How was your weekend!? We had a weekend full of organizing and in between that, lots of fun. We are currently living in a rental to answer a lot of your questions. People have been asking if the house in my insta stories is the home we built and its not. The build won’t be done for a while – we are almost done picking out all of the finishes with Becki Owens who is our interior designer! We are going to make another YouTube video with her to give you guys lots of sneak peeks and get your opinions! So stay tuned. Here are 12 things…

  1. We got the kids a playground from Costco. We thought we would set it up that night but then looked at the instructions and it said it is a 12 hour assembly for 2 people haha. NOT including the slides which was an additional 3-4 hours. So we craigslisted that shiz and had someone else set it up. It is finally done and the kids are stoked!
  2. I actually love AZ heat. I love the dry heat so much more than humid.
  3. My sister is the best at organizing and has been helping me go through everything and sort it all. And when I got here it was just me and the kids and my sisters picked us up and surprised us — they had moved everything in for us and unpacked SO much. I cried, it was so sweet.
  4. Dying to see Wonder Woman!!!
  5. We got an office and I was meaning to buy these office chairs online and now they are sold out!!! Ah. Ya snooze ya lose.
  6. Rosie and Atticus love to jump off my moms diving board its so funny to watch! I thought Ro would be scared but she just goes for it.
  7. I am going to make more of an effort to do more hair and fashion posts on here.
  8. This is a big week for Atticus! He has a little screening for a program I am hoping to get him into and also his BLUE 3rd birthday party!!! I kept asking what kind he wanted and he just wanted blue! So blue it is. I have really cute stuff for the kiddos and I think he is going to lovvve his party!!!! I cannot wait.
  9. A lot of people have messaged me to tell me mini vans are ugly and I shouldn’t get one haha but I really just don’t care what my car looks like – I just want to be comfortable. I know, such a mom thing to say. And let me tell ya – pushing a button to close doors and all the space definitely fits in my comfort zone. The car I really want to be driving is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird in pastel pink.
  10. For our home build we want the Tesla solar panels sooo bad! But geez $$$$
  11. Felt so good to go through all of my beauty products! I sorted them all and my sisters and I are going to go through and try a bunch on insta stories this week! I don’t know what day but probably Wednesday. I lovvvve trying new make up and beauty products eek!
  12. We are doing a pop up in Utah June 30th! My friend Rach and I are teaming up to do one so you can come shop both her dresses and our hair extensions. I will give you guys more details soon!!!
  13. And a bonus. So my sister and I went to the store to get a trash can – I wanted one of those ones you push the lever with your foot and it pops open but they are literally over $100 which is so ridiculous. My sister was like, “have you ever had one of these that HASN’T broken?” And I was like um nope you’re right they literally always break!!! That is why we left our old one in NYC, the lever stopped working. And the trash bags don’t even fit properly. Anyways, we got a $10 trash can and I have never been so happy about a trash can.

Have a fabulous Monday! Bye xo


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  1. I can relate to the trash can scenario! Same here and it’s soooo annoying to have a shitty one !! Lol

  2. Your 12 things are so fun to read. I love hearing random tid bits that don’t fill out a blog on their own 😉 I cannot wait to see pics and hear about A’s blue birthday! And I had to google Tesla solar panels… *drool. Added to my someday list!

  3. Chauncey is so cute!! And good for you, nobody has time to assemble a 12+ hour playground!

    Sarah |

  4. So many things happening!!! I love watching along on insta stories! Rosie is getting so big!!!

  5. You rock that mini van!!!
    The ppl messaging prob don’t have kids!

  6. 12hrs for a playground!? omgosh. Good job pawning that off to someone else haha
    Love the outfit and Chauncey!

  7. The fact that you’re so nonchalant about your desire to own a mini-van is so funny. My husband had to drive one around for a while until he bought a new truck and it even had the lift for wheelchairs (he called it drawbridge… and he thought it was so “gangster”. Own that mini-van girl!! Xoxo-JS

  8. Honestly, your photography is so beautiful that I bet you’d totally rock the mini van and make it look amazing on your blog, haha. You’re like Regina George, if you bought army pants and flip flops, I would buy them too! I wish I lived by Utah for the pop up store! You should come to Connecticut instead!! Hehe.

    Simply Lovebirds

  9. Mini vans are the best! We’ve had one for three years now for our four littles- the space can’t be beat (all those car seats) and yes those sliding doors making everything easier. Best choice ever!

  10. Ugh! So true about the trash can breaking!! I bought one for my Parents at TJMaxx for $50 Bc my toddler kept throwing everything in trash when we were over.. I came back to visit and the foot thing is broken! Ugh

  11. Hi Amber! You have inspired me a lot, even to start my own blog❤️ I am currently trying to design my website, but I’m having a really hard time. Do you have any tips for getting a website up and designing it? Thank you!

  12. I want a mini van too! And I hate when people tell me that I should be too good for them. It’s like, who am I trying so hard to impress with my two kids at the grocery store? Perspective people… comfort is life and I’m not too good for anything so good for you haha.

  13. Love that you “craigslisted that shiz”, you are too right about the pastel pink thunderbird and the trash can story was pure gold. lol
    Always so fun to read your blog babe, have a lovely week♥

  14. Omg don’t you just hate that trash can shiz, mine didn’t even last a month ! Ugh.
    Can’t wait to see A bday party, am sure it would be awesome My son who’s also two has a speech delay as well. I can’t wait to hear him say I love you , I’m sure I would cry my ss off that day lol 😉 oh btw Wonder Woman is awesome. Great message too

  15. I am dying to get a minivan! You’re right – comfort is key and they are totally NOT ugly! You’re so blessed to have such a great family. I’m looking forward to seeing your home build process ❤️

  16. 1. Wonder Woman is sooooo good, you should definitely see it!!
    2. Your new kitchen is literally so cute, I love how you organised it!
    3. I don’t know why but your hair looks different? But amazing like always!! ❤️ You!!

  17. Hi. Please do pop up shop work Rash in NYC. I been wanting to meet you for so long 😢

  18. minivans are amazing! i was so tired of my kids climbing over seats getting into out SUV and having no storage. i was so frustrated after school drop off one day that i purchased it online and had my husband pick it up. best online purchase ever!

  19. Go for the mini van! I haven’t expressed it to my husband yet, but when my lease is up I want a mini van too haha 🙂 I am all about practicality and ease!

  20. I watched Wonder Woman yesterday it was amazing!!! Your sisters were so sweet to do that for you, I hope me and my sister get along like you guys do when we are older haha!
    xxxxx Isobel

  21. When you have kiddos a minivan is a MUST!! And they are SO not ugly😜

  22. Touché on the trash can! When we moved 2 years ago we went “trash can shopping” and went in wanting a steel looking heavy duty one with the foot lever. Like you said they were so expensive! We bought a $10 plastic one with a basic lid as well. 2 years later and still going strong! It kind of baffled me that people would spend that much for something that just holds trash.

  23. First off so wish I lived in Utah for that meet up with Rach, I love her blog also! I’m in LA and would be so excited for you to have a meet up here 🙂 I’d even drive to SD haha. Secondly I know you looked at craigslist to get someone to set up the playground…I don’t know if you have heard about Task Rabbit, but it is sooo helpful and the people on there just get things done so quickly with any handy work you need! Hope that helps!

  24. Haha!! The mini-van. In full disclosure, I just can’t bring myself to get a mini-van (my kids are about a year ahead of yours); but I gotta tell ya… when I’m in a parking lot squeezing to get one kid out of the seat because some jerk parked too close to me, I absolutely 100% wish I had a sliding door. PRACTICALITY! Also, if you have three, it’s basically just science to get one, right?! Hahaha. I’m so very happy for you and your mini-van. Get it girl! Woo woo!!

  25. I have a 2015 white sienna mini van and i couldn’t be happier! Tons of space and soo comfortable and smooth! I got flak for being the “soccer mom” but its all good i love my swagger wagon! Plus I think its like the hippest mini van lol

  26. Hi Amber. The last few posts I’ve been getting duplicate email posts from you. It’s not a big deal. Just wanted to let you know in case my email address is on your mailing list twice. Thanks. Love your posts. It’s my fav thing to read everyday. Ashley

  27. Cute outfit! You always look so cute! How are you liking your shorter hair? also you get that mini van! Why would anyone care what type of vehicle you drive? You will be the cutest mini van mom!

  28. Haha! Great that you are happy about your 10$ trash can 😀 Thats so cute!
    I love reading about what is going on in your life and hearing some random facts that you wouldn’t share anywhere else 🙂
    I havn’t been to Utah but I can’t belive that dry heat is better than humid! 😀 Doesn’t it feel even hotter? 😀

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  29. OMG – those fancy chrome trash cans with the stupid foot pedal thing drive me insane. I totally bought one when I moved into my own place, and you’re right – trash bags NEVER fit in them. I’m not gonna lie – I like the way they look, but never again will I buy one! haha

  30. i kind of want to see that trash can now 😛
    looking to repurchase a new one (call me crazy, mine hasn’t broken once, but i’m….sick of it?!)
    glad you guys did not find a house in Hawaii so the decision to move back to AZ at a difficult time was no trouble at all (except of course emotional). although i am secretly excited to see you in a less beach setting!!! 🙂

  31. Love this! I am from Utah and really excited about your Pop Up shop. Can’t wait for more details.
    What color of your extensions are you wearing? Love you new hair color 🙂

    Blissful & Blonde

  32. Haha! I an totally relate to the trash can story, LOL! And so glad to hear y’all are settling in and YAY for a BLUE Bday party!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  33. That car though 🙌🏻
    My dream one is a 1959 convertible Eldorado Cadillac, pink 😉

  34. I am always in love with your 12 Things series! I love how you get so personal with our readers and that’s why it feels like we’re all friends!! I was wondering if you plan on doing an NYC pop-up for your extensions. Because I would be there in a heartbeat!! Thanks xx

  35. Hell yes to that pink Thunderbird! 🙂 I love that you are getting a minivan. I hate that is has all these negative associations and stereotypes. They are popular for a reason….cause they are the most convenient and best for families. Have a great week!


  36. Absolutely LOVE you and your blog!!! I was just wondering what you use to edit all of your pictures. Do you use a vsco filter? Do you use adobe light room and use a preset or something? Thanks so much!!!

  37. Ahh my foot lever trash cans always break too! So annoying! The cheap ones always last a while and you won’t have to feel bad about throwing it away when you move cause it was only $10 😉 Can’t wait to see pictures from A’s birthday party! Can’t believe he is getting so big! Time flies!
    Courtney //

  38. I just got married in April. My husband has 2 kids from his first marriage. I love them to pieces – and all their stuff (school bags, sports gear, extra friends, Costco supplies). I begged, I mean B-E-G-G-E-D, for a mini-van for our wedding gift/getaway car hahaha! It didn’t happen but it’s on our wish list. Totally understand why you want one!

  39. What office chairs were you going to buy? I’m in the market for one for our home office that is comfy but doesn’t look too “officey.”

  40. So many thoughts from this post! OF COURSE you and Rach (my other favorite blogger) are friends! What a beautiful collaboration that will be and I’m so excited!
    We had a minivan growing up and I always loved how many friends we could take with us whenever we went places, so go for it! The kids will love it and I’m sure Chauncey will as well.
    Trash cans: my nemesis as well. Costco has a big/mini flip set that has lasted us 6 years, 4 moves (military life), 2 crazy dogs, and a baby, no lie. My parents have one that you wave your hand over a sensor and it automatically opens/closes so it takes all the touching away which is great! Bonus, my daughter gets a kick out of the “magic” trash can 😂
    P.S. As excited as I am for more beauty posts, I’ve been loving all the family ones, too. You guys are so strong that it gives me inspiration on how to raise my children & strive to be more positive 💜

  41. Haha I lol’ed at your post about the Costco playground. My son got one last month and we had no idea it was a 14-hour job 😂. My Dad & hubby are spending this Saturday setting it up!

  42. Hi Amber! Would you think about an air to water pump instead of solar panels? We are currently in the process of finishing final plans for our home build and have found that to be a great option for the environment and for your pocket! Plus another option if you have land that doesn’t have hidden boulders underground is a geothermal pump. Both options mean you would have heat for water and underfloor heating with little need for solar panels. It’s expensive upfront but you make the money back in serious savings! Granted installation cost in the states could be more expensive than in Ireland. My brain nearly melted trying to make a decision I just knew we didn’t want fossil fuel.

    Best of luck,

  43. Hi Amber!
    If you were to change your mind about the trash can – try this Danish brand ‘Vipp’ which originally was created by a doctor or a dentist who was so tired of those trash cans always breaking! So he designed this one – and it is pure quality! They come in different colors, too. Check it out here: 🙂

  44. Get a minivan!!! I just got one and yeah, they aren’t the cutest, but it is so comfortable, easy with a baby, and roomy. You can crawl back with baby anytime and the sliding doors are so nice. And, uhhh, perfect for Costco runs haha! You will love it!

    1. Totally! Will make the backseat breastfeedings for future babies much easier! And yes costco runs ha!!