12 Things Barefoot Blonde Hair Edition

It is Friday!!!! And I thought I would do a 12 Things Barefoot Blonde Hair edition to kick off the weekend sooo here we go!

*also a side note: I just wrote this entire blog post and then went to push publish and it took me to an error — and only saved the above sentence but nothing else. Ugh and it took me 45 min to write it all out and add links I can’t even remember what all I said ha and I am sooo sleepy so here we go again.

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  1. We are finally RESTOCKED! So go snag your color while you can!!!
  2. Our website redesign is almost ready for launch and I am incredibly excited about this. I think only other people who have websites or blogs understand the level of excitement that comes with a site redesign haha but it is fun stuff when it goes live.
  3. We launched our YouTube channel for BFBH and will be posting regular tutorials as well as longer versions of all the ones we have posted on insta thus far. There is also our Europe video on there!

4. Absolutely love all of the YouTube reviews I have been seeing!!! If you are wanting to watch reviews, you can watch them here (she shows her hair straight and curled with them!), here, here (she does a tutorial on how she puts them in!), here, and here! These are girls who bought them and just decided to make the videos, I didn’t even know they were going to! Made my day to watch these and hear their thoughts!

5. We launched our travel bags so if you are needing a good bag to store your extensions in, these are a really good option! I usually braid them all in one big braid and then just put them in the bag so they don’t get tangled!

6. Our office is basically done we are just waiting on our gold lettering to get installed in the entry way and then I will do a big reveal post!

7. In case you haven’t heard yet, you can order 3-5 samples for free (you just pay shipping!) and that way you know you are getting the perfect color for you. You can order those here and then here is a helpful post on color matching for when your samples come in the mail.

8. If we were to add an additional length of extensions to our site (we currently sell 21 inch extensions) would you want 18 inch or 24 inch extensions?

9. Our #BarefootBlondeHairEverywhere trip is coming up soooo soon and I am so excited. We are doing a big meet up in Cologne, Germany and for those who have asked for the date and time – we are not 100% yet but I am thinking afternoon of the 27th of April. BUT I will confirm within the next week.

10. We have super fun blog posts on our BFBH website so check them out when you get a minute – especially if you have extensions because there is a lot of useful tips and tricks! But there is also blog posts about hair in general!

11. I had a dream about a new product I want to launch! In my dream someone was using this product on someone else and I was like “why didn’t I think of that?!” so obviously then I had to go tell my team about it!

12. Okay I am literally falling asleep as I type this so I am going to bed! Haha thank you for all of your support and I hope you have an amazing weekend!!! Thank you for being awesome.



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  1. Hey! Im sooooo excited to hear that ur coming to Europe! Im a Norwegian girl living in Germany and I’ve followed ur blog since forever! Where will u be having ur meet ups for Barefoot Blond Hair? 😀 Only in Cologne? How about Leipzig? ;D

  2. Hi Amber! Would you mind posting where you got your free people jumpsuit on your latest instagram post!?

    LOVE your hair in this post!

  3. Congratulations on everything! I 100% know how exciting it is to have a website redesign…SOOOOO EXCITING! Wish you success and happiness. Hopefully when my curly hair grows a little longer I’ll have to try your extensions.

  4. I would love 16″… I just use extensions mostly for volume and would love to try yours!! But it makes me sad to chop them!!!

  5. 18 inches would be perfect! Also, I’m so excited to find out what the new product is you’re thinking about launching!

  6. I just made a comment I meant 18 I would love I have 21 too long for me I have to cut them but I love them

  7. Such a pretty outfit and hair style 🙂 Please get 24 inch extensions! I showed my hair dresser your sight to try to color match me, but she told me 21 ” would be too short so I haven’t been able to buy any. But if you got the long ones I’d buy asap!!! And I love the travel bags too!
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  8. I’m sooooo excited, that you’re coming to Germany!! 🇩🇪😊

  9. I simply CANNOT believe you’re having a meet up in my hometown Cologne! I am so excited, definitely will be there!!!

  10. The longer the better! I’ve been wanting a set for a long time but my hair is already the length of the exstions you guys have now! Not that I’m complaining it adds thickness. But would love to see length variety!

  11. Any news on potential new colors? Like maybe more shades of brown/red?

  12. 24 inch! The longer the better 🙂 You can always cut them shorter!

  13. I would love 18”!!!! I currently have honey dipped, and love using them for big braids and updo’s. The 18” would be perfect for my hair length just to wear without styling it.

  14. I’d prefer 18 inches (or maybe even 15 if that’s an option). I mostly use them for volume and the current ones are a little too long for me. I’m going to get them cut, but it’d be nice to get some that I didn’t need to cut.

  15. I always love your 12 things! I’ve been thinking about getting extensions especially after this 2nd baby since my hair seems to fall out like crazy, so I’ll definitely take a look at the new restock!!

    On a total side note, random one that is haha I didn’t know how else to tell you about this but there’s a kickstarter you or your husband might be interested in! It’s a monthly subscription of protein that allows you to choose the flavors and brands you want to try each month. No more getting bored of one flavor 😉 Each serving comes individually packaged so it’s super convienet when you’re on the go. Feel free to check it out!


  16. If you added another length, I would definitely prefer a shorter option. Even 18 seems really long to me, because I use mine for volume, not length. I had to get mine cut and would with 18 as well. So I guess I’m saying between those options, I would prefer an 18 inch option, but one day I would love to see an even shorter option for the short-haired gals!

  17. Yes, I would be interested in different sizes of extensions. I had to have mine cut because it just didn’t look natural that long on me. I love them though and would buy more if they came in other lengths. Love your posts, so glad Barefoot Blonde Hair is doing so well, can’t wait to see the office. Best wishes.

  18. Definitely 18 inches! If you do that then I’ll have to purchase my 3rd pair 😂 thank amber!

  19. You are THE cutest! Seriously, good for you, Amber, your business is such an inspiration. The way you love your fans and customers is so endearing. Keep it up, mama! We all know you will 😉 PS: 24 inch extensions would be insane – so YES to those xx


  20. hi amber! i have never worn extensions before, but am thinking about purchasing yours because i’m obsessed with braids and big fun hair styles too! what is the best way to know which color would match my hair? i get highlights regularly, would my hairstylist be the best person to ask?

    thank you!