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Positano, Italy

IMG_2953tIMG_2930tIMG_2950tIMG_2891tIMG_2837tIMG_2972tIMG_2827tIMG_2884tIMG_2933tIMG_3001tIMG_2940tIMG_2820tIMG_2994t SWIM SUIT: Beach Riot

TOP: Jen’s Pirate Booty



Driving along the Almafi Coast is among the most amazing and scary things ever! The roads are so narrow, it seems like two tiny Italian cars can barely fit.. then a bus passes and my heart stops as I sit there praying I won’t die.

One morning we left our hotel and were headed to the beach and we were following behind a large bus… well I saw another bus, equally as big, headed our way and I quickly did the math and realized the buses would 100% NOT be able to pass each other! They couldn’t.. they both stopped and the drivers got out and were discussing in Italian what to do for quite some time.. meanwhile a huge line of cars on both ends piling up. Luckily we were the first in line behind the one bus so he backed up and guided us on a maze through the two buses and let us out but I still have no idea what the two buses did to get passed each other! David and I could not stop laughing about it later.

Anyways, I probably aged about 10 years driving on that coast because I literally thought we were going to die multiple times with cars zooming passed us on sharp turns – BUT it was definitely worth it because the entire coast is littered with gorgeous cliffside villages, castles, rock stairways leading to the beach, and its all so breathtaking. I wanted to pull over a million times to take photos but unfortunately there is rarely anywhere to pull off since the roads are so teeny.

I got this white top a while ago and had been dying to wear it! Positano seemed like the perfect place for it.

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Shopbop 25% Off Sale



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The Shopbop Family and Friends 25% off sale is one of my favorite sales, ever. I always stock up on all the things I have been lusting over while they offer the 25% off! It doesn’t happen often :) so today I am sharing some of my favorite picks!!

The sale will be going on for three days only, so make sure you snag you favorites quick! Use CODE: INTHEFAMILY25

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Drop Waist Dress in Rome

IMG_2742tIMG_2707tIMG_2643tIMG_2755tIMG_2657rIMG_2752tIMG_2561tIMG_2677tIMG_2640tIMG_2689t DRESS: Zara

FLATS: Yosi Samra


LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Vegas Volt’

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!! Here are some photos from when we were in Rome.. I wore this Zara dress that I couldn’t resist getting! It is not online but I listed below some other drop waist dresses I love below :)

Now we are here in Africa and I cannot wipe the smile off my face. I am so in love with everything about it – the food, the culture, (the prices, ahem, $30 for an entire day at a day spa?? And $1 crepes?? Yes and yes.) – just everything is amazing! We have about ten days left and I could not be happier to be spending them here in Morocco. It is so much more relaxed than Europe which has allowed me to get a little more work done! I have been working on something new and there will be some big changes here soon so I hope you guys all will stay tuned!

I also have the winner of the Spa Trouve Giveaway! The winner is, Heidi Allen! Please email me when you see this and thanks to everyone who entered, I always wish everyone could win every giveaway!! xo

Other drop waist dresses I love…..

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PANTS: Anine Bing

SHOES: ShoeMint


SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

These are officially my most worn shoes – I cannot help but wear them here because they go with everything and are so comfy!!

I have been feeling like I was getting sick recently and tried to stop it but unfortunately am officially sick :( But we are headed to Venice and I am going to have to get over because I am definitely not staying in bed!

Hope you guys all have a great day!

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IMG_8898IMG_8933IMG_8880IMG_8887 TOP: J. Crew

PANTS: J Brand c/o

GLASSES: Elizabeth and James c/o

**Photos by Jessica Janae

Cara and I both got glasses while in NYC and we both loved them so much! We both agreed they are so great because you don’t have to get as ready with them because they kinda hide your lack of make up haha so its great.

Now David and I are in Pula Croatia and we both just woke up from a pretty sleepless night.. here is what happens. About twice a week we wake up to a buzzing in our ears, because for some reason people don’t believe in mosquito nets in Europe? David cannot handle this (because they mostly just go after him) so usually I will wake up to him swatting aimlessly in the dark and muttering angry slurs under his breath. And once I am awake – I am awake.. and I usually cannot fall back asleep until every last mosquito is gone because I can’t handle the thought of knowing I am being bit! I think they call this paranoia? or craziness? – At odd hours of the night, I think I might suffer from both, haha. So last night I wake up to this obnoxiously loud buzzing in my ear only to see that, of course, David is already awake for the same reason. So we turn on all the lights and there we are wide eyed at 3am ready to pounce (and eating sour straws). I made the mistake of trying to hit one with the remote in this oddly large and uncoordinated motion…and missed (I have told you guys before, I am wildly lerpy) and we didn’t see the mosquito again for an hour or so ….. we finally got them all and were able to fall back asleep. I always feel like Walt and Jesse in Breaking Bad when they are trying to kill the fly in the lab and they are at it for hours on end haha that is us.

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