12 Things Pregnancy & Motherhood Edition

I feel like all my posts lately are these list style posts (check out my 12 things for November) but I just really love lists!!! I had the weekend with just the kids and I while David was in Utah. It was really fun but also really exhausting just because lately I have really felt the pregnancy exhaustion but I tried my best to get through it and still take the kids out to do fun things! And luckily my dad took them out for a fun adventure for a couple hours while I took a little snooze which was sooo nice 🙂 Here is my little list on 12 things pregnancy and motherhood edition …

1. I felt so bad because one evening I felt soooo impatient with the kids – it wasn’t even anything they were doing it was really just anything anyone did probably would’ve had me like “AHHH”. So as we were getting ready for bed I was feeling really bad and told the kids how sorry I was and was explaining just how mommy is carrying a baby and blah blah.. and A’s response was.. *looking at me so confused “sorry for what mama?” I love how forgiving and quick to forget they are. Sure love them.

2. Guys I finally ordered a pregnancy pillow. I wasn’t going to because the kids sleep with us and I didn’t want to take up more room but enough sleepless nights had me caring more about ordering that pillow than my other 4 family members comfort haha. They will survive and it will do us all more benefit to have a rested mom I am sure.

Amber Fillerup Pregnant on the beach in Hawaii wearing a grey sweater for the 12 Things Pregnancy and Motherhood Edition post.

3. In the middle of the night the kids fight over who gets to be next to me and who I am facing – if that makes sense. They both want me to be facing them (I have to sleep on my side!) so most nights I am being woken up by tiny hands nudging me saying “mama turn this way” .. so I do and then an hour later the other one says … “mama face me” hahaha. Probably sounds annoying to some people and honestly it is a touch annoying at 3 or 4am but mostly the sweetest, all at once. It is one of those things where I am going to look back on these nights as happy memories even if my tired and uncomfortable self didn’t always feel like that at the time of being woken up.

4. I am in full wanting to nest mode so I cannot wait to get into our new house and set up the nursery! I am going with neutrals, obviously, but not just because I don’t know the gender.. also just because I really wanted an all neutral and calm nursery! The kid’s rooms are really colorful just because that is what fit their personalities but with the nursery I want it to just feel super calm and peaceful. I do have some color but mostly soft greens, terracotta shades, and pretty yellows.. I am soooo excited for what I ordered and can’t wait to show you guys!

5. These photos were random pics that David took in like one minute – and sometimes those super quick “honey go stand right there” pics that we only take a few frames of end up being my favorites.

6. This last week I was joking to David that our house SWALLOWS things. We lose so much stuff somehow and its such a small house I have no idea how it happens (oh wait I do, I am super unorganized living amongst endless packed boxes) but Atticus must have heard me! I said to Atticus “oh you can just set that on the ground” and he said “no because when kids set things on the ground the house swallows it!!” hahah it was so cute.

Amber Fillerup Pregnant on the beach in Hawaii wearing a grey sweater for the 12 Things Pregnancy and Motherhood Edition post.

7. The kids are dying for a Christmas tree and decorations but guys I don’t know if I have it in me to put one up in our rental right before we move! I am such a grinch. I think I will just do it though but not go all out – just pull out the tree and ornaments but not all the stockings etc!

8. Speaking of the Grinch, we took the kids to go see it and it is sooooo so cute! I am so happy they made it because Rosie is really scared of the other Grinch movie but this one she loved because she said he is a nice grinch!

9. I am already finding it harder to find what to wear daily and also to the gym with this big bump! Crazy to think I still have 2.5 months of it getting even bigger.


Amber Fillerup Pregnant on the beach in Hawaii wearing a grey sweater for the 12 Things Pregnancy and Motherhood Edition post.

10. Perk of moving while pregnant: not doing much 😉

11. Another perk of moving while pregnant: it is gonna make the next couple months flyyy by! I will be in heaven being in our new place and getting everything organized and set up that I really feel like the next couple months will come and go quick.

12. I am still at the stage of really enjoying my pregnancy! Luckily. I haven’t had it bad other than sleeping and being tired but I mean I really can’t complain about that because I think every pregnancy comes with that and as long as this baby is healthy I am good.

PS : I was also thinking today while at the gym – it is actually really cool seeing pregnant women working out because I was thinking how crazy it is that everything we do it with a little human attached to us!!! I was seeing other pregnant women and thinking how crazy that we all just have babies in us and I was just feeling really proud of us for being at the gym haha sounds silly but whatever I was giving myself and them a pat on the back.

Amber Fillerup Pregnant on the beach in Hawaii wearing a grey sweater for the 12 Things Pregnancy and Motherhood Edition post.
Amber Fillerup Clark smiling on the beach in Hawaii in a green hunza g bandeau bikini and chloe sunglasses.

In Love with Hawaii & 12 Things

12 Things

Today was Rosie’s birthday and it was the best ever!!!! I wrote her a very long birthday letter for her to read one day. Seriously in love with her! Excited for the week to start – each week I get so excited because we keep saying it will probably be 5 weeks til we are in our new house so each week feels like we are that much closer. I wanted to share some more of our Hawaii pics and a random 12 things!

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  1. Love these posts! You’ve inspired me to do a “12 Things” list in my life for vacations and everyday stuff. Keep being you!

  2. please please PLEASE tell us you’re doing a FULL HOUSE TOUR!!! AHH i’m definitely living vicariously through you and your gorgeous home updates.

  3. Cute little Atticus! “The house swallows it”!! Question – you mentioned once that you sleep trained your babies. How did you transition to cosleeping? I always wanted to cosleep but babies were in NICU so they came sleep trained, they don’t sleep well when cosleeping but I wish we had them closer for when they wake. Thanks!

  4. Awww, it’s so sweet that you were mentally giving yourself and the other pregnant women a pat on the back. It is wonderful that you and other women are able to work out while pregnant.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  5. I love being at the gym pregnant and feel the same way! I’m 35 weeks and being at the gym makes me feel my best! Also my dr. is so happy I’m still working out! She said it’ll be good for delivery! I love your posts! http://thehuntbundle.com/