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Cliffside Villages in Italy

IMG_3028tIMG_3013tIMG_3042tIMG_3036tIMG_3046t DRESS: J. Crew (25% off $150 + CODE: SHOPNOW)

I know you guys are probably getting sick of all of my travel posts but good news is, I will be back to my regular outfit posts so soon and I am pretty excited about it. Since I couldn’t pack a whole lot on this trip, I feel like I have had nothing to wear these last six weeks!!! And it does not help that I am an absolute horrible packer. I am so excited to get home and have my closet back :) Plus, I have been hearing it is chilly in Utah which I am so thrilled about because I have been dying to bust out my fall wardrobe!

Yesterday we rode camels in Africa, it has been on my bucket list for so so long and it felt amazing to check it off! It was the greatest thing ever and totally the cherry on top of the trip for us. (although I am rather sore haha camels are not the most graceful things in the world.) The whole time I kept picturing the camel going, “mike mike mike mike mike, what day is it mike?” Please tell me you guys have seen the Geico commercial???

Hope you guys all have a fabulous day!

Posted On : October 24, 2013 at 5:31 am, by amber
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Pula, Croatia

IMG_4106tIMG_4138tIMG_4183tIMG_4149tIMG_4141tIMG_4200tIMG_4233t PANTS: Chicnova c/o
TOP: Nordstrom
FLATS: Windsor c/o

These leopard pants are the comfiest things ever – anytime I wear them I end up sleeping in them too.

Oh and don’t worry these photos were taken after our car had gotten towed… I was so upset! We parked our car in the middle of a line of cars parked on the street and just ran into town to grab a dang crepe which took literally 20 minutes tops. There were no signs within 200 yards of where we parked and we figured we were fine. We came back and our car was gone and I instantly started panicking… being in a foreign country and not knowing where our rental car is, is pretty dang scary. Luckily my husband is fluent in Croatian and asked some guy where our car might be.. he made some calls and got an address for us (so nice of him) and then got us a taxi. The taxi driver told us we were just unlucky and that Croatian tow companies just pick random cars to tow and they happened to pick us. He ended up giving a discounted far which was another (of so so so many) good deeds other people did for us while in Europe. The tow fee ended up only being 450 kuna which is about 80 USD but I was still so mad! And bawling.. of course. :)

Tomorrow is our last day here in Africa then we are headed back to France for two days and then home, finally. As much as I have loved this experience, I am 200000% ready to snuggle my dog and eat some cereal on my couch.

Posted On : October 22, 2013 at 3:56 am, by amber
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Dubrovnik, Croatia

IMG_3103ttIMG_3323tIMG_3465tIMG_3178tIMG_3121tIMG_3361tIMG_3501tIMG_3351tttIMG_3129tIMG_3239tIMG_3096ttIMG_3251tIMG_3417t OVERALLS: ASOS c/o
SWIM SUIT: Stone Fox Swim c/o

I always feel like a little girl anytime I wear my overalls.. haha takes me back to elementary school when me and my friend Jessalyn would match our overalls, green shirt, and brown clogs on the same day because we loved when people asked if we were twins/sisters :) Oh and I am super bummed I didn’t get any good photos of my swim suit.. it is one of my favorite because I love how flattering the top is!

Dubrovnik is now one of my favorite places in the world! This was my first time seeing the Adriatic Sea and it is so beautiful I can’t even believe it. I also fell in love with Croatian food and think it may be my favorite kind of food ever! If any of you have had spinach and cheese burek from Croatia you will know what I am talking about – I had it multiple times a day. I am going back to America and am going to scour the country for a bakery that makes burek!

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Ours was really lazy since I am still sick.. which meant we watched lots of Netflix and David even agreed to watching Billboard Dad with me… I for some reason was craving an old MK & A film :)


Posted On : October 21, 2013 at 4:37 am, by amber
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Lanvin in Florence

003155005149170167002169 DRESS: Lanvin via LUISAVIAROMA




Here is my second look from my collaboration with LUISAVIAROMA! It seriously felt so surreal wearing this Lanvin dress.. pictures could never do it justice. The impeccable details and rich fabric are just all too good to be true! And that view…  I had to ask the LUISAVIAROMA team if they ever get used to seeing that view (since it is the view from their STUDIO!) They of course said they will never get used to it. It is so breathtaking!! Everyone should head on over to their site, they have some amazing fall/winter pieces that you will die over!

AND don’t forget today is the LAST day to enjoy 25% off at Shopbop! Check my shop for some more Shopbop pieces I love! xo

Posted On : October 17, 2013 at 1:45 am, by amber
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Positano, Italy

IMG_2953tIMG_2930tIMG_2950tIMG_2891tIMG_2837tIMG_2972tIMG_2827tIMG_2884tIMG_2933tIMG_3001tIMG_2940tIMG_2820tIMG_2994t SWIM SUIT: Beach Riot

TOP: Jen’s Pirate Booty



Driving along the Almafi Coast is among the most amazing and scary things ever! The roads are so narrow, it seems like two tiny Italian cars can barely fit.. then a bus passes and my heart stops as I sit there praying I won’t die.

One morning we left our hotel and were headed to the beach and we were following behind a large bus… well I saw another bus, equally as big, headed our way and I quickly did the math and realized the buses would 100% NOT be able to pass each other! They couldn’t.. they both stopped and the drivers got out and were discussing in Italian what to do for quite some time.. meanwhile a huge line of cars on both ends piling up. Luckily we were the first in line behind the one bus so he backed up and guided us on a maze through the two buses and let us out but I still have no idea what the two buses did to get passed each other! David and I could not stop laughing about it later.

Anyways, I probably aged about 10 years driving on that coast because I literally thought we were going to die multiple times with cars zooming passed us on sharp turns – BUT it was definitely worth it because the entire coast is littered with gorgeous cliffside villages, castles, rock stairways leading to the beach, and its all so breathtaking. I wanted to pull over a million times to take photos but unfortunately there is rarely anywhere to pull off since the roads are so teeny.

I got this white top a while ago and had been dying to wear it! Positano seemed like the perfect place for it.

Posted On : October 16, 2013 at 6:11 am, by amber
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