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Healthy Summer Hair

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeSince it is summer and everyone is swimming, out in the sun, etc. I wanted to do a post on 7 ways to keep your hair healthy during the summertime! It is the best time in my opinion to give your hair extra love and there are so many easy ways to do it.

1. Throw a deep conditioner on while you’re lying out or by the pool! I recently discovered Hair Mayonnaise from Sally Beauty and ohhhh my goodness this stuff is AMAZING! Truly it is one of the best hair treatments I have ever used and with that price?!?! Too good to be true. I feel like it is my secret weapon when my hair really needs to be refreshed. Get your hair wet and throw it on your ends while you’re lounging outside and then rinse it off when you go inside or get in the pool! Your hair will feel amazing.

2. Sun protection spray. Ion has a really good sun protector you can spritz on your hair before you go out in the sun all day. It will really help keep your hair from drying out and it will keep it nice and soft!

3. Use a swimmer’s shampoo. I swam in the swim team all growing up so I know all about this stuff! It is definitely a must have if you are going to be in the pool and having chlorine in your hair! Just wash your hair with it when you get out – super simple and makes a BIG difference.

4. Wear a hat! This one is kind of obvious but I always forget to throw one on and it’s probably the simplest and quickest solution when wanting to keep your hair healthy in the sun.

5. Get your hair wet before getting in the pool. Your hair is like a sponge so as soon as you get in it will soak up all the chlorine! If you get your hair wet with a hose or shower beforehand then your hair will soak up WAYY less!

6. Go a summer without heat. This is a hard one! But a couple years ago my hair was so damaged and it was really horrible. I needed to do something drastic to get it healthy again so I went an entire summer without blow drying, curling, etc. It was ammmmazing and the best results I have seen in trying to get my hair healthy! If you can’t cut all heat maybe just tell yourself you won’t blow dry all summer.

7. Use a sea salt spray or braid your hair. This is a really easy way to give your hair texture so when it air dries it looks nice and beachy and you can skip curling/flat ironing!

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Twisted Fishtail Tutorial

Barefoot BlondeTOP: Land’s End // LIPSTICK: Elizabeth Arden

I have a new hair tutorial today and it is a QUICK and easy one! I love quick styles that look like they took longer :)

Hair is the best accessory in my opinion so days when I just want to be comfy and wear a simple t shirt and jeans (most days, lets be honest!) I always like to add a little something to my hair and this is perfect because it can be done really quickly so I hope you guys like it.

Have a fabulous day!!

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Mara Hoffman Runway Hair Tutorial

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeI was cleaning out my pictures and realized that I never shared these photos or the tutorial that I made for this look, and I wanted to because it’s one of my favorites! I made it a little less messy than the runway look just so that it can be worn as more of an everyday look. I put it up on YouTube a while ago but wanted to share it here as well. The technique in general is one that can be used for lots of different styles! It is getting back into Fashion Week time.. just a couple more weeks and I am so excited – but as much as I love seeing all of the amazing pieces I think I might enjoy backstage seeing the hair get done more :) Remember if you recreate it to tag me @amberfillerup and use the hashtag #barefootblondehair


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Side Braid Video Tutorial

Barefoot Blonde - Side Braid Video TutorialTOP: Townsen c/o || LIPSTICK: NARS ‘Heat Wave’

So I finally have this tutorial for you! Again, my camera is still broken so it was filmed on my laptop but hopefully you at least get the picture! I know it is long but I do give some tips for using the extensions and how to apply product when you wear extensions so if you wear extensions it could be helpful :)

If you don’t wear extensions and don’t want to hear about what product I use and how I use it, skip to 8:48

Scroll down to see the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube page, here!

Barefoot Blonde - styling products for braids

WAVE & SHINE SPRAY BY ORIBE c/o || MOROCCAN OIL HAIRSPRAY c/o || MOROCCAN OIL ARGAN OIL SERUM c/o || SAM VILLA BRUSH c/o Tutorial on how to do this side braid with extensions

**Photos taken by Jessica Janae Photography

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Loose Braid Tutorial

Loose Braid Tutorial

STEP ONE: Take three sections

STEP TWO: Begin doing a Dutch braid (basically instead of putting the outside section on top of the middle section, you put it underneath the middle section in a braiding motion.)

STEP THREE: Pull out each loop quite a bit to make the braid look thicker and looser.

STEP FOUR: Repeat on other side and connect both braids in back with an elastic and hair spray.

Loose Braid Tutorial **Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

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shampooandconditioner FINE HAIR:




As promised with the new year I am going to be doing way more hair and beauty posts. Starting with the most requested posts and then I will go from there! I am asked all the time about what shampoo and conditioner you should be using and which one I use. The ones I use may be different from the ones you should be using so I made a little chart that will hopefully help! I have read tons of reviews on any that I have not personally used (I don’t have thick/coarse hair so I went off reviews and my knowledge from hair school and being a hair dresser and hearing what my clients loved). So I hope it helps and leave a comment if you have any questions! I will be doing a post soon on which products, aside from shampoo and conditioner I love and what hair types they work with and what they will do for your hair so if you are wondering about that just stay tuned for next week! xo

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Bohemian Braid Tutorial

Bohemian Braid TutorialI have a tutorial for you all today!! I literally dread making tutorials – I find it horribly awkward sitting in a room by myself talking to a camera! So I apologize that I nervously talk WAY too much in this. It is showing you guys how to do the bohemian braids I instagrammed last Sunday! I also show you guys how to put it in extensions when doing a braid like this to make your braid thicker but if you are not using extensions and want to skip to the how to, go to 2:30 or if you are like me and HATE intros in tutorials (I have no idea why I still do them!? I guess you feel like you have to introduce it somewhat?!) go to :40 !! And below this I will post the details for all the things I am wearing in this post!! K, enjoy!!

LIPSTICK: Revlon ‘Ravish Me Red’ / TOP: Nordstrom (40% off!) / FOUNDATION: Estee Lauder Double Wear / POWDER: Estee Lauder Double Wear / BRONZER: MACMASCARA: Cover Girl Lash Blast / BRACELETS: Mali Beads, Wanderlust + Co / EXTENSIONS: Bombshell Extensions, 18 inch, color 14/24

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Fishtail Frenzy


^^before we took pictures I was powdering my face and David decided to take pictures, but no, these were not staged :) BUT you must try Lorac finishing powder because it is thee best eva.

 lipstick: MAC ‘Please Me’ / ring: InPink

Okay this hairstyle.. listen to this story. So I was helping David book his last minute flights to DC and I am just braiding my hair while I do so.. I end up with three long, messy fishtails in the back of my head and I had this vision of what I wanted it to look like. So after his flights are booked, I go into the bathroom and start pinning them every which way.

So I am having hard time seeing the back and my arms are in weird positions trying to style the back but in between pinnings I am holding up a mirror in front of me looking in the mirrior behind me and I thought it looked good. Well, David walks in and says… “whatcha doin to your hair babe?” “..oh just a little random braid thing.” “really? hm.. okay… so are we wanting it to look like a birds nest?”

I started cracking up and asked if it seriously looked like that or if it was one of those “okay youre a guy and you dont get that this is actually reallly cute” moments but he said “I guess I am just not seeing your vision.” So then I explained my vision and he goes.. “Okay let me have at this.”

And I ended up with the above. Literally, my husband did my hair.

Afterwards he said, do you want me to show you how I did it?? Of course I said yes and immediately thought afterwards.. “why did I not think of doing it like that and my husband did???”

SO here is how he did it… try to stay with me :)



  1. Make three long fishtails in the back of your head. I know its hard to braid in the back of your head but the good news is, it doesn’t matter how messy these look.
  2. Take the very right fishtail, circling it UPWARDS make an O shape while crossing the end through (like when you have a piece of string, and you are going to tie a knot but you wouldnt pull it tight so it would be an O with the cross through.. I hope that makes sense!)
  3. With the middle fishtail take the end and cross it through the right circle you just made, then make the same O shape (loose knot) of course, pinning it to your head so it stays up.
  4. With the very left braid, repeat step 3 only crossing the end through the middle braid before you make and pin the loose O.
  5. Basically this will make a chain link with the braids.. and  you will end up with this! The ends that are straight you will have to tuck in and pin to hide!

I really hope that made sense! If it didn’t honestly you can pin them however you would like and I think it would be cute! (I mean I did think my version was pretty cute even though he didnt :) ) Here is the instagram I posted last night, I think you can see it better!


And I hope you guys have a good day! I don’t have any work today so I am planning on watching a movies with Chauncey and trying out a new epsom salt detox concoction I saw on pinterest for my bath.. (I live for baths) I will share how it works! xx

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Deep Condition

As many of you know I am a hair stylist.. I am not currently doing hair but I was for the past 4 years or so and at my salon I charge $55 for a deep condition treatment. When girls ask for it I always say that I am happy to do it (obviously, it is business for me) but I also recommend just buying a deep conditioner for the around that same price and that way you can do them at home weekly by yourself. Some people just want the salon experience with the nice head massage and blow out but if you would rather get more bang for your buck buying a deep conditioner is the way to go. The only problem I found was that, in my salon I would put them under the dryer for 15-20 min for the heat to help open the cuticle and let all the nutrients in, and at home I didn’t have a dryer. So I rigged one. I know different versions have been on Pinterest but this is what works best for me.

I wash my hair with hot water in the sink with shampoo like normal, then I towel dry it just so its not dripping – you want it wet but not where its going to drip down your neck- then I put my deep conditioner on, clip it in a ballerina bun, wrap saran wrap around it (helps lock in the heat) – sit under my blow dryer/running shoe contraption, then rinse with cool water. It is my favorite thing to do for my hair because it makes it so silky smooth and it feels so healthy afterwards. So here is how I “set up my dryer”

DISCLAIMER: I 100% realize this is the most ghetto thing ever and quite hilarious but ya know who is seriously gonna go buy a hair dryer? And I am definitely not holding my blow dryer up for 20 minutes haha so this is what works for now :)

IMG_8373 IMG_8354 IMG_8371


blowdryer: here / deep conditioner: here / shampoo: here

Pretty easy right? And it works like a charm!! I use my NuMe blow dryer on low speed with high heat and I wait about 15-20 min! I also shampoo with my NuMe shampoo which I just got and love and then I always switch off with deep conditioners so my hair doesn’t get too used to it but right now I am also using my NuMe deep conditioner.. it will make your hair so silky whenever I use it and I am washing it out I can never tell if I still have conditioner in there or if it is really just that silky and it really does just make your hair a dream not to mention it is SO reasonably priced and lasts you forever!!

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My Go-To Loose Curls Tutorial


If you saw that instagram yesterday ^^ you’ll know I have a tutorial for you all today! It is a simple loose curl that is kind of my go-to!!

curling iron used: NuMe 25mm Wand / lipstick worn: MAC ‘Pink Nouveau’ / shirt worn: ASOS / eye linerMAC liquid liner


So if you read my post a couple days ago, I’m going to Barbados for my Birthday in may, so i’m really trying to get swimsuit ready! So today, i’m boxing again, and the muscle group i’m working out is chest. I had some oatmeal with blue berries and black berries for breakfast (my new favorite!), for lunch I’m having some lemon chicken and steamed veggies over brown rice, and for dinner we’re having black bean pesto wraps!!!

 Today’s Daily Fav is actually a friend of mine! Her name is Shannon and I was so happy to see her instagram a daily fav pic because she just started a blog about her cute family and you all will love it!! Check out her feature: HERE

P.S. A lot of you asked about my dress and heels from my instagram on my way to the gala- well I am featuring the outfit tomorrow but for those who asked and wanted to see it now- DRESS: HERE / PINK HEELS: HERE (on sale AND an extra 30% off during this weeks sale!)

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Greasy Hair

I have said on my blog a few times before that I wash my hair about once, mayyybe twice a week which has resulted in lots and lots of emails asking how I wear my hair when it is so greasy and what I do to not make it look so greasy.
This below is the fastest way I do it. I sometimes do braids or a milk maid look but when I am in a hurry I do this because it takes two seconds. I creepily stalk all Victoria’s Secret models.. (I literally dreamed of being one since I was like 5 years old. Maybe that is weird or maybe we all secretly do) But I love them because they always look so effortlessly chic.
I always see Erin Heatherton wear her hair like this, in a messy slicked back pony with the two front chunks out (google ‘erin heatherton hair’ or ‘erin heatherton pony tail’ to see what I am talking about).. and since I creepily idol her, I copy her and do it all the time too, even though she pulls it off much better :)
Also to make my hair not look so greasy I use dry shampoo but sometimes that dries out my extensions so I use cornstarch on my roots or baby powder! I just put it on my finger tips, tip my head over and brush it all over my roots. But I try to veer away from baby powder because I have had one to many incidents of “what the? why does it smell like baby powder all the sudden?” as I walk by a group or something embarrassing. I am sure you blondes know what I am talking about!
Another funny story.. I was just in New York ya know? So I was going through security and every time I do it detects something on my head because of my extensions and they come over and just pat my head and tell me I am good to go. Well this time I am standing there waiting for her to pat my head because I see my scan and see the head region lit up but I look at the lady and she could tell I saw the scan and was waiting so she said, “oh its not a big deal sometimes it goes off when someones hair is wet.”
….my hair wasn’t wet.
Whoops! I am such a savage.
Anyways, in these pics I don’t have cornstarch or anything to combat the grease just my hair on day 4! Greasy hair makes for a good grungy pony.
tee: Urban Outfitters (old) / sweater: c/o Windsor / skinnies: J Brand / necklace: F21

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Trim Your Own Hair at Home

The title sounds quite scary, I know.
But remember this post when I talked about tricks I use to grow my hair out? Well I mentioned how I don’t  trim my hair and how instead I just trim my breakage and dead/split ends. I have a tutorial today to show you how I do that and how you guys can do it at home to yourselves!!
 I find this works a lot better for me personally as I am trying to grow my hair out! So you guys can give it a try and see if it works for you!

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