Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the cityBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup with sisters in the city

DENIM TOP: Karen Kane / JEANS: Rag & Bone / SHOES: Chanel / SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster

  1. That pretzel me and my sisters are “eating” was a total rip off! Freaking $5 for that rock hard thing. It was literally rock hard. Not edible. We spit it right out!
  2. I got my sisters hooked on sweetgreen.
  3. Both my sisters are total go getters and they are awesome.
  4. When ash was little my mom bought her adult glasses on accident and they were way to big for her tiny face – yet she wore them for over a year. We CRACK up looking back at home videos of her in the glasses!
  5. We came to NYC when we were in high school with my parents (our brother was living in the West Indies at the time!) and it was our first time to New York. We still laugh at all of the funny memories from that trip – I was going to try to explain one but I feel like they are all the “you had to be there” type.
  6. Did anyone else reenact every Ashley & Mary Kate movie with their sisters? Our favorite was Billboard Dad and we especially loved pretending to be them in their diving competitions haha.
  7. My sister Jamie (brunette) went to Egypt and Africa the day after these photos! She rode camels in Egypt by the pyramids and did a safari in Africa and it looked ammmmazzzzing.
  8. I am so excited to be in Arizona and see them every day.
  9. My sisters were in town for my sister Ashley’s bday – we all celebrated in the city. We love our Ashy!
  10. We love to make fun of the time I tried out for cheer. This is hilarious because to try out you HAD to know how to do a back handspring. And if you could do a back tuck (is that what they are called? lol) then you basically made the team. I don’t know how and have never known how to even do a cartwheel. So for the tumbling portion of the try out I just ran out and yelled ” Go Stapley!!” “Go Sabercats!” and walked off. Like dead serious. And somehow I cried when I found out I didn’t make it. HOW did I not see that coming??? Anyways we always laugh and make fun of that.
  11. We all LOVE traveling. Which makes me happy because I love that we all get to travel together. We did Norway, Denmark, Greece, and London last year all together when I was pregnant and it was so fun.
  12. We LOVED pickles when we were little. People called my sister the pickle monster.

We also made a vlog of our weekend so if you want to see then the video is above!!! XOXO

Photos by Stephanie Sunderland

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  1. I have a question about sisters!! It’s my older sister’s birthday soon and she’s turning 21 & I literally have no idea what to get her! I don’t know whether you are the older, younger, or middle, but me and my sister are super close and I wanna get her something cute but not too expensive because I don’t have a big budget for it! I was wondering if you have an idea of gifts you got your sisters or gifts they got you that either they or you loved?! Plus you have great taste so I figure whatever you suggest would be awesome either way! Thanks so much! I LOVE your blog!

  2. LOVE this! Please do a blog about all of your favorite spots before you move!! Would love to know (:

  3. I love this post! You and your sisters are so close, is there much of an age gap between you all?

    I have one sister who is 3 years older than me but we were never very close at all and it makes me jealous! 🙂 xx

  4. AWWW i love this post! I’m one of three sisters too and we are super close! Some of the pics look like ads for pretzels lol. Jamie looks the youngest of you three, are you the eldest or middle sister?

  5. Ahhh!!! Love this post. My sister and I are super close and a trip to NYC together is a dream! This looked like so much fun! I have to know where you found the fabulous chain link gold choker in the beginning of your VLOG. It is too cute!

    Much love 🙂

  6. I don’t have any sisters but when I read the part about Mary Kate and Ashley it totally took me back to my childhood. My cousin and I used to play “mary Kate and Ashley ” all the time! We LOVED them! Amber, girl you always look so fabulous! Your hair, makeup, outfits, everything! How do you do it?! Goals for sure!

  7. So cute! I am so jealous of your relation with your sisters! I have one sister but she’s 6 years older than me so our lives have always been so different and our personalities are completely different! You are so blessed!

  8. I love seeing pictures from when your sisters come to visit!! I also love that you are sharing more and more vlogs! Keep up the great work Amber you’re such an inspiration!

  9. How wonderful to have sisters, it’s so obvious how well you love each and get along. Looks like such a fun weekend.

  10. I love, love, love how your vlogs!!!
    You and your sisters are all gorgeous, and I admire that you incorporate how much you value family into your blog/Instagram. So excited to see what adventures your new life in Arizona will bring 🙂


  11. How sweet! Sisters are the best! I only have one but we love each other to pieces and always wished for more so we could be like the March sisters in Little Women. Amber, your outfit in this post is ?? on point! Thanks for linking the top and shoes. Btw what lip color are you wearing?

  12. Also, were you always close with your sisters? I have this opinion that my siblings and family will be even closer when we’re all adults. About half my siblings are still young and in like high school (the youngest). I just think by then everyone will be on a similar maturity level whereas now some of the are straight up divas or deluded lmao even though I love them and we’re not estranged or anything. 🙂

  13. Ok I’m laughing so hard right now because I was obsessed with MK & A movies and I reinacted them all the time. I remember the “scrambled eggs” part of Billboard Dad. PS…. I can’t cartwheel either! ?

  14. love love love the pictures!! always wished I had sisters:( what lipstick are you wearing?? also, how do you always make your lips so perfect?

  15. Aw you guys are the cutest bunch of sisters ever! Your top and sunglasses are to die for!
    And I love how happy you all look, it makes me happy just seeing you guys so happy lol

  16. I have two sisters that are my best friends, and it is the best ever! I don’t have kids yet, but I wouldn’t mind having three sisters back to back. How old are you, your sisters, and your brother? Did you get to go to high school with any of them? These photos are so adorable! I love pinning your family photos because they make me so happy 🙂

  17. I love the joy captured in these photos! It embodies a liesurely New York City day!

  18. Amber, you all look so cute!! Do you happen to know what brand//style Jamie’s sunglasses are?

  19. I meant to screenshot it on snapchat when you showed it, but I forgot! What was the hair product you used to make your hair curly (on the rooftop)? I have stick straight hair too, and I loved the natural, scrunchy curls it gave you!

  20. Dying to know where you got that sky blue babydoll top you’re wearing in the video!!

  21. So cute! I don’t have any sisters so maybe I can’t relate to the sister bond but it made me feel sad that in the vlog you said that people say that Jamie is a brunette, less pretty version of you! First off it’s horrible that people say that because she’s her own person and beautiful but also it seemed rude that you even said that and then to publish it! But again, I don’t have sisters so maybe it’s ok to say stuff like that to a sister? Regardless, I think Jamie is the prettiest version of herself and you’re the prettiest version of you.

    1. Haha don’t feel sad! Neither of us were sad about it and we always diss each other. It is what makes sisters the best kind of friends! We both know we think the world of the other person and because of that we can joke and be sarcastic. Our whole family is very sarcastic like that – we don’t take each other seriously. She is obviously not a less pretty version of me, lol, she stole all the good looks!

  22. Oh so wonderful!!! I love love Ashly’s top and jeans! Does she mind sharing where she got them? Thanks ladys !!!

  23. What an amazing video! I could watch you girls all day long!
    Happy belated birthday to Ashley?

  24. I love how close you and your sisters are. Family is so important.
    Rosie Pose Photo

  25. Loved the video you made with them! Your lip color and sunglasses are perfection ?

  26. I have two sisters too, and it’s so fun to reminisce about when we were younger. I am with you, and no one ever thinks our “funny” memories are as funny as they really were. Sisters are truly a blessing, and I’m so happy you’ll get to be near them soon again! Also, I updated my blog so if you have time, I would LOVE for you to check it out! 🙂

  27. The cutest! Sisters are the best, and weekends with them are even better. You will have to fill my spot and have a sister weekend with Janelle and Casey for me:)

  28. Love the sissy pics!! I love my 2 younger sisters so much! You can see how close ya’ll are just from the smiles on your faces!! Where is your top from??

  29. You always have such amazing sunglasses! I bet you have a nice collection by now 🙂 Where are these ones from? And the ones your sister is wearing? Thanks!!

  30. You and your sisters are the cutest!!! I have two sisters and they are the best 🙂

  31. I have 4 sisters and it’s just THE BEST! I <3 big families!

    Happy belated birthday to your sister!

    xo, Sammi

  32. That video was so cute! I have two sisters too and we all don’t live in the same state anymore:( but reunions are the best!

  33. Y’all are so cute!!! I’m loving your sister Ashley’s jeans and sandals! So flippin cute!

  34. I am in love with your shoes!! I am looking for a more affordable look-a-like now! PS I live in Arizona so I am excited you are moving here soon! xoxo

  35. Oh my goodness Billboard Dad!!! My sister and I use to do the EXACT SAME THING!! We loved all of their movies! Too funny!! It is so nice to have such great relationship with your sisters! I cherish mine as well!

  36. You are so pretty together! You are so lucky to have such a good relationship! Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Nothing like a good sister bond! I just moved to LA last year and I’ve found it so hard not having immediate family here. How difficult was it to be away from your siblings and parents and how did you deal with it? Well of course you have your own little family so that helps 🙂 Family is everything!!!!!

  38. oh, this is adorable! makes me miss my sister. isn’t it so sweet having aunties for your babes? they’re the best 🙂

  39. I love this!!! I hope my sisters and I are as close as you and your’s when we get older! xx

  40. I have an older sister and we are very close! We met in NY before Christmas one year for a girls trip with our mom. I was living in Phoenix at the time, and they were back home in Texas. It was before the holidays and the city was so amazing ! I will never forget that trip to NY ?

  41. You guys are so beautiful! I love that you have a such a wonderful relationship with your sisters and I had no clue you had a brother. Has been on the blog before?

    Pickles are such a weird food. My kids love them and my mom swears every kid loves them, but then as adults we never eat them. Maybe they get replaced by coffee in our adult lives……..

    Carly from

  42. So cute! Your cheer try out story has me DYING laughing. I love that you can just laugh about it too, you’ve got the greatest sense of humor and I love it. Also, you’re the best NYC tour guide. Next time i’m there i’m meeting up with you 😉 😉

  43. I can’t handle how cute your sunglasses always are. I’m always like I NEED THOSE when I see them! LOL!! This vlog was way too cute. I wish I had sisters to be close with. You all are such great examples of family! LOVE IT!!! All the best always, Terrell in OKC

  44. so super sweet!!! i love your relationship with your sisters! ps- it was so great meeting you on saturday! i was so awkward and totally didn’t even know what to say hahaha!!! thank you so much for doing that meet up! you are honestly the sweetest. and those cookie dough bites were out of this world!

    oh, she’s lovely

  45. Sisters are the best ?
    Who watches Atticus and Rosie when you guys are off on adventures!?! We live away from family- except for my sister who we rely on for everything!! and I trust No One to babysit!!

  46. Im with you, I have 3 sisters and whenever we are together, we love talking about our funny childhood stories. But our husbands/boyfriends never find them as funny as we do. One day I hope me and my sisters can take a trip together, that sounds super special. I bet those memories of your trips together are very cherished.

  47. Aww so cute, and uber jealous you have two sisters!!! I have three older brothers and always wanted a sister. Glad you girls had a great time in the city. Amazing photos Stephanie!
    Carolina MJ |

  48. You three are so cute! I’ve never had a sister but this definitely makes me envious! 🙂 That’s awesome that you’ll all be living in AZ together! Being close to family really is the best!

  49. Dude, I can’t do a cartwheel either and had very minimal hand-eye coordination… but was determined to be next best figure skater when I was 16. It was embarrassing haha. LOVED reading this! Makes me miss my little brother (we live in different countries). FaceTime just doesn’t cut it.

  50. You are all so gorgeous, and compliment each other so well. So happy you will be closer to them soon!! Sisters are the best. You seem to have super lucked out with that one ? love you guys!

  51. Those pretzel were making me hungry….they looked delicious till I read #1. LOL You’re so lucky to have sisters that you are close with and can do fun things with. I grew up with all brothers.

  52. Aww, so sweet! I’m happy for you that you’ll get to be closer to your sister’s when you guys move to Arizona… and they can watch the little ones grow up too!

    Also, love that you 3 all have tortoiseshell sunglasses! Haha, love them!

    Have a great week xx