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I am the absolute worst with ordering anything on time so today’s post is for my fellow procrastinators. I always end up ordering from Shopbop or Amazon because they both have free 2 day shipping so here are some things I love for Valentine’s! They could be gifts for sisters, friends, co workers, or….. yourself. I kind of need to get that yoga mat because I think its awesome ha! And the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is my FAV – especially since their caps twist on … makes it more “Atticus proof”. He got into my matte liquid lipstick and it got evvvverywhere… it was kind of hilarious.

Want to know what else is hilarious? My night tonight! So I had some fittings for shows I am attending for Fashion Week and I walk in and its all models standing there. I had to try on some clothes and all they had were size 0 and 2 .. I knew they wouldn’t fit but decided to try them on anyway. I ask “where is the dressing room?” and they look around and say they don’t have one. So I am immediately thinking, “oh cool I have to change in front of models in my nursing bra (with dry milk spills because heaven knows I am too lazy for nursing pads at this point) and my jeans that I can barely button ha!” Needless to say, nothing fit. Fine fine.. so I go to Sak’s to grab some things to wear and I am trying on a Zimmermann dress in the dressing room. It went on fine but it was too short so I go to take it off and it. will. not. budge. I started panicking because it was so tight that there was literally no way to get it off. Like not kidding no way was it coming off. The lady helping me comes by and asks how I am doing and I said “I think I am stuck in this dress…” I am sweating and freaking out at this point. She was so sweet and came in to help me. After like 10 minutes of us trying different options and failing and cracking up, she finds a hidden ZIPPER! It freaking had a zipper. Then it came right off. I asked her if that was a first for her, and sure enough it was – and me too. Me and David have been busting about it all night!

Have a good day everyone!! XO

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