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Nice, France

IMG_1113IMG_0934IMG_0779IMG_0828IMG_0907IMG_0782IMG_0759IMG_1135IMG_1007IMG_0914IMG_0774IMG_1051IMG_0788IMG_0739IMG_0765IMG_0738IMG_0764IMG_0749IMG_0849IMG_1002SWIM SUIT: Minimale Animale


SHOES: Birkenstock

SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

If I could just sit there and stare at this milky blue water for the rest of my life I would – it is my favorite water ever. I do wish the beaches were sand.. it is nearly impossible to make a sand pillow under my towel with stones haha but I will take stones if I can have that blue water. I had the best experience in Nice last summer.. which you can read about here if you wish.

But Nice was even better this time having David with me. It is so fun to be with him in Europe (he has backpacked Europe twice) he is such a history wiz and everywhere we go he knows the history behind it and he teaches me so much. We rode bikes up and down the coast and visited Villefranche-sur-Mer and some other adorable villages annnd we found some really yummy doner kebabs (which we can never find in the states) in Nice which David was a little too excited about if you ask me :) I am not a huge fan of lamb because I just picture an adorable lamb as I eat it but I was adventurous and ate half of one so that counts I think.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a good day! xo

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Leopard Heels

IMG_9021IMG_9007IMG_8998IMG_9017IMG_9057IMG_9015IMG_9025IMG_9052IMG_9027IMG_9005TOP: Cameo

HEELS: Valentino

SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile

NECKLACES: Gorjana; Lily B. & Co.

RINGS: Gorjana

SKIRT: Boulee

**Photos by Jessica Janae

I have been obsessing over the rockstud heel forever… but I felt like I was too late in the game to buy them and everyone already had them.. but then I saw the leopard ones available for preorder and I had to bite the bullet and get them! They are my new favorite shoes and the best part is how comfortable they are!! :)

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Annecy, France



DRESS: Twenty Tees c/o

SANDALS: Birkenstock

JACKET: Revolve Clothing

SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

This last weekend we headed up North to Annecy where I lived last summer as an au pair :) David was supposed to come out and visit me and we were going to travel France together but he decided to spend the money on my wedding ring instead :) that’s when he first told me he wanted to marry me! So anyways, it has been so much fun showing David around my favorite spots and showing him how beautiful it is there!! Some of the photos were taken on stops along the way to Annecy and the others all from beautiful Annecy!

I of course have been living in my trusty birks lately – everywhere I go. And I am loving that they are back in style :)

We were in Portofino, Italy all day today and just arrived in La Spezia! We are in a hotel (hostel more like) Β tonight which feels good since we have been camping the last couple nights – I am so ready for a shower haha

Thanks so much for reading!!! xoxo

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Geek Chic

Barefoot BlondeIMG_8448IMG_8404Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeIMG_8764IMG_8616IMG_8522IMG_8388IMG_8587IMG_8488

IMG_8550^^The master behind the beautiful collectionIMG_8536IMG_8395IMG_8495IMG_8413

IMG_8409IMG_8617Barefoot BlondeDRESS: Torn by Ronny Kobo c/o

BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile

HEELS: Kate Spade

LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Russian Red’

GLASSES: Elizabeth and James c/o

**Photos by Jessica Janae

First, sorry about yesterday, I uploaded the files in way too big of format so I know they wouldn’t load for a lot of you! It is fixed now and should actually load :)

This outfit I wore to the alice + olivia presentation! Cara and I also got to go backstage together.. I love going backstage because we get to chat with the creative directors over hair and make up and it is fun to get tips and see how they work their magic on the models! I definitely learned a few really awesome tips that I will be sharing with you guys in a post soon! Plus did you see the shoes from the collection? They are seriously un. real. so is everything from the collection though, including the models wearing the pieces- we were totally gawking. We would just stare at their skin and be like “what? how?” so beautiful.

So my hair that day… I had washed it and it was wet while I was waiting outside all day for a package that never came and by the time I had 40 minutes til backstage my hair was still too damp to girl and not enough time to blow dry so somehow I came up with this! I always find that panic modes like this end up being some of my favorite hair styles.


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Cassis, France

IMG_0071IMG_0096IMG_0110IMG_0088IMG_0120IMG_0107IMG_0074IMG_0102IMG_0118IMG_9957IMG_0098IMG_0105IMG_0082IMG_0115TOP: Revolve Clothing

PANTS: J Brand c/o

SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

RINGS: Gorjana c/o

Pictures just don’t do Cassis justice.. it is so unbelievably beautiful and around every corner is a new cove or a new cliff or a castle or lighthouse – its amazing. The castles along the shoreline light up at night and it is slightly magical. David and I actually slept in our car that night haha we were supposed to sleep in Marseille but the reservation through Airbnb fell through (I am done with them for the remainder of this trip, too unreliable when traveling internationally) and I wanted to get the freak out of Marseille since we were having such bad luck there, so we came to Cassis and enjoyed the sunset and then tried to find a place but everything was booked. We found a parking lot overlooking the lit up castles and figured what the heck. Oh and don’t worry we have been here for three days now and have not bought food once.. David brought an entire suitcase filled with food haha so we have been eating, cup of noodles, Wal Mart smiles fruit snacks, oatmeal, instant pasta packets, and some other things :) haha we both are not big fans of spending money on food and would much rather eat out once a day and save money to do fun things like ferries to islands and what not :)

Hope you all had a good weekend! Thanks for reading! xx

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