As mentioned last week… here is my post about things I want to do before I turn 30! It is almost my birthday.. kinda. And I will be turning 28! So I have two years until the big 30 and I am weirdly excited! I think so many good things come with getting older.And be sure to leave in the comments the things you want to do before you hit your next big number whatever it may be! Here are my 10 things I want to do before I hit 30.

  1. Travel to 30 countries! I have currently been to 25 and will cross of 4 more this year.. So I am almost there!
  2. Throw a charity gala.
  3. Visit more of the U.S. .. Some places I would love to visit that I haven’t been to: Georgia, South Carolina, Maine, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Oregon. Along with others that I haven’t been to since I was little like Montana!
  4. Write a book. I have not a clue what this would be about.. If it would be a lifestyle book, a book about hair, a children’s book, I don’t know! But I want to do it.
  5. Have a garage with organized bins filled with decorations for every single holiday. AHH this is something I can’t wait to have!! Since we have always been temporary in apartments or rentals we haven’t invested in decorations for holidays really. Mostly just Christmas stuff! By the time I am 30 I want to have all of my decorations that my kids can get excited for me to pull out each year. My mom has the same ones since we were little.

6. Run a half marathon OR triathlon. I have granny knees so I keep going back and forth if I should do a half or not.. A lot of you gave me GREAT tips on my twitter when I mentioned this so thank you!

7. Go somewhere and order everything on the menu. I have always wanted to do this!!! Somewhere foreign and preferably one with a lot of desserts 😉 and with friends!

8. Take up hobbies. Some things I would love to start doing are archery, rock climbing, and pottery! But I want to actually get really good at one.

9. Buy a vintage car! I am not really a car person (I drive a minivan lol) but I have always been obsessed with vintage cars! I dream of having one that I can cruise around in on date nights. I want either a 57’ Corvette Stingray or a classic 57’ Chevy Convertible .. either in blue or white. 

10. Get chickens. We have in our landscape plans a section for a chicken coop one day.. we aren’t ready yet but in the next couple years we really want our own chickens. My sister has some and I love her fresh eggs and so do the kids! 


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  1. It would be so wonderful if you wrote a book! I would totally buy it. You have a great eye. Cooking, kids, fitness routines, beauty advice, etc.

  2. Phoenix Rock Gym in Tempe off the 101 and University is a nice place to start climbing. They have all sorts of grades and it is very rewarding to see how far you can progress in a short time. They also have bouldering and lead climbing if you want a break from the normal routine. The yearly pass is a bit much but if you do the rock climbing class through MCC (although not much of a class, you get to just climb whenever and the teach you a few different knots) its way cheaper for 5 months and gear is included with unlimited climbing. I just took it up this year and have enjoyed it so much and have gotten so much stronger that I don’t think I could’ve received at the gym with weight lifting. 😊

  3. Dear Amber, you should also visit Hamburg before you turn 30!!! Big hug from Germany <3

  4. Visit Philippines amber (Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Bohol) :), I love all the ideas especially the vintage cars. I want one too!

  5. Amber!!!!!!! In regards to visiting more places in the US. You should check out Okoboji, Iowa. Sounds silly, but if you google Okoboji, IA fourth of july – you all would love it! Small town but is the best place in Iowa to travel to. Small amusement park, great food, boating/tubing/jetskiing…. So much fun things to do!!!! <3 <3 It's where I grew up and now I'm in college and when I tell people I'm from there I always get brownie points 🙂

  6. I live in Georgia and you should come! We have the perfect mix of city with lots of trees and parks as well, Piedmont Park is beautiful in Atlanta and we have some of the best football and baseball stadiums ever!

  7. I think you should totally consider doing a sprint triathlon… I do about 5 a summer around the lakes in Minnesota and it’s a blast. A good bike is an investment but completely worth it!!!

  8. This inspired me to add a few things to my bucket list! You need to go to Mackinac Island in Michigan, it’s so beautiful and old worldy!

  9. Ahhhh you are literally so cute!! All of these things are so cool and unique and definitely relatable. Anyone else want to live her life?!

    xoxo, Jenn

  10. I love your ideas, particularly the thought of a vintage car! My oh my! The trouble is, I always feel like they cost a fortune. Chickens too – brilliant idea!

    I’m 24 years old and, honestly, I feel like I can’t seem to be getting anything done of my hopes and dreams. I’ve only travelled to two countries. I work and I’m going to study a PhD part-time soon too, which goes on for 6 years (yes, until I’m 30!). So…… do you think it’s still possible for me to travel a lot during my 20s?

    I wonder too 🙂 Keep posting I love them so much!

  11. These are so great, Amber! Okay this is kind of kismet; my sister-in-law and her husband are looking to sell their beautiful t-top Corvette Stingray… not sure if it’s from that year, but you should look her up! (she’s another beautiful blonde mama blogger over at The Band Wife Blog) ❤️

  12. It’s been such a joy to read this list; it’s so ambitious and impressive. I have some of the same goals — organized holiday decorations, keeping chickens for eggs, and learning pottery are all on my list too. I think we might be soul sisters!

    Keep us posted on how you go achieving all of this 🙂

  13. OMG great list!!
    The bins in the garage!! A plus!! I have 2 kids and they love that we have boxes for all sorts of holidays!! 4th of July? Yup there’s a box for that!!
    I also would love to tour the US!! So many beautiful places to visit that we kind of take for granted!! In our backyard!!
    And hobbies ❤️❤️❤️ I love Scrapbooking all the memories I make with my kids!! Best thing is they look at books from when they were little and just love to look theough them!!
    Have a fun time checking off your list!!!
    Hugs from Miami

  14. Hey Amber,

    where is this beautiful dress from? I adore you!! Kisses from Germany

  15. Lol to the Chickens! I have also been wanting Chickens lately. Completely impractical, of course, and my dog would probably eat them.

    One of my life time goals is to get a picture of myself in each of the 50 states. I have rules. It can’t be with the state sign or at the airport…those don’t count. It has to be doing something sort of iconic to the state. I’m over half done. But I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now and it is harder than expected to check off some of those middle states. I also do it for my kids.

    I do have all the bins (no garage tho) of specific holidays. I’m weird about that. I’ve written a few books. And I’m pretty good a pottery. Lol. So we have a lot in common.

  16. Absolutely love this list. I just realized I’ve hit 21 countries and I’m 22, ugh so close haha

  17. You have to visit South Dakota!! Being born and raised there, I may be partial but it’s a wonderful place. The Black Hills region is very family-friendly and there is so much to do. I got married out there last summer and wore Barefoot Blonde extensions on my wedding day – they were absolutely perfect! Here’s our wedding video, showing the beautiful Custer State Park area (and my wedding hair, of course!)

  18. I love all of your 10 things! Especially the vintage car one…I adore vintage cars! The Buick Flamingo is one of my favorites of all time haha


  19. Oh my goodness, so sweet. Your list is such an inspiration. I love the decorations idea, such a fun time in life when your kids are old enough to get excited for holidays and help decorate for them! When you come to Oregon make certain you are here after July 10th and before October 1st! Otherwise we’re over here valiantly battling “the grey”, the only other season that exists in (Portland) Oregon aside from drizzly Spring, epic Summer + crisp Fall.

  20. Great love the restaurant one. Also think you should write a book about traveling with kids and how you plan to school them. I want to have a six pack but that will never happen I also want to own a pair of Sophia Webster shoes. I also would love to travel to the Maldives 🇲🇻

  21. Come to South Carolina! I recommend Charleston/Hilton Head area! It’s SO beautiful!

  22. Add Alabama to your list of states! The beaches are so fun and family oriented. It’s always a surprise, for those who have never been, to see everything the state has to offer! I love your list- I need to make one as well!

  23. Great list! I am a hairstylist in Portland Oregon. I love living here, the city is fun and Oregon as a whole is beautiful! Definitely worth the visit. Love from @hairbykionna

  24. You have a beautiful blog that I’ve been following for years now. I’m turning 30 in 3 years and I don’t feel nearly as accomplished! I like that you’ve managed to get through so many countries though, I’ve added that to my list of things I want to try and do before I turn 30.

  25. My husband and I are also doing 30 countries before he turns 30! We have two more to do buuutt he turns 30 next month haha sooo we are saying he has before he turns 31 to do it!!
    No joke i was just saying to my husband “I’m not a car person but at some point i do want to get a classic mustang 67 mustang or something” haha
    Loves ya!

  26. This was fun. I am turning 3o tomorrow and based on your list I have accomplished “having hobbies” and “having chickens”. I started a memoir, but haven’t worked on it in years. Now I’m motivated to pick it up again. I live about 10 hours away from all of my family and friends and so I will not even get my big 30th birthday party I always imagined, and my husband works out of town so I won’t see him, but I have really awesome kids and dogs and chickens to keep me company. Wish me luck on my 30th year that maybe I’ll follow through with my half marathon training and maybe start working on my memoir again. Blessings.

  27. Please come to Georgia! 😊 Also, my husband has been wanting us to get chickens too! I’m afraid to commit to that but love the idea!

  28. This is such a great list! I’m the exact same age and you’ve inspired me to create one of my own. One of the top things on my list is to climb Mt. Rainier. It requires a ton of training but would be so worth it 🙂

    1. I climbed Rainier this year and it was amazing! Random ideas for you; climb with a guide (we used RMI and LOVED them), when training, make sure you climb and do stair stepper with your pack on (it works muscles in your back that regular weight training or stair steppers just can’t work), schedule your climb in May or June if you can because we went in August and it was so melted that it took 7 EXTRA hours to find our way up, if you don’t live in altitude seriously consider asking your doctor to prescribe you altitude sickness pills (your guide will have some but they told me it would have been better to have them from the beginning). It was so amazing and rewarding so you should 100% do it!!

      1. Thank you so much for this input!! Seriously so helpful and gives me the extra push to book something for next year! Were there any hikes you did in Washington that you thought helped you prepare best? I’m definitely going to look into RMI. Thanks again for all the tips 🙂

  29. I’m turning 29 this year and you have inspired me to make a list of things I want to do before I’m 30! My husband and I are planning on moving up to Providence, Rhode Island in the next year! There are tons of fun things happening/to do in the tiniest state!

  30. I absolutely love love love your kids.they are the most cute creatures i have ever seen. Right now i am 22 yo and i have got some big plans too!

  31. My dad has a 57” corvette stingray!! So cute. Also I am biased but I totally think you should visit Minnesota!! South Dakota doesn’t even compare😉 we have the city and such a beautiful north shore!!

  32. hey! I like your instagram account alot.
    It’s super great you travl to 25 countries!
    Hope I made one solo trip to france till i turn 30.

  33. My next big number is 25, which I’ll be the end of next year! I want to visit more countries, bike from one state to the other, and be able to fully work from home! I love this post, it’s motivating see everyone’s ideas!


  34. Have you been to England? I feel like you’ve probably been to London but you should try somewhere up north of England like the dales/ North Yorkshire. Xx

  35. I am a huge fan of yours!! I currently go to school in South Dakota and play basketball there! You should totally come visit 😊😊

  36. I can’t remember if you’ve been to Cuba yet, but if not you’d love it. You have to take a vintage taxi ride. So cute!

  37. Yes to all of the travel! I would love to explore more of the east coast (I’m an Arizona native) and my husband and I actually just booked our anniversary trip to nyc so if you have suggestions for places to eat, things to do, I’d love to hear them! Also, I have a great landscaping recommendation if you need one! My husband has a landscaping business here in Phoenix!

  38. Great list! I just turned 30 at the end of February and did some cool things leading up to it! Bought a remodel house on the lake, we got an old vintage truck and a bunch of other things. But I’m the most unorganized person ever so I really love your goal of getting your garage nice and organized! Maybe by the time I’m 35 I’ll do the same😂 oh and chickens, love the chickens!!!

  39. Seriously what a fun list! I can’t believe you’ve been to so many countries that’s a dream!

  40. Oh also my dream is to have a vintage Mini Cooper. Vintage cars are the coolest!!

  41. Aw I love this!! I can’t believe you’re going to be 28! You look AMAZING! Haha I think it’s funny you want chickens. I grew up in the country and it was an incredible experience I hope to give my kids someday.

    Ps you’re my inspiration for my blog! Love your page and your Instagram and everything!!

    Manda May

  42. I wish I could share a photo with you of my Grandpa’s white ‘58 Chevy convertible! He restored it from a hunk of junk and travels the country for car shows. He wins every show he enters. It has a red interior! He was a mechanical engineer and has restored cars as a hobby his entire life. He is 81 years young and just drove it out west along the Pacific Highway! He’s an amazing man.

  43. I love these! I’m going to be 30 this year in July! I need to make a list of stuff I learned in my 20’s and what I hope to accomplish in my 30’s!! You inspire me so much and I just love following along your journey!

  44. I’m around the same age as you, so I feel that before 30 list! Agreed that getting older has been pretty awesome. I love your list! I can’t believe you’ve been to 25 countries already – I want to try to get to a few more before 30 too!!


    1. Yes go to Maine! That’s where my husband and I are from. It’s beautiful there, especially in the Fall.