth if you have split ends and breakage, and a trim prevents it from splitting up or breaking higher up in the shaft than it normally would causing a shortening of the strand.

  55. With certain steps like dont wash my hair i cant do i have also tried most of these and they dont work!

  56. Awesome Article Barefoot Blonde! Or, is that an AA for BB? 🙂

    From one blonde to another – I discovered an incredible formula this past winter when I got snowed it. It’s 100% organic with Argan Oil, Sw. Almond Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Pumpkin oil plus essential oils, absolutes and herbal extracts.

    My hair has always been thin and fine. I was working on my new aromatherapy and used this for three weeks while snowed in and then an old beau flew in from Paris. I had to do the whole hair and make up routine and thought, ‘oh God I’m SO busy who has time?!’ I looked in the mirror and VaVOOM! My hair was Angelina full!

    So, I got busy and put it on the market.

    I’d love to send you a sample, would you be interested in trying it? It makes your hair grow thick and fast. You should see the women who have tried it – who I don’t know and have never met – sending me photos on my FB timeline and in a FB group I started. I’d LOVE to have you give it a whirl.

    My email is above and I’ll provide a link to Amazon with a full discount.



    1. Those products are supposed to be amazing for hair, especially pumpkin. What is the name of this product?

  57. Well i dye my hair and my hair is really short and my mom cuts my hair to like 5 in and it drives me crazy becuze i whant my hair long like 3 ft but is eggs and hunny and vegetable oil good for my hair to

  58. Nuhairrx Serum is best product for hair growth that I have ever used before. I feel like my hair is growing thicker and looks plenty. My wife also said the medication works. highly recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing hair lose.

  59. It’s amazing, the simple things you can do (diet, exercise etc…) to help grow and maintain your hair. Very informative tips, thank you.

    1. I agree!! Very easy things to simply add to our routine for healthier hair! I am happy I could help.

  60. my hair in the back is just not growing what should I do to make it grow back even though my doctor told gave me some ointment and it is kind a of working . so I just need my hair to grow back so is it okay if you just give me some tips of growing my hair.

  61. well i have short curly hair when i would hot comb it or flat iron it , it would be straight now i dont have have my long black girl hair nomore , and i want it back and my hair is red in the back so i use color shampoo and use color conditioner , so my hair is still short what can i use to grow my long hair back ?

  62. I know this is an old post but I just came across your blog and love it! I’m curious how long it took you to grow your hair out and if you had any postpartum hair loss? My babe is 7 months old and I feel like I’m bald! Wondering if you have any tips…? Thanks!

  63. where did you buy that Vitamin E Oil w/ Keratin? I looked on Amazon and it’s not there…. Figuring if it’s not on Amazon then it may be really hard to find locally for me.

  64. This is by far one of the most informative and accurate posts on hair care that I have read in a long time. My mom is a hair stylist and everything that you have noted is exactly what I was taught to do for long, healthy hair.

    Thank you! I hope this post helps out with others looking for healthy long hair.

  65. What if your hair is extremely oily I have to wash my ha job r everyday or it looks like I rolled my hair in veggie oil. What do I do??

  66. I use groveda hair growth serum. It’s the best. It has olive oil, biotin, msm, amla, grape seed oil, olive oil that way I don’t have to buy a ton of stuff. My hair is shiny and growing like crazy. It’s cheap too.

  67. really does help thank you. my hair used to be really short but in 3 weeks it has grown down to my waist!!!!!!

  68. I have really fine blonde hair and I’ve been trying to get them into a healthier state, so I’ll definitely try your tips.:)
    But I was just wondering regarding the washing – what do you do it you work out? I mean I try to wash my hair less, but I work out a lot (especially running and stuff) and it’ll get sweaty so I practically have to wash it…

  69. Great tips! But I think they are not beneficial for everyone.I used to have hair loss and I had tried out many of these tips before.But instead of hair growth, I started to lose more hair..The heat protectants, conditioners and sprays didn’t work for me .Then I came to know about the hair transplant techniques and I went for it.Now am the most happiest person and I feel more confident than before…I would advise such people to go for hair transplant in case of severe hair fall or baldness.

  70. Here’s two things that work for me – when I overly heat styled my hair. #1 is the hommade approach where you can use a teaspoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of mayonnaise – apply to your hair and then cover it with a plastic cap and leave it on for thirty minutes. That is the cheapest way. If you are a super busy mom like me and work also, you can use the heat leave-in protector from the Shielo brand BEFORE doing any heat styling. The Shielo protector will stop the heat from damaging your hair, and it just makes it super shiny and soft again.

  71. Noticed that you posted Vit E skin oil with Keratin, are you taking oral Vit E or using liquid on your hair & skin?

  72. I just love your tutorials. How often do you heat your hair? Does it make any difference if a person blow dries their hair once a week with hot setting or with cold air settings.

  73. I also recommend that you look into using the LittleBlack Scarf. I used this product to help protect my hair at night. So far, it has produced very positive results in the last 2 months. Thanks for the tip about exercising, i didn’t know that it can help you lose weight, be healthier, and grown your hair! Thanks for everything that you do with this blog! Also, the link to the LittleBlack Scarf is below, check it out.


  74. You can also use Mega-Tek Mane and Hoof rebuilder from Amazon as a leave in then rinse out treatment, it made my hair grow an inch and a half in one month (it’s what people who constantly get sew-in weaves use to grown their edges and bald spots back…it’s actually meant for horses who have saddle-rub to grow back their hair quickly but it works for people too). This is a way to “cheat,” bypass the BS, and make your hair grow upwards of 10 inches a year. ALSO VERY EFFECTIVE: get pre-natal vitamins that are a capsule with a liquid or semi-solid substance inside, take them in the shower, poke a hole in one end with a pin, and squeeze out the contents into your palm, then mix with your shampoo. You then need to really rub it into your scalp and massage it for at least 1 minute. DO NOT ingest the pills, this will actually make you fat/retain water. These are THE fastest ways to grow your hair.

    1. Oh, and the Mega-Tek also makes your hair a LOT thicker, both because of the protein it deposits on your existing hair, and because of the fact that it actually causes new hair growth, particularly around the edges of your existing hairline. I have a ton of brand-new hair growing in now.

    2. Thank you so much for the recommendation of the Mega-Tek, I Just purchased a bottle ???? However, I thought it was worth noting that pre-natal vitamins DO NOT make you gain weight lol. Usually the people who take pre-natal vitamins are you know, pregnant. Therefore they would be gaining weight anyway. Also, absorption of pre-natal vitamins is best distributed internally. The molecules of most vitamins in a pre-natal are too large to penetrate the hair follicle if applied topically ????

  75. Hi! I love these tips & thanks for teaching me how to trim my own hair!
    Buuuut, you should try making your own dry shampoo, because a lot of dry shampoos have propane or other harmful products (even more so than some hair sprays!) What I use is baking soda and corn starch. It’s a 1 part baking soda to one part corn starch ratio, so how much you use depends on how much you want to make. It doesn’t make your hair smell & if you go to Dollar Tree and buy salt and pepper shakers they make perfect containers. I gave some to other people in my family to try and they all love it! All you do is part your hair, shake it & rub it in! (:

  76. I have a product- Hair Skin & Nails. Helps with healthy hair growth fast! You mentioned thinning hair, it helps thicken as well.
    Text me for more information, I’ll send you my before and after (9 days!) 610-739-6302

  77. Loved all the tips, but is there anything that can be done to help with getting your hair thicker/fuller? Please get back to me if you happen to know of anything. My hair is so very thin.

    1. Rose, see my comment below re: Mega-Tek. It is beyond belief what this stuff does to grow and thicken your hair.

  78. Hey!! I love your posts!! One thing I wanted to add to your hair list is on biotin…

    Biotin actually does work wonders for your hair. The problem with over the counter biotin and most biotin products is that they aren’t chelated. That means your body won’t absorb the actual biotin and you won’t see results. The only biotin I have found that is chelated is by It Works! You can find it on my website at wholesale

  79. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation however I find this
    matter to be really something which I think I’d by no means understand.
    It kind of feels too complicated and very vast for me.
    I’m taking a look ahead for your next put up, I’ll
    attempt to get the grasp of it!

  80. For the sun thing, do you mean just the scalp needs to be outta the sun? Or all of the hair? And why? I thought vitamin D was a good things for your hair?

  81. Love your tips! If I may add about the trims, yes regular trims is recommended but only if you have damaged ends and you fear it could run up your hair. But if your hair is perfectly fine, there is no need to trim. Taking good care of your hair’s health should be given utmost priority so you not only grow your hair length, but also promote healthy hair in the process.

  82. I’m binge-reading your blog right now and loving it! A couple of things, though — the brush you link to at Sally is a nylon bristle, not a wire bristle (which would be something like, and your hair has grown “past” your boobs. 🙂 Oh, and the only thing I’d add to your GENIUS ghetto sneaker/dryer setup would be ear buds and music!! lol Loving you, girl!

  83. Hi Amber,

    Do you have any tips for girls with thinning hair? My hair is already on the thin side, but I think it’s thinning now and I’m only in my early 20s :(. Thanks!

  84. For anyone wanting to buy a filtered showerhead, you can buy it so much cheaper from home depot and they attach onto the pipe from the wall and then you can screw on your desired showerhead. Even the refills are cheaper. I use the Slimline brand. Ive been using it for three years now and it really does make your hair less harsh.

  85. Love this! Glad to see more people promoting less hair washing. Blowpro Faux Dry shampoo is also a great dry shampoo! My favorite so far because it is not aerosol.

  86. Hi there! I love these tips, but I had a question. If you recommend not using heat, then how do you get such beautiful waves? Is there a specific braid or method you’re using as a no heat alternative? Thanks.

  87. I have a question about how often to wash your hair if you work out a lot. I work out with high-intensity cardio about 4 times a week, and sometimes 7 in the summer when we’re active! And when I’m done I’m dripping sweat, and my hair is damp. It feels weird to not completely shampoo after this–do you wash your hair after every work out, or is dry shampoo enough? Tips for that would be great.

  88. Love your blog, Amber! I could read it all day, such great info.

    I started using CountryLife Maxi Hair vitamins a few years ago at university and it has made a world of a difference! My skin looks brighter and more importantly my hair looks fuller! It doesn’t necessarily make it longer, but even my hairdresser in college noticed after a month of using it how full and shiney it looked. I do not go a day without it now. Link:

    I have a question about hair color – I have a very dark brown chestnut color and would love simple dimension but I don’t want to damage my hair too much. What do you suggest about hair coloring?

  89. Thanks for these tips!! I’ve been trying to grow my fro for months!

  90. Hi amber! Love the tips. Questions: do you apply the vitamin E to your skin and does it make you break out at all?

  91. I absolutely loved this post!! I pretty much do all of these and I am trying so hard for my hair to grow and my hair is also fine. Your hair is always pretty!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  92. Amber!! So sorry this is a total random post to ask on, but I’m hoping its the best way to catch your attention! My fiancé and I are looking to invest in a camera so that we can video and take pictures during our honeymoon! What type of camera do you use when you and David go on trips or what not?! Thanks for your time! Hope all is well with the soon-to-be-mama! xoxo

  93. I absolutely love your site! Where did you get that amazing blue swimsuit in the above post regarding protecting your hair from chlorine?

  94. I read this a couple days ago and didn’t think much of it, but then when I got out of the shower and went to blow dry my hair I decided to put the heat setting on cool. My hair already feels smoother and it’s easier to brush!

  95. Thank you for this really helpful for us! You’ve been to hair school? Wow u must be a pro at taking care of you hair 🙂 I agree with most of the points you have said, what about straighteners, hair dryers ? I learned to use hairdryer now and my hair has never felt healthier. Thanks Amber x ur the best

  96. About the vitamin E do you take a supplement or use the skin oil in the picture?

  97. Thank you so much for these tips! But, where is your swimsuit from in the last picture? That is so cute!!

  98. I don’t understand why you’re wearing you hair extensions in the photos…seems a bit misleading to me.

  99. This is a great post. I knew a lot of your suggestions, but don’t always practice them, so it’s a great reminder!
    I, too, was wondering about what to do with my hair post workout? I only wash twice a week, but I need to get into a workout routine and I worry about what to do with my hair after???
    Not to be totally crazy with questions, but could you maybe do a post on extensions? I know you use the clip-ins, but ordering on the internet, how do I choose the color that’s right for me? How do you care for them properly, how often do they need to be replaced? Lol, like I said, lots of questions!!! Thanks!!!

  100. I always notice a difference in my hair when I use a deep conditioner. I love the moroccan oil kind, but I’ve also been using a macadamia oil kind and it works very well. I definitely need to work on the healthy eating part – vegetables are great for everything!

  101. I have a question about washing hair less. I’m one of those that wash my hair almost daily (oops) but it’s only because of exercising. I go to the gym (and sweat) often and feel gross if I don’t shampoo my scalp afterwards.Do you have any suggestions about that?

  102. I’ve always been envious of your hair, thank you for sharing your tips! Growing out healthy hair isn’t an easy task, it’s always nice to hear what works for other people. I’ll certainly look into getting a different shower head after reading this!

    Check out my post on growing out my hair on my blog:

  103. I’ve always been envious of your hair, thank you for sharing your tips! Growing out healthy hair isn’t an easy task, it’s always nice to hear what works for other people. I’ll certainly look into getting a different shower head after reading this!

    Check out my post on growing out my hair on my blog:

    xo Ericka

  104. Hi there. A great post! The only thing is that you might want to reconsider your use and promotion of Moroccanoil. After reading this I did some research and it turns out that the ingredients in the oil are mostly all silicons. Did you know that silicons suffocate your hair, do not allow nutrients to be absorbed through any other treatment or conditioner, and eventually cause your hair to fall out and NEVER grow back? Moroccanoil is a huge hype. Check out this article.

    I seriously recommend people just use pure argan oil. That’s what I use. And make your own hair masks at home with egg, oils, etc. Much cheaper and much better for your hair.

    1. I’ve been using morrocan oil for over 4 years and my hair is amazing. If I do say so myself

  105. I being following you in Instagram because I like your style. Thank you for posting these tips. 🙂

  106. Where did you get that adorable swimsuit in the last picture?

  107. Hey Amber, your blog is amazing! I also have a question about your extension.. What brand are they and which color? I am in the pretty same shade like you and it´s so hard to find the perfect match. I wish you and your little family all the best! xx Franzi

  108. This is a great breakdown. I already started using some of these tactics and have seen some growth.
    Another thing i heard to avoid is color, and if you absolutely need, maybe just get some highlights/accents to hide your growth. is this something that you would recommend?

  109. Love this!!! So many great tips!! Thanks for sharing! Can you share what brand extentions you are wearing ? Thanks!!!

  110. I have a question about the extensions! I totally am planning on investing in some, however people keep saying it pulls and destroys the hair it attaches to. Is this true for you or have you not run into many problems? Thank you 🙂

  111. Always envious of your great hair and have been trying to get mine to grow. Thanks for the tips!

  112. Oh my goodness I love this post! I used to have such long hair and got a bad hair cut and I’ve been impatiently waiting for two years for it to get back to what it was! I’m so excited to try some of these tips!! Thanks!

  113. A bit unrelated but what size are you in the More of me T-shirt gown you had on in your photo-op? I hope you don’t mind me asking. I’d like to get my cousin one!!! And on a related note – I purchased a Mason Pearson bore bristle brush 6 months ago and the results are amazing! My hair is doing so well and growing nicely! This is a great post

  114. This is totally off subject. But have you found a diaper bag? I’m having a hard time finding one that doesn’t look like a traditional diaper bag?

  115. So great! I’m trying like crazy to grow my hair longer…I’ve stopped coloring it as we’ll to help it along. I’ve been trying out lots of the hair style tutorials and love them but wondered if sometimes you’d do ones without extensions. Yours are gorgeous, but for those of us who don’t wear them and have thin hair, it would be awesome to see your hair styling tips for that too.

  116. Totally agree with #11. I notice if I wash my hair two days in row, the whole texture of it gets messed up and it even looks greasier which seems to make no sense. Bumble and Bumble also has a great dry shampoo (with color) that is good for grease and when your roots grow out. It also is great to use when you are back-combing or teasing your hair!


    1. You said you have extensions also due to thin hair. My hair is also very thin. What kind of extensions do you recommend? Im new to getting them, but hate how thin hair looks…

      1. I have tried all sorts of extensions, and I really recommend micro tape-in extensions. I’ve found them to be the least damaging, and the most rewarding. I really liked the Dream Catchers hair for awhile, but I found they were putting too much strain on my fine, fragile hairs, and frankly, the micro beads are uncomfortable and feel weird against the scalp.