Barefoot Blonde One Minute Knotted Half Up

I have teamed up with Lauren Conrad Blog again to share another hairstyle how to! This one is great because it seriously takes 1 minute to do. Then you can add curls if you want or leave it straight/wavy! I love easy quick hairstyles I can do when my front pieces arent curled or done – getting the front pieces out of the way always makes hair look more put together.

My hair went wild during pregnancy and also after – I feel like I have bald spots in front now when I pull my hair straight back and the hair is starting to grow in so its like short little hairs growing back in. I honestly didn’t even realize I had those bald spots until I pulled my hair in a bun to get in the bath with Atticus the other day! Anyways, I am trying to take extra good care of my hair and got some new products that hopefully help. I am going to keep using them for a bit and I will let you know which I end up liking best. BUT until then hairstyles like this one are going to be on repeat. Here are the steps:

  1. Tease the base and smooth it out (if you want to have extra volume)
  2. Take two sections from the front of your hair – the bigger the section the bigger the knot in back will be and the more bobby pins you will need.
  3. Pull the two sections to the back of your head and tie a knot. Hold the knot in place and pin it til it is secure.

Hope you all have a good day!

Photos from One Minute Knotted Half Up

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