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Happy Spring!!!! Woo! Even though we are having an endless summer over here, I am thrilled for spring because we will be seeing cherry blossoms in Japan. Last spring we were in Holland for the tulip festival and we love going around the world experiencing spring in different countries. Looking back on our trip last spring I saw this post we did from our flight to Holland with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – I love the photos because it shows how much Atticus enjoys traveling too (I love watching him pull his suitcase and hold his stuffed animal Bluey!) He gets so excited about flights but part of it is because I think we get him super amped for each trip. There are fun ways you can get your toddler excited to travel which in my opinion makes the whole experience – from packing, driving to the airport, the flights and everything in between – way more enjoyable. Here are some tips for ways to get your toddler excited about the trip! I promise these will help the whole travel experience!

  1. THEIR OWN SUITCASE: Atticus loves to have his own things to look after and carry/push! Ever since he could walk we have had him pulling little suitcases. He finally outgrew his airplane suitcase (picture of him pulling it here!) and we got him a new big boy suitcase – a panda roller with a matching backpack! We got it in the mail a couple weeks ago and he has pulled it EVERYWHERE since. That day was like Christmas for him! We kept telling him this is his suitcase for our trip to Japan and that he gets to pack it with whatever he wants to bring with him. This part is always so fun for him. He loves to push it through the airport and send it through security. Seeing it on the other end of the security belt is like heaven for this kid! Amazon has tons of fun suitcases for kiddos. It is also fun to have them decorate it if you want to add stickers or keychains!
  2. NAME TAG: Get them their very own name tag and let them write their name or help you write it. KLM had a little name tag for the kiddos on the flight and he was so excited about this and kept showing everyone how it said his name! You can also have them decorate this with stickers 🙂
  3. BOOKS: In the weeks leading up to Japan we had been reading lots of kids books about Japan! Learning about their holidays, food they eat, and sights we will be seeing. There are tons of fun children’s books for almost every country and even city specific. So lots of fun ideas for this! Also fun to have them try counting in the language or learning a couple words before you go 🙂
  4. ANIMALS: Before we went to Australia we learned lots about kangaroos and koalas and got them super excited about getting to see them! We took them to multiple zoos while we were there and I felt like seeing them in person after learning about them beforehand was really fun for them! You can get them stuffed animals too (we are big on stuffed animals over here!) and print little coloring pages of the animals. I always just google coloring pages and google has just about everything 😉
  5. IMAGINARY GAMES: Before the flight you can think of imaginary games you want to play on the way to the airport, at the airport, and on the plane to keep the mood happy. It is fun to have a pair of binoculars or a magnifying glass to make a game of “I Spy” or playing detective in the airport a bit more fun. They are also fun toys to have on trips — every sight is more fun for a toddler when they get to look through binoculars!
  6. CRAFTS – SPOT THE FLAG: We have been huge on crafts lately. Every morning Atticus pulls out our craft bin. We have been making fun crafts with construction paper and we like to make the flag of the country we are going to. Let them cut out the shapes and pick the right colors. It is always fun for them to spot the flags when you are driving around. Since there is a lot of driving on trips this is a fun activity for them to do anytime you are in the car.
  1. PAPER CHAIN: Make a count down with a paper chain! I seriously made paper chains til I was in my teenage years lol. I think they are so fun!!! Atticus has one in his room right now and you can count down the days until travel day! Which leads me to my next…
  2. TRAVEL DAY: make it an official day – like a holiday!!! On holidays I always woke up to fun little gift baskets – they were often super simple but still exciting! You can have a simple basket waiting for them with a toy airplane, some stickers, and maybe a pilot hat! We got Atticus a pilot hat when we went to Bora Bora and it was so fun!
  3. MOVIES/SHOWS: if it is their first time on a plane (or even if its not!) its fun to show them videos (like this fun cartoon Bluey video where they fly to Rio de Janeiro!) to get them excited about getting to go FLY! Bluey is KLM’s mascot that makes it more fun to fly with kids. They have 4 YouTube videos with Bluey on adventures! They also have lots of fun Bluey products for kids on board like passport holders, eye shades, a badge, and coloring books and more!
  4. PACKING: we love to have a day of packing and have Atticus help us! You can have them help pack which clothes they want to bring, what books they want to take, etc etc. I think this just helps them feel like they are a part of the whole process and if nothing else is just a fun activity to do beforehand! Maybe you can pack a special pair of shoes they get to wear when they get to the there!

I hope these help get your little amped for a fun day of travel! As long as you give yourself plenty of time it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience traveling with kids. It can be a really fun experience for them even the weeks leading up to Travel Day! If you need more ideas for fun cartoons, KLM has four fun videos on their youtube channel that our kids love to watch!

Thanks to KLM for sponsoring this post!

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  1. I am curious to know while flying, which seat is suitable for kids, air side or inner side ? I think there must be something we should follow. By the air side they can see the earth view but it may be dangerous for the first time. Need advice…
    I am writing here about baby toys….

  2. Your list is incredibly helpful. My better half is an officer on a luxury boutique cruise ship and our family is going to visit him for the first time. This will be our first international flight and 11 night cruise stay. Our daughter will be 27 months when we travel in September and she’s done great on domestic flights and travel. Now, I am trying to plan and prepare for our trip by reading blogs from trusted and respected sources. Thank you for your posts and photos as they’re taking out some of the guess work and making for easy planning.

  3. We’re taking our kids to Florida this year and I’m reading through all your old travel posts! I’m determined to be flexible and make it fun for the kids instead of turning into a total stress case. I just love your posts because my son is 2 and my daughter will be one this summer, I swear they’re just like Atticus and Rosie 🙂

  4. Hello Amber, great article, nice photos and very good suggestions! Best regards, CA Hillien

  5. I just read this post and the other one about toys for the kiddos during flights. We have flown with our toddler a few times, but it is always a challenge because we play a movie in our Ipad without success and he doesn’t like the headphones, gets bored, he can’t sit still, kicks the front seat, etc., so perhaps these tips may help us join our next flight. Getting him his own suitcase and “let him” pack whatever sounds like it might get him excited and reading books about the countries he is visiting, too! We will be going to Mexico soon. Just my 2-year-old and myself and I have been freaking out. Only a 3.5-hour flight, but still! lol.

  6. I loved this post! It was a really enjoyable read and I really liked a lot of your suggestions. Plus, your pictures are adorable!! Thanks!

  7. Dear Amber, did you get the “Okiedog Wildpack” trolley rolling panda bag??? They are just the cutest!!! I love all the animals they have. We have just booked a trip to Miami for next month and I so want to pick one up for my two year old. Before I do, though, was Atticus okay rolling it around or is it still a bit hard for him to manipulate such a thing? Thank you so so much for your answer. It would really help me out. xoxo M

  8. I love this post. So many awesome ideas! THANK YOU!! Plus, seeing these throwback pictures of A is just icing on the cake <3

  9. Amber… you are SUCH a good mom. I have 4 kids myself and have been a mom for 13 years. So many moms get apathetic and have bad energy and feel kind of
    “put off” for doing mom stuff and it is SO refreshing to hear your positive energy on being a mom of two tiny babes… I LOVE your blog. I love your energy and can feel it radiate through the computer screen… Love and light to you sister! xoxo

  10. Great Post! Hope you can visit here in Philippines too! We do have 7,107 islands here. Hope to meet you and your family soon!! xx

  11. Great post, Amber! We are planning a road trip and camping trip to the Grand Canyon and southern Utah for this summer with our 2 year old. Any advice for places to stay/ go would be great. Thanks!

  12. Amber, I absolutely love your photos and your lifestyle. Congrats for your blessed family too.

    Id looove to know which filters do you use to edit your photos. Ive read some old comments here that you said you like to use lightroom and vscocam, right? Could you recommend the filters you like the most? I want to use the same! Haha

  13. Oh Amber I love the photos of Atticus whe you guys went to Bora Bora aahhh so CUTE!! He’s grown so much, Iv been following you for so long I just love watching him grow and now Rosie too. My son is 9mths so its very relevant for me right now. I want to get my son a little plane carry-on for his first flight after seeing this post – im obsessed. Hope you are having an aahhmazing in Japan. Thanks for this post too, it’s going to be very helpful for a lot of ppl I think. xo

  14. I just posted a bunch of travel tips on my blog too for Disneyland with a 1 and 2 year old 🙂
    Traveling with kids is so much fun and they learn so much from it! I think it’s so great that you take your kids around the world!

  15. I have two babies that are 17 months apart, currently 12 months and 2.5 years old. My husband and I love traveling with them! Thanks for the tips, we will definitely give them a try for our upcoming trip!



  16. Hi amber,
    Love this post! We love to travel and have been taking our 10 month old son on lots of trips. I was wondering if you had any tips for time change? How do you switch the kids bedtime/naps when you move time zones? I am worried about going places with an 8-10 hour time change.

  17. Loved this post- Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome time in Japan!!!

  18. Great post! I work for KLM as a flight attendant and we love to have children on board! Hope to see you again Some day!

  19. This post is super helpful! Full of some great tips for when my little girl gets older! Your photography is really incredible ☺️ LOVE!!

  20. Great ideas! When I used to babysit for two little boys, we would pretend we were going on trips and would pack up all the things they wanted to bring in their little suitcases. When it came time for them to actually travel, they were always so excited and knew what to do!

  21. Yay! Loved this!! Flying for the first time with our toddler this fall! Thanks for the tips! Have fun in Japan!!

    1. Oh good! I am glad they helped! Thanks for reading Brittany 🙂

  22. Are toddlers allowed in first class?? I was booking our tickets and i was told toddlers not allowed in first class

    1. Yes! Most airlines allow kids in first class 🙂 From our experience, some people may not like it though haha!

  23. PERFECT timing and wonderful advice! Thanks so much for sharing, Amber!

  24. This is so awesome! Definitely saving this for when I have kids, and I think some of these would even help me get more excited for trips!! Thank you for all the great tips! I LOVE the little suitcase idea. My sisters and I always had our own and we definitely loved that 🙂 so cute to see him loving his!!

    Katie xx

  25. Aww all these tips are so cute! Makes me so nostalgic because I remember being little and getting so excited for flights and trips! When I was little my mom would let my sisters and I pick out a few small toys from the store to play with on the plane and it was such a fun tradition!

    Lauren Lindmark

  26. I love these ideas!! I love that you guys never thought of it as a burden to travel with kids or didn’t think you could still do fun things. Y’all do the complete opposite! People nowadays make it seem like when you have a kid, you’re done doing the things you did before. I’m due with my first little one (boy) April 19, and my hubby and I made it a point that we are going to do even more after having a kid and take them everywhere! (All because of you guys 😉 ) so thank you!! , @firstcomesmrs

  27. This is such great advice. I can’t wait to travel with my kids when i have them. I always remember my parents taking me on the most amazing trips around the world. Atticus will definitely have some wonderful memories!!

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  28. such great tips! I’ll have to remember these for when my daughter gets a little older (so much easier when they’re just 6 weeks old and you can stick them in a kangaroo pack)
    Thanks for sharing!

  29. Such great ideas !! We are taking my baby boy Noah on his first trip to the Bahamas for his first birthday!! Have fun in Japan !

  30. you are seriously mom goals!!! Can I be you when I grow up? LOL My first baby is arriving in 4 weeks! I am so excited to be a mom! I love that your kids are so much apart of you and your blog. These tips are amazing and make me not so concerned about traveling with our little girl! Thanks love!!

  31. this is such a darling post!! We just traveled to Florida from Chicago with our 11-month-old nephew, and he was so sweet and won over everyone’s hearts. My sister’s dog was actually the one who had some issues haha! he was so scared of the flight 🙁

  32. This is a great list,I will definitely be using these tips the next time we travel!!

  33. I don’t have kids but this is such a cute post! Atticus is so sweet, I love the photo of him high-fiving the flight attendant! thanks for sharing great photos and advice for the future!

    xo, Lauren

  34. Great post Amber!! ❤ Travelling with babes can be stressful and this posts helps make it so fun and exciting! Do you have a favourite toy to entertain the kids with on the plane!? My little guy is not quite one yet, so I’m always looking for something quiet but still entertaining! 😂

  35. Ooh what fun tips! I don’t have kids, but maybe some of these would work on my boyfriend?!? Haha. Kidding, kidding. Thankfully, he loves to travel just as much as I do! 🙂


  36. Great suggestions!! We recently surprised my kids with a trip to Disney World the morning of, and while that was amazing for my older two (7 & 9), my younger ones (2 & 5) probably could have used a little more preparation! On a side note, I’ve always been so nervous to travel with the kids, but it actually wasn’t too bad!

  37. I’m trying to figure out if the kids have more frequent flyers miles than me lol!

  38. This. Is. Amazing. Totally referring to all your fun kid posts when I have kids! Xoxo-JS