Twisted Fishtail Tutorial

Barefoot BlondeTOP: Land’s End // LIPSTICK: Elizabeth Arden

I have a new hair tutorial today and it is a QUICK and easy one! I love quick styles that look like they took longer :)

Hair is the best accessory in my opinion so days when I just want to be comfy and wear a simple t shirt and jeans (most days, lets be honest!) I always like to add a little something to my hair and this is perfect because it can be done really quickly so I hope you guys like it.

Have a fabulous day!!

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Side Braid Video Tutorial

Barefoot Blonde - Side Braid Video TutorialTOP: Townsen c/o || LIPSTICK: NARS ‘Heat Wave’

So I finally have this tutorial for you! Again, my camera is still broken so it was filmed on my laptop but hopefully you at least get the picture! I know it is long but I do give some tips for using the extensions and how to apply product when you wear extensions so if you wear extensions it could be helpful :)

If you don’t wear extensions and don’t want to hear about what product I use and how I use it, skip to 8:48

Scroll down to see the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube page, here!

Barefoot Blonde - styling products for braids

WAVE & SHINE SPRAY BY ORIBE c/o || MOROCCAN OIL HAIRSPRAY c/o || MOROCCAN OIL ARGAN OIL SERUM c/o || SAM VILLA BRUSH c/o Tutorial on how to do this side braid with extensions

**Photos taken by Jessica Janae Photography

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Bohemian Braid Tutorial

Bohemian Braid TutorialI have a tutorial for you all today!! I literally dread making tutorials – I find it horribly awkward sitting in a room by myself talking to a camera! So I apologize that I nervously talk WAY too much in this. It is showing you guys how to do the bohemian braids I instagrammed last Sunday! I also show you guys how to put it in extensions when doing a braid like this to make your braid thicker but if you are not using extensions and want to skip to the how to, go to 2:30 or if you are like me and HATE intros in tutorials (I have no idea why I still do them!? I guess you feel like you have to introduce it somewhat?!) go to :40 !! And below this I will post the details for all the things I am wearing in this post!! K, enjoy!!

LIPSTICK: Revlon ‘Ravish Me Red’ / TOP: Nordstrom (40% off!) / FOUNDATION: Estee Lauder Double Wear / POWDER: Estee Lauder Double Wear / BRONZER: MACMASCARA: Cover Girl Lash Blast / BRACELETS: Mali Beads, Wanderlust + Co / EXTENSIONS: Bombshell Extensions, 18 inch, color 14/24

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My Go-To Loose Curls Tutorial


If you saw that instagram yesterday ^^ you’ll know I have a tutorial for you all today! It is a simple loose curl that is kind of my go-to!!

curling iron used: NuMe 25mm Wand / lipstick worn: MAC ‘Pink Nouveau’ / shirt worn: ASOS / eye linerMAC liquid liner


So if you read my post a couple days ago, I’m going to Barbados for my Birthday in may, so i’m really trying to get swimsuit ready! So today, i’m boxing again, and the muscle group i’m working out is chest. I had some oatmeal with blue berries and black berries for breakfast (my new favorite!), for lunch I’m having some lemon chicken and steamed veggies over brown rice, and for dinner we’re having black bean pesto wraps!!!

 Today’s Daily Fav is actually a friend of mine! Her name is Shannon and I was so happy to see her instagram a daily fav pic because she just started a blog about her cute family and you all will love it!! Check out her feature: HERE

P.S. A lot of you asked about my dress and heels from my instagram on my way to the gala- well I am featuring the outfit tomorrow but for those who asked and wanted to see it now- DRESS: HERE / PINK HEELS: HERE (on sale AND an extra 30% off during this weeks sale!)

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Happy Valentines! Love, Amber

Wishing all my readers and subscribers a happy Valentines!!! And wishing my husband and I a happy 2 months of (more…)

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Trim Your Own Hair at Home

The title sounds quite scary, I know.
But remember this post when I talked about tricks I use to grow my hair out? Well I mentioned how I don’t  trim my hair and how instead I just trim my breakage and dead/split ends. I have a tutorial today to show you how I do that and how you guys can do it at home to yourselves!!
 I find this works a lot better for me personally as I am trying to grow my hair out! So you guys can give it a try and see if it works for you!

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How to Put in Clip-in Extensions Tutorial

I have said before to email me with any requests you guys have for posts and one I get all the time is for me to show you how I put my extensions in..
I was so hesitant to do it.. I am not sure why, but I finally did it.
I first show how I do it with my now longer hair and then I show how I clipped them in with my shorter hair before it grew out!
A few things about the tutorial and some FAQ about extensions:
1.) How I curled my hair in the tutorial: I curled my hair the exact same way I did in my Basic Wave Tutorial and I always curl my hair with my extensions already in. (extensions generally blend better with your hair curled!)
2.) My lipstick in the tutorial: I am wearing Barry M Lipstick in ‘Baby Pink’, found: here
3.) Why I do 2 strips for the bottom layer: I always do two strips of extensions on the first layer of hair because one strip is not thick enough for a bottom layer of hair and to me it looks unblended with just one.
4. What kind of extensions I use: I usually always buy my extensions from Sally’s, I have since my junior year in High School.. I get the 18 inch, Euronext brand, in ‘Blonde Frost’ for the color. But recently I was gifted a set of extensions for my wedding from Extend Your Beauty and those last a bit longer than the Euronext so I may switch over! Sally’s is just convenient because its right down the street! I would recommend either.
5.) How I care for my extensions: I will do a whole post on extension care soon but I will give the short version. I sleep with my extensions in.. I actually leave them clipped in until I wash my hair again. But I never sleep with my hair just down, the extensions get ratty and it ruins them quicker, you want to braid your hair each night so it doesn’t get knotted. Brush them softly always, with a soft brush. I wash mine with Cinderella Hair Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner.. Sometimes if you buy your extensions from Sally’s they will give it to your for free if that is the current special, the last couple times I have been I have gotten it for free with my purchase. If not, you can purchase it from Sally’s or on Amazon: here. I wash my extensions in the sink (might freak your significant other out but whatever), not when they are in my hair in the shower. And NEVER use product with ALCOHOL as an ingredient on your extensions, it will dry them out and ruin them 10 times faster! Use serums that contain NO alcohol!

And for those with natural long, thick locks… you are too dang lucky. Sigh.


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Twisted Braid Tutorial

I have a tutorial for the Twisted Braid today! It is so so fast which is what I like most about it.. I love doing fishtails but they just take so long!
My husband made me a studio for doing my tutorials so now I have better lighting and a white wall instead of sitting on a chair in my bathroom with paint chips coming off the wall haha.
So hope you enjoy!
My lipstick in these pictures and in the tutorial can be found: here
The color is called ‘Vicious Violet’


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Twisted Braid Tutorial

I have a tutorial for the Twisted Braid today! It is so so fast which is what I like most about it.. I love doing fishtails but they just take so long!
My husband made me a studio for doing my tutorials so now I have better lighting and a white wall instead of sitting on a chair in my bathroom with paint chips coming off the wall haha.
So hope you enjoy!
My lipstick in these pictures and in the tutorial can be found: here
The color is called ‘Vicious Violet’


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Basic Curl Tutorial

I finally have the tutorial.
It was a complete nightmare getting it to upload, it kept saying it was in the wrong format which it has never done before and I used the same as always, so I changed it a million times and it still wouldn’t work. I had to make a whole new tutorial. That is how much I love you all.
So the tutorial is how to get these curls:
pink robe: gift from Vicorias Secret
Is three pictures enough or do you want me to keep going?
Just kidding.
But these are the curls I am doing for my wedding and also the curls in majority of my posts. They are super easy and they also look so good the next day when they are just loose waves!
So, watch this and go curl your hair pronto.
{I used a 1 inch Wigo curling iron. I got it in high school so that particular one is not available anymore. I have had it for 5 years and it still works perfectly, so I would definitely recommend the Wigo brand.}

pink robe: gift from Vicorias Secret / eye mask: target
Go to sleep and wake up to amazing curls. K bye!

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Banana Peel Teeth Whitening Tutorial

Okay I have a video for you today! I have been wanting to whiten my teeth for my wedding and didnt want to pay for bleach trays or crest white strips (they are oddly expensive now) so I decided to try the whole “banana peel” method…
Some sites say its a hoax but more people than not said it actually works so I gave it a whirl and I definitely noticed a difference after 4 or 5 times of doing it.
There are a few different ways to do it. I rub the peel on my teeth for about a minute, and let it sit for 5 then wash it off.
Other people say to rub it for 2 minutes then brush your teeth. So I guess it is your preference!
But just a fun little trick I have been doing that I thought I would share!
… here is my tutorial of how I do it:

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Long Braid Tutorial

All my lovely ladies!!!
I am booking hair appointments starting Monday, August 13th! Email me if you need your hair colored or cut and we can set something up and work out details!! (see contact tab above)
{I work at Platinum Studio in Orem, Utah.. it is located right off State St. just around the corner from Costco!}
p.s. for all my clients or future clients who are mothers, if you cannot find a babysitter or if you are nursing and prefer to stay at home I can come to your home also, you will just have to be fine with not having a proper wash out in a salon sink and not having the ‘salon experience’!! I do that with a lot of my clients though and I want to make it easier for all you cute moms! xo
Oh yeah and I have a hair tutorial for you all!
My inspiration:
mixed with this:
I love lonnnng braids. I did the Blake Lively braid in this post but this time I wanted my hair to be parted, not slicked back and I wanted pieces out and around my face.
It is a tutorial on how to get a long braid like this without really long hair! You DO have to have extensions on hand! If you don’t have any I really recommend getting some because you can use them to do so many different, fun hair styles and I promise it will be worth the money!
Disclaimer: you are probably thinking, “if I want a long braid, I will just put extensions in and make a pony and braid it.” Well, I have the 18inch extensions and even with those in it doesn’t make a braid this long. So you either have to do this, grow your hair out long enough, or specially order longer than 18 inch extensions!


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