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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend! We had a really good one. I took the kids to Disney On Ice with a bunch of our friends, Atticus had a soccer game, we broke ground on our house, went to brunch, watched SNL, went to church, and just had a chill time at home with the fam!!! I figured it had been a while since I had done a 12 things so here we go…


Just made brownies and took them out of the oven and I am waiting for them to cool down. I am so impatient and always take one scorching hot bite and burn my tongue. So hard to wait!


I am SO into Peaky Blinders! If you need a new show its on Netflix so give it a try! (Except maybe not if you’re younger and reading this! I don’t want your parents to hate me!)

3. Rosie and I are going to Seattle this weekend to visit our friends Janelle and her son Jack! Jack is Rosie’s age and I guess I complained about missing Janelle enough that David booked me tickets to go see her as a Christmas present! I am sooo excited.
4. There is this delicious restaurant in Arizona called Worth Takeaway that I have been craving night and day! I know it sounds so basic but their grilled cheese is just SO GOOD. They have this homemade jam that you dip it in and ughhh I just love it so much. If you are in Arizona then go eat there please.

5. I am going to be putting some of my clothes and shoes up for sale but trying to figure out if I will sell them on Posh Mark or instagram…. Which do you guys usually prefer and why?

6. A couple girlfriends and I went to see I, Tonya — it was sooo good!!!! Margot Robbie might be my biggest girl crush – she is so amazing in every role and is obviously stunning.


Been loving the highlight feature on Instastories – but then realized that I don’t really watch other people’s highlighted insta stories so I am curious – do you guys watch them?! Are they pointless? It is way nice for me because I want to do more hair tutorials and its so easy to just do it on my phone and then highlight them!


I used to not love SNL but lately I cannot wait for Saturday to come just to watch it! I love it so much. Kate is obviously my fav – she is another girl crush of mine.

9. David and I were asked to teach the Sunday School class for the 17 year olds in our church and we are super excited. Today was our first Sunday teaching!

10. On insta stories I had mentioned how I switched to daily contacts and hated them but turns out just the brand I was using was horrrrible (the brand was Dailies) I got a new brand and LOVE having daily contacts now! Kind of wondering how I ever didn’t use daily contacts.


Face and Eye Cupping Massage Set

LURE Home Spa

I just got these facial cupping things…. haha curious what they will be like.

Shop Now


Chi Roller Anti Aging Jade Roller


I have been using this jade roller every single morning and I love love love love love it!!!! I wash my face then put on a facial oil and then go pull this out of the fridge and roll it on my face. It is icy cold and wakes me up and just feels so refreshing.

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Okay sorry if these were boring – this is all that is on my mind right now especially since the brownies cooled down and I am writing this and eating brownies so I think those are getting most of my attention haha! Have a good day!!!! Don’t forget tomorrow is our second podcast discussion. The podcast is the SuperSoul Conversations podcast with Chery Strayed.

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  1. Wait, what’s a highlight feature on Instagram? AH I am terrible for not knowing hahah. And I absolutely love the big braid in your hair! You always inspire me to do more with my hair! And my fiancé’s coworker has been raving about Peaky Blinders. We will have to check that show out!


  2. Love this hairstyle- so pretty! And I now want brownies haha. That’s awesome you are a SS teacher!! Does this mean you won’t be able to travel as much?! Also, I’ve always been able to sell clothes on Poshmark- it’s simple and people are actually willing to pay what the clothes are worth!
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  3. yay i just got an email that the jade roller I purchased is shipping. I’ve been looking for one everywhere and having no luck, when you posted this I was do happy to try it out. what oil do you use before the roller?! happy Wednesday (= <3

  4. This was a fun post idea! I saw your Insta stories when you all were at Disney on Ice! Your kiddos are too cute and looked like they had a blast! 🙂

  5. Love these 12 Things post, I literally look forward to them! My boyfriend and I will be in Arizona next week so I am making a note about Worth Takeaways (: We will definitely have to try to grilled cheese.

  6. use postmark!! I love buying and selling clothes on there and would be way more tempted to buy something from them rather than on instagram!

  7. Love Worth Takeaway also. Have you tried” Spirit Organic Superfood Cafe” is absolutely delicious. I sell my clothes on both PoshMark, Mercari & Instagram. Instagram is my favorite because I post it and they send money to my PayPal & it’s done. No fees or stress!!

  8. I LOVE Margot Robbie and waiting to see I, Tonya. I NEVER watch the highlight reel and never really visit people’s profiles/grids anymore…

    chevrons & éclairs

  9. Love little life posts like this, makes me want to incorporate them into my blog! Love your hair in this post!! Also, now I am craving brownies and it isn’t even noon yet haha!

    Lauren Lindmark | https://dailydoseofcharm.com

  10. That’s so fun that you and David get to teach Sunday school together! Also, I think that the Insta story highlights are perfect for someone like you, because you can use them for tutorials that people go back to look at!

  11. My family and I are moving to Chandler next week! We are so excited! I would love some more of your favorite boutiques and restaurants to go to.

  12. How have I never heard of worth takeaway?? There’s nothing better than a grilled cheese, I’m definitely checking it out!

  13. really love your 12 Things. I think its such a fun and unique blog post idea!


  14. Relate with number one! Haha. It really so hard to wait then you’re going to regret at the end because your tongue was already burned! 😀

  15. I got laser treatment done for my eyes. Waay better than mucking around with glasses and contacts.

  16. I love these kinds of posts! They are so authentic and real. You are by far one of my favorite bloggers- everything about you is so pure and organic- really true to yourself / your brand image and I love it! Always love reading your posts. Thank you for sharing! <3
    Amanda Carmela

  17. I am so obsessed with Peaky Blinders! I can never find anyone else that has even heard of it but it is just so good! Yay 👏🏻 I love posts like this 😊

  18. Can you post a picture of your natural hair length straightened?! Im going to show it to my hair stylist for my next cut lol

  19. Love these informal posts! I really want to go see I, Tonya. It looks really good and has a pretty interesting story to it. Will definitely have to check it out!

    Boho Fashion Blog


  20. OMG I JUST PUT THE JADE ROLLER INTO MY MORNING ROUTINE TOO, IT WORKS SO WELL. Sorry for the all caps hahah. I prefer Poshmark and as for the IG stories I actually think they are great if you want to go back to refer something. Lea Michele does Wellness Wednesdays on her IG Stories and I forgot to screenshot something and luckily she saved it to her highlights!

  21. Poshmark! Since I already have an accountand funds in it 😂

  22. 1) brownies are delicious and now I want to make some <3 2) your hair in these pics is beautiful!! I always love how think you make your braids look!

    Chelcy | charmingchatwins.wordpress.com

  23. I love these posts! Every time I read them, I feel like we should be friends haha(so much in common), so please keep doing what your doing!
    I used to teach Sunday School and it’s the best! When my son gets a little older(he’s 3 months) I’m definitely gonna start doing it again; so rewarding:)
    Also, Margot Robbie is completely gorgeous and my girl crush too.
    What daily contacts are you using? I’m thinking of switching brands because my eyes are getting more sensitive as I get older…late 20’s eyes:/
    Thanks so much!

  24. Please please please share with me your new brand on contacts!! I have used Dailies for over a year am miserable every day!! I have very dry eyes my was advised to wear these but really hate them.

  25. I like Poshmark when selling items because once you make a sale, Pishmark emails you with a PDF to print out a premade label. When you ship the item, the app tracks the delivery for both you and the buyer. It’s so easy. The only downside is Poshmark takes a percentage of your earnings. Not sure how you would sell on Instagram. Perhaps a link to your eBay account or direct message with your buyer to exchange payment via PayPal and shipping info? That could work too!

  26. Hi!
    Could David do a post on his experience with Keto so far? Some of his staple pantry foods, snacks, what he eats before and after workouts?
    I’ve been doing Keto for about a month or so and it would be fun if you guys could share a little of your journey with it.

    I dont know if you take request… 🙂

    I live in Seattle so I got SO excited reading that you’ll be joining our city this weekend.
    Hello Robin is a delicious cookie/ice cream shop, if you are looking for a sweet treat.
    One of my favorites is the Mackles’more!

    Take care,

  27. love reading your blog posts amber. I also love going on your insta for some hair inspo ❤️ The highlighted bits are so convenient x

  28. that face cupping set makes you look like you just got a really really good facial, only drawback is within 24 hours the effects have pretty much faded IMO:-)

  29. PLEASE PLEASE sell your clothes on Poshmark! I love Poshmark because shipping is SO easy! all you have to do is print the label, attach it to your envelope or box, and then USPS will pick up the packages from your home when they deliver your regular mail!

  30. I totally watch Rosie’s eating videos on your highlights. So freakin cute. Other than that, I don’t watch any other highlights (from you or anyone)! Honestly it’s just more time spent checking things on social media… But I think yours are useful for promoting your business. People know where to find your tutorials etc. so easily.
    This is getting long, but I also wanted to say that I love your 12 things posts! As your blog has been focusing more on the hair side of things this is a really personal, and current life update & I always look forward to them.
    Totally wish I was 17 again & could be in your Sunday school class! Hopefully this doesn’t sound weird, but you are my dream big sister!!

  31. So glad you switched from Dailies to a better brand!! Daily contacts are so much healthier for your eye, but I couldn’t wear Dailies either! So uncomfortable!

  32. Use poshmark! Its super easy, they send you a prepaid shipping label, easier to see exactly what sold to who instead of keeping track of a bunch of instagram comments/questions, and each package is protected under Posh Protect in case of damages or lost items!

  33. Your jeans are just too cute! Love. Have so much fun in Seattle! I was just there in July and the Pacific Northwest is just too cool. I was feeling the same way about IG story highlights – do people watch them?! I do!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  34. I love your 12 things idea! I recently started adding these features in my own journalling (yup old school journals because I can’t figure out blogging). Any advice on taking two Little’s to church? I have only taken them a couple times and I’m always embarrassed because my 2 year old DOES not sit still no matter what I bring (food, books, colouring) and my baby is super fussy. I’m always so intimidated but I know other parents do it and I’ve just been putting it off. Thanks in advance if you have time to reply 🙂

  35. What brand of daily contacts are you using now? I’ve been searching for some good ones too!

  36. Poshmark is such an easy way to sell clothes! I definitely recommend that. I also find that I usually only watch your highlights as opposed to other bloggers since you do give the hair tutorials. 🙂

  37. For clothes selling, I think Poshmark is easier as a buyer… I know they take a cut of the profit but it’s much easier than trying to buy via instagram just in my opinion obviously 🤷🏽‍♀️🙊👍🏼