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Hope everyone had a good week! Today I said to David.. “its been a while since we have watched The Office” and he said “you’re right we missed last night” .. lol it felt like a week but really we only missed one night haha. We had a lazy weekend and just hung at home mostly. Atticus had his last soccer game, we went to a fire station, took the kids to a bubble event, David and I went on a date night, and we had family dinner at my moms. And since its been a minute, here is a 12 things….


1. I am sooo excited about the stuff I ordered on the shopbop sale! Especially this Paper London one piece suit that I literally felt like I HAD to have and it was sold out – so I kept the tab open and refreshed anytime I went to use my computer and to my luck one became available and I snagged it! It is a size too big but I am hoping I can have it brought in! This is a link to it (still had the tab open lol – its sold out but they do have it in another color. Isn’t it sooo pretty?!

2. My friend got me in to my DREAM pediatrician and I am soooo excited about it. I have heard such great things about him but he is impossible to get into because he doesn’t take new patients. My friend is moving for her husband’s schooling and she had me take her spot, I was freaking out! I really wanted an amazing pediatrician who didn’t just want us in and out. I like when they are friendly with the kids and it feels like they actually care. We tried a couple here and were having no luck.

3. I recently tried rX Bars and lovvvvvvve them so so so much!!! I am not the biggest fan of dates so I never tried them even though I saw them everywhere. Finally did and so happy because they are my favorite. I have the big pack of the chocolate sea salt flavor and always have one in my purse.

4. We start framing our house THIS WEEK!!!!!! Holy cow! Can’t wait to watch it go up. I always drive by and look at it and get butterflies picturing it being done. I was thinking though that since we have always lived in small spaces its going to feel weird to be so spread out. How do you get anyone’s attention in the house?!

5. We are going to San Fransisco this weekend with the kids! We have some meetings out there but also meeting up with family for some cousin time. I will tell you more about it later. Us and david’s siblings are doing this fun competition thing and we are excited for it. Atticus is VERY excited too because he has been begging to go on an airplane. I think he really does genuinely love traveling!

6. Next week is spring break and we don’t have anything planned! Which is actually nice. We might go road trip to Horseshoe Bend or something but not sure yet.

7. I was planning to eat all healthy and then totally ruined it and haven’t been able to get back on track. Mind you, I was only on track for like, 3 days so maybe that is why. This is what is so hard for me. And I am totally pmsing so I am feeling so bloated on top of it.

8. My sis in law got me this blanket for Christmas and it is sooo soft and warm! If you love blankets you need this one! It is the one I am always using at my office if you have seen insta stories of me bundled in it there – I always take it to my office with me. Also just noticed that its on sale AND it comes in a bunch of cute colors! I have the cream one but I am wanting to also get the peach one!

9. Last year we were supposed to do a NYC and DC pop up for BFB Hair but I got too overwhelmed so we decided to postpone them. I am super excited though because we are back planning them and are shooting for end of May!!! They are going to be killer and I am actually super happy we waited because by then we will have launched a few new products and I can’t wait for you guys to see them in PERSON.

10. This is sooo random. But does anyone ever have watery eyes and then their make up gets in their contacts and you have to take out your contacts and rub with solution in order to get it off? Like I can’t just rub my eyes or move the contact around. I have to take it out. Ugh this always happens to me and its so frustrating. My eyes always water so maybe I just need to figure out how to stop them from watering the moment I walk outside. Honestly this is the #2 reason why I don’t wear eyeliner more.

11. We saw Red Sparrow last night — it was much heavier than I thought it would be.. (and a lot more inappropriate than I thought it would be yikes!) but I thought Jennifer Lawrence looked incredible!!!! Especially with that blonde hair and bangs. She was killin it.

12. I was looking at my analytics from my links I use and I saw that 511 of you bought that make up bag I linked to in this post! I want to know if you guys love it as much as I do!!! I hope you do!


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  1. I can’t wear eyeliner either because I have the same problem! I literally have to scrub the contact to get it off, and when I’m out for the day and all I have are eye drops, they just don’t cut it and it almost ruins the experience! So frustrating!

  2. I love the make-up bag! I love when things are on Amazon, too #momlife. My 13 month old was sick in January and while I was caring for her she, for lack of a better word, GOOBERED directly in my eye during nap time. When I woke up, my eye was sooo infected… pink eye. I had to throw out all my make-up. The medication they prescribed didn’t fully clear it up and it ended up coming back. So that time I threw out all my make-up, the bag included. I didn’t want to risk any sort of contamination, haha. The new bag has been amazing. The compartments are great so it stays nice and neat and clean.

  3. Love these posts 😁
    Yup I love my make up bag! It’s simple and easy to organize my daily stuff. When I do travel soon I plan on taking it with me of course.

  4. Please let us know the exact date for your pop up shop whenever you find out!! And it’ll be in AZ? I might be convincing my boyfriend to let us vacation there in May 😂

  5. I want to come to a pop up shop! Come to Columbus, Ohio 😉 Also, are you going to do a book for March?

  6. I love when you do 12 things posts. And can I just say, you and Rosie look so adorable in these photos. I’m especially loving your hair here. It just looks so classy and chic. I would ask for a tutorial but I feel like it’s so simple and pointless lol. Are you wearing BFB Hair here?

  7. Loved reading this 12 things list and getting to know more about you and your cute family! I found the last fact to be very interesting since I am studying social media and how people like you have such an insane influence over others. It is so crazy and incredible at the same time that over 500 of your followers clicked a link and bought the makeup bag you mentioned.

  8. That’s hilarious about the makeup bag because I have that on my amazon list to buy before our next trip! I’m going to check the comments to see what others have to say about it. Love your 12 things!

  9. Where are your sheets from or is that a bedskirt? So cute. Pictures are adorable.

  10. Um oh my goodness I have the same problem when I use eyeliner and I have contacts in. If someone tells you the answer to that one PLEASE let us know. I don’t even try with eyeliner anymore lol. Also I love the makeup back you recommended! Its so awesome and I literally just keep my makeup in it day to day and tuck it under my counter when I’m done. I LOVE it:)

  11. OMG the ZARA fabric tassel clogs Rosie is wearing are adorable on her! I was looking at them for my daughter although she said “No’ when I asked her if she wanted them 😀 They look absolutely adorable. Too bad we just missed it – we’re a size 9 already! Greetings to your cute family! M

  12. Definitely go back in to your Optometrist, there are amazing drops for dry eye (and allergies depending on the cause) that work wonders for watery eyes. They will gladly help you out because dry eyes are so so annoying!
    Love these pictures of you and your kiddos! 🙂

  13. Please come do a ATL pop-up!!! Georgia is beautiful in the spring!
    I got the make up bag without even having any tavel plans…lol But it was affordable and recommended by YOU so I just had to have it! We have a “Just us” trip planned to PR in April so I will finally get to use it! And the plastic container you recommended too! 🙂


  14. With the makeup in contacts issue, sometimes I just take some contact-friendly eye drops and blink a few times, then take a q tip near the inner corner to remove them.

  15. Love your 12 things post!! As for the watery eyes, sounds like allergies. If want to email me, I can send you samples of my vitamins. They’re from whole food sources as well as the omegas I take. They’re also plant based. It’s just a more natural/holistic approach to combating allergies 🙂

  16. I did order the makeup bag for travel. I took it on our last trip and loved it! Thanks for the recommendations!

  17. Have fun in San Fran and please do a post about your favorite spots there! Even though I don’t wear extensions, I can’t wait for the BFB pop-up in D.C. – gotta support my fave!
    xx, Lauren | http://misslaurenalston.com

  18. Those pictures are lovely. You guys are awesome 🙂

  19. Omg I LOVE that Paper London suit! I have been dying to find a swim suit with a tie waist… the ones I have come across are all so expensive! Maybe I will just have to splurge lol.

  20. I always love reading your ten things posts 🙂 I have a totally random question! Is it ok to get spray tans when you’re pregnant? I want to get one and thought I remembered you getting one when you were pregnant without Ro.



  21. I bought the makeup bag that you suggested, and I really like it. The main reason why it works so well is that it is a hard case, so the items inside don’t get smushed in travel. Also, the fact that you can adjust the width of the sections inside is nice. Thank you for the suggestion!

  22. I purchased the makeup bag and your favorite sheets and they are both SOOOO GOOD! And under $30!? They both seem so high quality! Thanks for the new favorites series I’ve obviously benefited from it! Haha

  23. Hello Amber! Enjoy your posts—especially your travels. My husband is an ophthalmologist and I work as an RN in his office. The number 1 cause for watery eyes is actually dryness. Dry eyes in females is especially common due to hormonal changes and other factors. Contacts also contribute because the steal tears from the eye. With allergies you typically have itching. Google dry eye treatment or see an ophthalmologist for a prescription such as Restasis. If you are ever in Indiana we would be happy to see you, or I do know a really good ophthalmologist in SLC who is a Mormon. Hope this helps. 🙂

  24. I have worked for an ophthalmologist and optometrist and often times when patients came in due to watery eyes (especially if they go outside and it’s windy) they actually had dry eyes. It seems counter intuitive that your eyes would water and yet they are dry but it’s because your eyes are trying to make up for what’s lacking. You could try some high quality OTC artificial tears and see if that works for a few weeks. If not, I’d see your eye doctor. And the extremely dry AZ weather doesn’t help with dry eye! Hope that helps 😊

  25. O my gosh, ao excited about nyc pop up. I been dreaming to meet you like for ever..

  26. amber you might be allergic to your contacs. the optometrist said i am allergic to the oasis material. i had no idea you can be allergic to a certain contac material.

  27. I love these type of posts! One account I have been loving following lately is bewellbykelly. She is Jessica Alba ‘sand Jennifer Garner’s nutritionist. She has been on a ton of podcasts and her book Body Love is awesome! She makes healthy eating simple-ish and I just love her!

  28. Hi Amber!

    I have always wanted to go to one of your meet ups, but never make it because I live in San Francisco. I can’t believe you are going to be in the city this weekend! Will you be doing any meet ups?

    Also, love your bedskirt! Where is it from?

    – Katelyn

  29. You might have allergies that’s why your eyes water! Can’t wait to see the new BFB products! Update us with pics on your house!

  30. That Paper London swimsuit you got is so cute! Need it.

    briana | youngsophisticate.com

  31. Totally obsessed with the makeup bag- I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING and this is just so simple and does the trick perfectly…..never going back!

  32. I’m totally excited to watch Red Sparrow too! The trailer looked super promising.
    I have been also guilty of not eating the best and bloating as well as feeling “down” about it is something I totally need to change asap. 😀
    Congratulations on starting to frame your house, that’s so exciting!!!


  33. I bought the makeup bag and I love it! I have never found a makeup bag that works well and this was awesome! I brought it on my trip to London a few weeks ago and won’t be able to travel without it from now on. Thanks for the recommendation!


  34. I’ve been wanting to see Red Sparrow – it’s good to know I need to be in the mood for something heavy and dramatic! Also, my eyes are always wTering too. The Bobbi Brown eye opening mascara doesn’t run. xAllie

  35. A fix for the watery eyes…..try taking a Zyrtec or Claritin (I’m all about generics) everyday