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Summer Fun

IMG_1229IMG_3281IMG_3182IMG_1110IMG_3637IMG_3418IMG_3676 2IMG_3543IMG_1188IMG_3322IMG_3272IMG_3631IMG_3496

 SWIM SUIT: Forever 21 / RAFT: Urban Outfitters / SUNNIES: Ray Ban’s c/o Sunglasses Shop

Can you tell I am all about pig tails right now?! I love them!! Also I know a lot of you have asked how I put my extensions in when wearing a pony tail or pigtails or braids and just wanted to let you know that I am making a tutorial first thing when I am back from California!! I put them in differently for each style so I will show you guys each way!!

Anyways, my friend randomly spotted this swim suit in Palm Springs and since it had sail boats on it (they are really small, but they are there!), I had to get it! David proposed to me on a sailboat and he LOVES sailing.. he was a part of a sailing club (random fact) so its kind of our dream to one day own a sail boat!

Until then… my watermelon raft will suffice ;) It is from Urban Outfitters and they have tons of other cute ones: HERE! I love the pretzel and donut one!

Its the weekend!! Make it a good one! :) xo

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Lunch Outside


^^ David was practicing his casting (for fly fishing)…. he watches videos on it and then practices which I am guessing is the equivalent to us watching hair tutorials or something?? I don’t know I don’t get guys but its cute watching him :) IMG_7367IMG_7243IMG_7189IMG_7351 IMG_7258 IMG_7201IMG_7179IMG_7263IMG_7223IMG_7354IMG_7249IMG_7317

striped blouse: J. Crew / sweater: Free People / sunnies: ASOS / hat: F21 / vase: Tai Pan / serving stand: Tai Pan / plates: Anthropologie / mugs: Anthropologie

So this past weekend David and I had lunch outside in the backyard since it was such nice weather. It eventually got so warm I had to go change into short sleeves! (of course right now its FREEZING) but it was nice while it lasted. I had gotten a cute vase and serving stand from Tai Pan Trading and was excited when David brought home some tulips for me so I could finally use my vase and gave me an excuse to set the outside table even if we were just having BLT wraps :)  I am a sucker for anything tortoise and couldn’t resist a tortoise vase! I can’t wait til we can be outside all the time and just leave the backdoor open. Minus- we get deer running around daily in our backyard and Chauncey currently LOVES eating deer poop … I guess it looks like puppy chow? Or maybe he just loves poo.. either way he finds a way to sneak it without me seeing and I find out when he comes to give me kisses and his breath smells odd….. yeah gross I know.

Today was a crazy day… just so many heavy hearts after hearing about the Boston marathon. Lots prayers and love for them. Its nice for the country to feel united in tragic moments like this as we all keep them in our thoughts.


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Home T Picnic

^^ Our FAVORITE wrap ever!!! David sort of threw it together last week and we have had at least two every day since! We do: cream cheese, black beans, corn, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, and grated carrots all on a wheat tortilla! Its also really good with kidney beans but we were out! Anyhow, you guys HAVE to try it because its so so tasty!

HER: tee: c/o Home T / pants: c/o Windsor / booties: zara / lipstick: Revlon ‘Ravish Me Red’ / sunnies: Thrift Shop  /// HIS: tee: c/o Home T / pants: ASOS / shoes: ASOS / vest: F21

Are you guys sick of all my puppy pictures yet?! I can’t help it! Plus he has separation anxiety and so I end up taking him everywhere with me.. especially on my days off because I am gone all day usually and David works from home so he takes care of him and so I love to play with him any chance I get!

Anyways we went on a picnic today despite the windy weather. David and I wore our Home T’s (found: here) and they are the softest shirts everrr. And we made our yummy wraps – I put the recipe under the pic! Seriously, we have these wraps daily we love them! The carrots make them so tasty.

Also just want to say thanks to all you sweet girls and your nice comments! They really do make my day and you are all so great :)

PS Daily Fav will start up again next week!! xx

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my top: ASOS / jeans: Windsor

All these photos were from the other day in our backyard! Its been so fun having Chauncey with us!!! Oh my gosh we love him. David taught him to fetch and sit! (I realize I talk about him like he is a baby as I share his little puppy milestones haha but he is my baby for now ;) ) Plus, before we got him I had been looking at Golden Retriever puppies online like crazy – for years. So this is real life google cuteness and it kills me.

Okay I also stopped posting what I am eating EVERY DAY because I felt like it was getting redundant and I felt like the girl in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when Kate Hudson is telling the girls about her plan to lose him and how she is going to call him to tell him what she ate that day and then the girl says “what’s wrong with that?”. Please tell me you know every scene of that movie like I do?? K good. Well yeah I felt like that haha so if you want to know kinda what I am doing for my diet see: here

I am sorry we don’t have a Daily Fav today! I was lazy this weekend and totally forgot to pick one so check back tomorrow for one!! xx

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Some Photos Lately

IMG_4636IMG_4052 IMG_4091 IMG_412522 IMG_4548IMG_4645IMG_4141IMG_459211 IMG_1591IMG_4763 IMG_4804IMG_174933IMG_4778IMG_4851IMG_1771IMG_4590

Okay I know they are basically all pics of my dog…. but I had to get it out! I really really really just love him! And how cute is Kannon, Adam and Sheridan’s baby?? So darling!! It hurts! Chauncey was so fascinated watching me curl my hair with my new NuMe Style Wand haha it was so cute. Which by the way, I have a tutorial coming up!

For the rest of the week for my Barbados Diet for those of you who asked, I will just be eating similar things to this diet I posted: here. Basically just no carbs after about 2pm/lunchtime! Omelet for breakfast today and veggies with brown rice for lunch and I am not sure about dinner.. probably a protein shake and more stir fry :) I clearly don’t like to mix things up hah

Today’s Daily Fav is Jody from Jodybchic.com ! She has a fashion blog and she also has amazzzing long locks that I envy! Check out her feature: here

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New Puppy Chauncey!


Isn’t he the cutest thing?! It literally pains my heart just to look at him hah! I love him!! I don’t have many photos because every time I see him I am filming because I want to make a cute video of him and his siblings! Everyone says the puppy stage flies by so I want to document it and be able to show our kids what he looked like when he was a pup! And videos are just so much better for doing that! Oh and for those who asked, he is a Golden Retriever!!

Anyways, I was on Twitter today and tweeted about how I have NEVER EVER EVER been able to do a cartwheel! Or any form of gymnastics! Literally you guys, I can’t even do a handstand!! Haha its so embarrassing and I grew up being SO mortified about it, I would fake sick anytime we had to do tumbling in P.E. or anytime girls started doing gymnastics on the field at recess I would make up some lame excuse why I needed to go inside or to the swings or bathroom or whatever. I actually just told my husband this for the first time a couple weeks ago and he was flabbergasted. I then started telling him how not only did I not know how to do a mere cartwheel, I tried out for cheer!!!! Haha what was I thinking you guys?!?! I literally acted out for David how I tried out and showed him how they announced it was my tumbling portion (there were 3 things we had to do, one was do a tumbling routine thing) and instead of doing it I just clapped my hands and said “GO STAPLEY!!!!”

I can’t stop laughing when I think about it! Needless to say, I never made it :) haha but I was so happy to see some of your replies saying you never have been able to either! I seriously thought I was the only one. Maybe I should make an emotional support group for us girls who can’t cartwheel. (jk) But I think David is going to try to teach me this Summer… maybe I will film it just so you can all have a good laugh :)

For the first couple Daily Fav’s I asked girls beforehand because I didn’t know how many #bfbdailyfav ‘s we would get! I am so happy to see you guys are participating and I cannot wait to feature all of you beautiful ladies!!! If I don’t get to it right away, keep posting and I am going to do my best to get all of you in! I love them all!

Today’s Daily Fav is Mary Claire from Married Claire blog!! She is too dang cute! I have been friends with her for a while and she would always come over to my apartment and make delicious meals, so you will want to see all her recipes! Click HERE to view her post in the Daily Fav!

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San Francisco Video Diary

Here are the photos AND a video from the last two days on our little road trip! We went to some horse races in San Francisco.. well, actually in Berkley, but on Sundays it is a buck to get in (normally its six, which is still awesome) and all the food and drinks are a dollar on Sundays and you can place bets on the horses and it was super fun! David and I were so sad that Utah doesn’t have anything like this because we would go ALL the time!!! We loved it so much!
So if you are in San Francisco or Berkley area… You should definitely take advantage of this! And we will be jealous all the while!
my outfit details: jacket: F21 / dress: H&M / shoes: Zara / scarf: c/o Windsor / bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff

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San Francisco Diary 1

David and I decided to road trip to San Francisco this weekend so while I was at work on Friday David packed for me and got all of our things ready and picked me up from work and we were on our way!
If you have been following along on my instagram (IG: amberfillerup) you have probably seen some of our pics along the way.
We brought sleeping bags and we slept in the car (only for one night and stayed in a dirt cheap hostel/hotel one night) and we even brought cereal and milk and a stove with this camping food David has. We are currently saving majority of our money for big trips out of the country. We are hoping to make as many as we can this year so we decided to make this one an adventure, plus we have more fun this way. For us, we would rather go on 12 vacations and do it dirt cheap than go on 5 vacations and splurge. Neither of us are high maintenence when it comes to travel, like at all. I mean we could have gotten a nice hotel had we wanted to, but we figure we have our whole lives to be older and do vacations the ritzy way.. (nicer hotels, rental cars, nice restaurants, etc) but while we are young we want to be little adventurers and stay in hostels and take buses and subways and sleep in our car and eat in hole in the wall places and just be wild and young and fit in as many trips as we can! So that is kinda what we are doing!
These pics are the pictures from our camera from the first day! We did tons of walking and found that parking rates are freaking insane in this city. We also went into Chinatown and explored and found a cute little restaurant called Chinatown Restaurant on 744 Washington St. and they had a darling balcony you could eat on with romantic lights and pretty greenery. The food was good (I am not picky, so don’t take my word on that) but David and I absolutely loved the setting. We were the only ones on the balcony and it was super romantic, so if you are in the area I definitely suggest going!
My outfit details:
shirt: J Crew / pants: HM / necklace: c/o ASOS / jacket: c/o Windsor / flats: c/o Yosi Samra / bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff
And don’t forget to check the previous post to see if you won the Yosi Samra Flats Giveaway!!!

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Here are some pictures from what has been going on in my life lately :)
I have been doing training for my new job and on the first day they make you go around and introduce yourself and say a little snip bit about yourself… well I HATE having to do that especially in from of 60+ people, it terrifies me. My heart beats so hard until it is my turn and then I literally shake afterwards… And I always sound like a mouse in a microphone. Its just all bad news, really.
Do any of you guys have fun plans for this weekend? I am excited to sleep in :)
The Yosi Samra Flats Giveaway winner is at the bottom!
 My sister and I
 Ice fishing with Jackie!
 Eating ice cream right in the middle of Nemo the blizzard in NYC
 A homeless person fell asleep on my shoulder :)
 Nemo in action
 Snowball fight in Times Square
 I still steal extra charms from the box … shh
 New pepper spray cause ya know, ya never know.
 Me and my nephew :) (don’t ask why my eyebrows look orange haha)
 David bein a cute uncle
 In pajamas til 3pm and eating rainbow frosting…. those days have to happen sometimes.
 At our friends play
The winner to the Yosi Samra Flats Giveaway is….. Shelley Sage!!
Email me and we will work from there!!!
Thanks to everyone who entered!!

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Travel Bag

 I am always a last minute packer.. always always. I prefer to pack most of my stuff the night before and then before I actually have to leave I get all my last minute things. I like it best that way. Tonight I am getting my travel bag ready to have with me on the plane and most of my clothes and then tomorrow, before my 5:30am wake up call, I will scramble. I like scrambling.
On mine and David’s honeymoon the airline upgraded us to first class as a little surprise treat for us which was so sweet but now that I have experienced how amazing it is….. coach is… ugh. I always wondered as I was walking passed the people in first class on my way to my coach seat if they are thinking, “ha…”
And they are. I did.
Only because I know I won’t be in first class again for a while :)
It is great but I can’t justify paying for it
Left to right:
1. A book about Grace Kelly because I love her
2. My sunglasses and actual glasses because heaven knows my contacts will get dry and I will rip them out and throw those suckers on.
3. My bassbuds headphones.. They are the cutest and best headphones ever. I have big headphones that block out all the sound but they are so bulky and since I like to wear mine around town, at the gym, in the subway, and everywhere really, and they aren’t subtle enough. These come in TONS of different colors- neons, metallics, everything! I got gold and black with red jewels but you can customize yours however you want! And the sound is amazing. You can buy yours: here
4. Gum .. or else I eat everything out of boredom
5. Baby Lips Chapstick – obviously
6. My planner because when I am bored I plan and make lists, endless lists
7. Fish Eye Lens for my iPhone for taking fun pictures on the go
8. Business cards so I can act like a businesswoman
9. Hair Tie – my mane gets so tangled on flights so braiding is a must.
10. Contact case because nothing, I repeat, nothing is worse than dry contacts
11. Neck pillow – because I am now a flying diva (not really) but I won’t have my husband’s shoulder to lay on :(
12. Eye mask – so I don’t go buck wild on my neighbor for turning his light on mid nap
13. Candy for boredom and to counteract the reason I bring my gum

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Ice Fishing Video

Almost every day as David and I go outside I tell him, “this is the coldest I have ever been” and he always makes fun of me and says I am crying wolf but this time it was actually true. We went ice fishing with some friends of ours and my dad at Schofield Reservoir … I didn’t catch any fish but I did watch people catch fish while freezing my buns off … but it was still really fun since I have always wanted to do it and my husband loves fishing so its fun to watch him do it :)
Here are a few of our pictures and a video from our ice fishing trip!

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iPhone Diary

sweater: Wildfox c/o beauxx.com
 I have hot apple cider daily.
 Davids brother gave this book to me as a gift and I am so excited about it! I love Grace Kelly.
 A sneak peak of a little shoot I did for ASOS
 My new nephew!! Isn’t he the sweetest? The photo was taken by Natalie, my sister in law’s sister!
 3d movies with my mama
Okay… how funny is this pic? So I told David (my husband) how my big toe was FREEEEEZING and felt like it was going to fall off and next thing I know he is grabbing my toe and sucking on it to warm it up!! Haha the things love makes people do :)
My nephew :)
My sister in law with her new boy!
So when I was in Paris, I made some new friend’s and while I was at one of their houses for their dad’s birthday, they brought out the cake and had TONS of these awesome candles! I told them I haddd to bring some home for when it was David’s birthday! I think they are so awesome!
Pancakes for the birthday boy
Us with my parents
We LOVE Martinellis :)
David’s little birthday get together
Celebrating life with my love.
Breakfast in bed for a sick girl
My new lipsticks gifted from ASOS.
And my new favorite goodie gifted by Rebecca Minkoff! It was the best surprise.

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