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Music always makes or breaks my work out! The other day I realized I forgot headphones on my way to the gym and had to turn around to get them. Working out without music is only okay when you have a girlfriend (or husband) to sweat with. I am skip happy on Pandora and have my go to songs that I love to listen to. So I thought I would share some!! I just have to give a disclaimer that some of these have swear words so if you are young then maybe check for a clean version 😉 there are clean versions for almost all of these.

  1. Eve – Let Me Blow Ya Mind
  2. Kanye West – Skinhead
  3. Kanye West – POWER
  4. Wale ft. Lady Gaga – Chillin
  5. Method Man – Da Rockwilder
  6. Kanye West & Jay Z – Who Gon Stop Me – not a good youtube version – better off buying it
  7. Ginuwine – Pony
  8. Cam’Ron – Oh Boy (long intro – skip to :29)
  9. Biggie Smalls – Hypnotize
  10. LL Cool J – Headsprung

When in doubt I just listen to the Hip Hop BBQ station which plays all the classics and they are all good. I’d love to hear what’s in your workout playlist or what gets you in your workout zone! Always looking to add to mine:)

PS this is a throwback pic to 2013 haha!


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  1. Love your list. I also love the Kanye West – POWER, Wale ft. Lady Gaga – Chillin. Nice choice

  2. Music is the best way to stressed-out and we should keep ourself stressful during gym so it becomes very important to have music during gym.

  3. I have the hardest time finding music to work out to! I need to add all these songs to my playlist!

    1. I have been loving the bikini body guide by Kayla Itsines, they’re quick but very high intensity exercises 🙂

  4. Amber, can you do a series on you becoming your own boss! I’m currently in the beginning stages of being my own boss, but need some direction. I look up to your journey, just need to know more about it!! hahaha I just need my first break, maybe like a collaboration or sponsorship. I still put myself out there, just no bites yet. Please consider making a Boss Series, Barefoot Blonde style!! 🙂 .

    If you are interested in checking out my blog it and my IG is someserioussass

    God bless

  5. Whose picture is that ? She’s cute!! Is that your sister ? I think sister workouts would be cute!!

  6. Your playlist is perfect for the energy needed during a workout! 🙂 I agree that music can help you so much while working out! I also have a playlist, but it’s way too long to share it here haha!
    PS. You look so cute in this older pic! Stunning, as always! xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

    1. Right?! I am so glad you agree! I don’t think I could get through a workout without music 🙂

  7. Literally clicked on this post because you looked so different! No wonder since the photo is from 2013. 🙂 Still look stunning, lady!

    Chelcey |

  8. two of my favs for working out right now are run the world-beyonce and the greatest by sia. i’m always looking for more too!

  9. I didn’t see any of your Forever 21 top picks in the post. But will definitely check out these songs!

  10. I also have Da Rockwilder on my work out playlist. A couple other jams you may want to check out:

    Battle Flag- Lo Fidelity Allstars
    Starboy- The Weeknd & Daft Punk Version

    Yes, that last one is a much more recent jam, BUT it’s got such a good base line and beat it always pumps me up when I’m on the elliptical or doing intervals.


  11. OH MY GOODNESS, this is GOLD! I have been listening to the “2000s Hip Hip” station on Pandora for like 7 years to work out to. I’ve been looking for another great station but can’t find one that compares. This one seems to be it, thank you so much!!! Plus I’m downloading your list to my spotify, thanks girl!

  12. Love it! A good workout playlist really does make the difference! I also love “24k Magic” by Bruno Mars, “That’s My Girl” by Fifth Harmony, and “Capsize” by FRENSHIP. I’m always on the hunt for new songs!

    xo, Sofia

  13. LOVE all these songs!! Hey – quick question about your Adidas Superstar shoes….are they any smaller than your normal shoe size? I keep getting mixed reviews and would like to order some 🙂 Thank you so much Amber!!!

  14. Work out jams are SO important to me too. Totally gets me in the mood to do the whole work out thing, and I have deff turned back to grab headphones before too 😂